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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Run a Free VIN Number Search

A Free VIN Number search can reveal a lot of important information about a vehicle. You can find out manufacturer detail about a vehicle from the make and model to trim and interior options. A Free VIN Number search can also show you vehicle history, license plate information, recall and safety information. The more you know about your vehicle can make driving a little bit safer.

What Is In a Free VIN Number Search

By requiring the use of a 17 character VIN for all vehicles, it became possible to identify the manufacturer, model, and specific vehicle details. The first three characters identify the division, the manufacturer, and type of vehicle. An example is a “1” indicates the General Motors Division. The second character “G” is in the United States, and the third character “1” means a passenger car. If the third character is a “2”, it is a Pontiac passenger car, and a 1GC indicates a Chevrolet truck.

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Positions 4 through 8 provide additional information such as vehicle type, platform, body style and the model. As of the 1980s, most manufacturers started using the 8th digit to identify the type of engine. When that model offers a choice. An example is a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette would have a “U” for 6.0L and “E” for a 7.0OL V8 engine. The 9ths position is a check digit.

Digits 10 through 17 provide the ‘vehicle identifier section’ (VIS). In North America, the last 5 digits must be numeric. However, the 10th digit is required worldwide to identify the model year. This is either a letter or a number. The 11th position identifies the manufacturing assembly plant.

As global markets change, new regulations apply to the VIN numbers. Currently the 17 VIN number is sufficient for current global demand. Older vehicles might have fewer than 17 digits.

VIN Number Digits Decoded

History of VIN Numbers

During the years that followed World War II, the automobile industry experienced record sales as the mass production of automobiles increased exponentially. Previously, there were only a few car manufacturers who used any method of identifying one vehicle from the next. In 1954, the vehicle identification number became popular and by 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States established a standardized format that included both numbers and alphabet characters.

Free VIN Number Search Online

An easy place to find the VIN number is on the Vehicle itself or Vehicle Title. Try our Free VIN Decoder. The results for this VIN number search will be instantly available. Give it a try and see how fast you can find everything to know about your automobile. All searches are anonymous so you can even lookup someone else’s VIN without them knowing


VIN Number Search

Can I find out who owns a car by the VIN number?

Since the VIN number is unique to each vehicle it is possible to find out the owner and the license plate number with a VIN number search. You will need the exact 17 digit VIN on the vehicle to run this search.

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Responses to “Free VIN Number Search

  1. says:

    Raheem, can we assist you with something specific about this car you want to buy? Are you trying to run a Free VIN Number Check?

  2. says:

    i will bought thies car

  3. says:

    Arthur, this is a vintage truck and we can only run VIN numbers with 17 digits. Older vehicles are much more difficult to track down since VIN numbers from the 60’s have limited information available.

  4. says:

    I once owned a 1967 Chevrolet C10 VIN# CE147T120717. I sold it to someone who wanted to restore it. I would like to know if that truck still exists and who owns it.

  5. says:

    RJ, we ran a VIN search for you and unfortunately did not find any results. Can you double check the full 17 digits of the VIN just to be certain everything is correct? One misplaced character can throw off the results. We are happy to run another VIN number search for you

  6. says:


  7. says:

    Service histories are typically not available with a VIN number search. However, you can find the vehicle history, find out the vehicle was in any major accidents or if the title was salvaged or junked.

  8. says:

    Can you get service history on the car?

  9. says:

    How can i check 2 see if a vehicle is currently registered in New Mexico?

  10. says:

    Dustin, this is out of our ability to assist you with your VIN search inquiry. If you suspect your vehicle has been stolen you should file a police report and let law enforcement handle this situation

  11. says:

    i need the location of this vehicle it belongs to me the title is in my name. someone either stole it or scrapped it or got it towed.

  12. says:

    Dave, our free VIN number resources only work for more modern cars and trucks that have 17 digits

  13. says:

    My vin is VC57S241739 not 17 numbers it is from a 57 Chevy BelAir. Can you help? Thanks Dave

  14. says:

    Vincent, to use our Free VIN number or vehicle title searches you must first go through our terms and conditions and see if you are eligible to get the information you’ve requested based on your state’s privacy laws.

  15. says:

    Trying to find the owner of VIN #WVWFV71K06W106085 for possible purchase

  16. says:

    Olds Delta 88 Royale Convertible
    White over blue
    White interior
    8 cyl
    Sold in Arkansas 1993

    I sold my husband’s dream car…..;(

  17. says:

    David, we can only run a free VIN number search for modern vehicles that have 17 digits in the vehicle identification number. You might consider contacting your local DMV directly to inquire about the vehicle information you are requesting

  18. says:

    Can VIN numbers from 1955 for an MG, not 17 characters, be found?

