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In the United States civil records, also known as vital records, are records collected by the government in order to create a civil registry. This civil record keeping was established to collect and document information about US citizens for the purpose of identifying who is a citizen in order to protect their civil rights. This being said every US citizen has a public civil record and those records might pertain to birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, immigration and nationalization. This means that any person that was born or nationalized as a US citizen has a civil record. In simple layman terms civil records are used  by the government for the purpose of registering its citizens such as in a phone book. The government wants to know where its citizens reside and what their current marital situation is. Our concerns as US citizens is often the same, we want to know who and where someone resides.  The most common way to do this for the average person is to have some kind of identity to prove who they are and where they live. This can be a picture ID, a driver’s license or a passport. In recent years identifying someone has become much simpler with the advent of the internet and websites that index this information. There are a multitude of government and public websites where a person can obtain vital information about a person’s whereabouts, their marital status and even if they have a criminal history or other relevant public records that can be used to verify someone’s identity. Being able to search government collected civil records is because of The Freedom of Information Act of 1966 where President LBJ gave the US people access to information collected by the government to create transparency and accountability within the government.

If you want to search civil records then you can use our civil record people search and find most anyone’s pubic and civil records … just lick the link below and search civil records by name.
Search Civil Records by Name

If you’re interested in obtaining a physical copy of a civil or vital record then click the link below to get a physical copy and select the state you’re living in.
Click here to get a Physical Copy of Civil Records by State

Search Civil Records

Search Civil Records

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