Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

New Hampshire

City State Zip Court Name Address Url Phone
Concord NH 3301 First Circuit Librarian Warren B. Rudman United States Courthouse 55 Pleasant Street, Room 422 Concord NH 03301 603-226-7396
Manchester NH 3101 New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court 1000 Elm Street, Suite 1001 Manchester NH 03101 603-222-2600
Concord NH 3301 New Hampshire District Court Warren B. Rudman United States Courthouse 55 Pleasant Street, Room 110 Concord NH 03301 603-225-1423
Concord NH 3301 New Hampshire Prob/Pretrial Office Warren B. Rudman United States Courthouse 55 Pleasant Street, Room 211 Concord NH 03301 603-225-1515
Concord NH 03301-4922 Massachusetts Federal Public Defender The Ralph Pill Building 22 Bridge Street, 3rd Floor Concord NH 03301-4922 N/A 603-226-7360

New Hampshire Federal Courts – Locations, Phone Numbers

New Hampshire Federal courts were established by the United States Constitution to address certain serious and high-stakes legal issues that Congress felt required federal involvement and legal expertise.
Today, New Hampshire federal courts hear cases involving federal crimes, disputes where federal laws are at issue, disputes between citizens of two different states where $75,000 or more is at stake, and certain bankruptcy and intellectual property court cases.The basis of the federal court system is the federal district courts, which are located in each state. While some states are divided into multiple judicial districts to improve efficiency, New Hampshire‘s relatively small population – just over 1.3 million according to the 2010 census – means the state is covered by just own federal district court.

There are five judges currently service on United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire. Three of these judges are current appointees (one each by Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama), while two are in the semi-retired senior status (both appointed by President George H.W. Bush).

Again due to the state’s relatively small size, all federal court cases in the state are heard at one courthouse: the Warren B. Rudman Federal Courthouse in Concord.

If a plaintiff or defendant appeals a district court decision in New Hampshire, the appeal is heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit – a Boston-based panel with nine judges. As with all other Courts of Appeals, final appeals may be made to the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington.

For many reasons – whether to conduct research, inform your own legal decisions, or simply satisfy curiosity – many Granite Staters are interested in accessing records from the federal courts in New Hampshire.

These records may include legal filings detailing crimes, explaining defenses, discussing business disputes, or any number of other interesting information. People interested in reviewing court records may want to see what arguments attorneys made and what final decisions judges reached.

Fortunately, federal courts in New Hampshire make a wide array of information available to the public. Except in cases where judges have sealed information, usually only temporarily, almost all federal court records are public.

These records can be easily obtained online by taking advantage of the government’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records, or PACER, system. They can also be retrieved in person by visiting the federal courthouse in Concord.

New Hampshire Federal Courts
New Hampshire Federal Courts

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