  19. says:

    Stella, we cannot give out owner information. You must go through our terms and conditions and the privacy laws associated with your state to obtain any vehicle or VIN related information

  20. says:

    Try to find the owner of 2004 Chevy Malibu. Vin#1G1ZT54844F168683

  21. says:

    Mike, unfortunately our VIN number search resources are for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles only. Our VIN search does not pertain to Motorhomes or RVs. You might want to check Kelly Blue Book to find out the value of your RV. They have a simple to use VIN search tool that also gives you the fair blue book value depending on the condition of your motorhome.

  22. says:

    will this look up a 2011 wintabago rv motorhome?? with just license plat number? i want to know past history and blue book value for tax purpose??

  23. says:

    Janet, we are not able to give you any information about this vehicle. If you are interested in running a VIN check or license plate lookup you must first read through our terms and conditions as well as the privacy laws that apply to your state. This is all outlined very clearly in our VIN Number Search. Please reach out if we can be of further assistance

  24. says:

    Looking for a 1973 Olds 88 Convertible vin 3N67T3M119471

  25. says:

    Aaron, in order to obtain any vehicle record results from our Free VIN Number Search resources, you must read through our terms and conditions and privacy laws. It’s imperative that you make sure your reason for obtaining this information is within the guidelines of the state you live in.

  26. says:

    Hello, can you look up the license plate number associate to this VIN?


    Thank you!

  27. says:

    Frank, how can we assist you? If there is not VIN number we will not be able to run a vehicle search for your MG. Please let us know if you have a specific question we can help you with

  28. says:

    1955 MG TF no VIN number registration number from plate HDC46/7587 last registered in New York Historical plate 721 HX

  29. says:

    Shamecca, we are happy to run a free a free VIN number search if you provide us with your complete 17 digit vehicle identification number. There is a link in the blog content where you can access this but since you did not see it, please respond to this thread. We are happy to help. We also offer vehicle history reports but that will cost a bit extra. Please let us know what you are interested in so we can better assist you

  30. says:

    Why is it yall have free and the minute you insert your Info and yall charge it\’s not free. When you know you going to charge a person for Information

  31. says:

    Latasha, our VIN number search is free. You get to find out what your VIN number means decoded and all the features, engine and drivetrain of the vehicle you are searching. If you would like to know additional information about that vehicle you can sign up with our premium membership which will cost you a nominal fee. In our premium member’s area you can lookup unlimited VIN numbers as well as a multitude of other public records.

  32. says:

    You say free but it\’s not and now I\’m probably out of money

  33. says:

    Russell, thank you for reaching out about our VIN Search resources. Unfortunately our system only works with modern VIN numbers that have 17 digits. You might consider reaching out to your DMV and making a VIN search request with them.

  34. says:

    I found a tag under the dash, on a 1964 chevrolet corvette. Chevrolet DD 40867 S 104282 not 17 numbers. could this be the VIN # Thank you, russ

  35. says:

    Kevin, unfortunately we can only run VIN numbers that are 17 digits. Since your VIN only has 11 digits and your vehicle is from the year 1955 it is likely that many online resources will not have this information. Your best option would be to visit the DMV in person to verify the VIN on this vintage vehicle. If you are attempting to purchase this vehicle it is a good idea to find out if this vehicle VIN is legitimate.

    How to Lookup a Vintage VIN Number

    To lookup a Vintage VIN number you will want to visit the DMV and request to verify a vehicle identification number. Most online resources only have VIN resources that go back for the last 20 years, so the DMV is often the best option to perform a vintage vehicle VIN search.

  36. says:

    looking to confirm I.D. 1955 CHEVY NOMAD vin # VC55B167120

  37. says:

    Kevin this is a much older VIN record than we have in our database. We only have the ability to run VIN numbers with 17 digits. To find out more about whether that VIN belongs to a Nomad motorcycle, you can use the resources of online motorcycle forums or you can contact the DMV directly to make your inquiry.

    How Do I Lookup a Motorcycle VIN?

    You can typically find you motorcycle VIN on the steering column of the motorcycle as well as near the engine or the frame, depending on the make and model of the bike. You can then plug in the VIN to any multitude of free VIN number search resources to decode the information about that motorcycle.

  38. says:

    vin # VC55B167120 is this a true 1955 nomad

  39. says:

    Thomas, that is a bit shady and both scenarios are possible with the VIN being different. Someone could have changed our the transmission and/or the engine. You would want to contact a certified mechanic that works on those brand of scooters to give you more insight. Unfortunately it’s not an easy problem to solve on your own and a different mechanic might be your best option to solve the mystery VIN number

  40. says:

    Hi I just received my 49cc scooter back from a shop after a horrible nightmare. And I had to open up the transmission case because of a loud noise that I was hearing and discovered that the VIN numbers on the transmission case are different than the rest of my bike is it possible that just the transmission casing was changed out or was the whole engine? I am completely confused and worried now. I need to know if I need to get in touch with the Better Business Bureau please help

  41. says:

    Thanks for reaching out about our Free VIN Number Search blog. We are happy to assist you with understanding your vehicle better and decoding your VIN number. We have attached an image ( at the bottom of the blog post ) describing how to decode your vehicle identification number and what each of the 17 digits mean on your vehicle’s VIN number.

  42. says:

    Yes I\’m trying to buy parts for my car but they asked about my vin and state is it a G what are they referring to?

  43. says:

    If you’re interested in verifying if that person’s name is on the title you might want to verify their driver’s license to see if it matches the vehicle information that is on the vehicle title. Another option would be to visit the DMV in person and request a title check on a vehicle that you’re purchasing.

  44. says:

    I’m looking to buy a 78 nova from a guy, he bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy. I wanna make sure it’s okay for me to buy

  45. says:

    You might consider reaching out to the DMV. They will be able to lookup your vehicle by VIN and assist you in replacing a lost vehicle title for your C10. If you have the VIN and license plate number and the vehicle is registered to you, then it should be a fairly simple process.

  46. says:

    Cant find info for a lost title on a 66 c10 vin# c1546j107531 anywhere or on any site.

  47. says:

    Thank you for the feedback on our Free VIN Number Search Brenda. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with

  48. says:

    I was impressed that it really worked first time I have used something like this and it actually gave me information I was looking for

  49. says:

    To find out the vehicle history use our VIN Decoder and select the Vehicle History Report after the VIN Decoder has provided results. Then you should be able to run the Vehicle History Report and find out what is in the trucks history before you take it on the road.

  50. says:

    I want to get this truck on the road, before I buy it what’s it history

  51. says:

    In order to run a VIN number search we need the full 17 digit alpha-numeric VIN number. The VIN number you provided looks to be incomplete, we did not have any luck looking up the vehicle record for the information you provided.

  52. says:

    RH23F7513742 can you please help me find my car

  53. says:

    Our VIN number search only works for cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. In order to perform a boat VIN check and find the boat history you can go a couple different routes. First, you can perform a VIN check online using services like Secondly, you can contact the DMV in your county to inquire about the boat history using the hull number or boat VIN number.

  54. says:

    I want to buy the boat with VIN no HUN38273K607 and I want to know more about the history of it.

  55. says:

    You will want to run a vehicle history report and check for this information. If you use the link below and run a VIN vehicle history report you might find the information you’re looking for. Another option is to contact the DMV and inquire about this vehicle you intend to purchase.

    VIN Decoder & Vehicle History Report

  56. says:

    I’m trying to find out if this car has a lien on it before I purchase it. The vin number is JNKCV51E43M331732

  57. says:


    A reverse VIN number search may offer limited vehicle owner information with what has been registered with the motor vehicle department. It sounds like your daughter does not have a valid forwarding address so the vehicle information might not yield anything useful. If you provide her full name, age and last know residence we can search our resources for any available information.

    You might also want to consider hiring a private investigator to locate her if she has not registered any forwarding addresses.

  58. says:

    We’re trying to locate current address of our daughter and are co signers on her car loan.
    Forward order at Post Office expired. The loan origination is our current home address are we able to obtain this any place?

    We have Vin number and last known address
    Thank you for any direction

  59. says:


    If you can send me the VIN number I will gladly assist you with a VIN Number Lookup if I can.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  60. says:

    I need help searching with a vin number. I’m still waiting for the specialist to contact me.

  61. says:

    Need engine nomber

  62. says:

    Hello Darrel,

    With the combination of the VIN and the license plate you may be able to find out the key code, but our data does not include that information as it is more specialized. I was just looking into it and I found a website that claims to be able to do just that,


    The Search Quarry Team

  63. says:

    Does the vin tell you which key code it has? The dealer can stamp out a key by the vin. Can I use vin to determine this myself?

  64. says:

    Hello Mary,

    Thanks for reaching out. That is very interesting about a free VIN tool. We also have a Free VIN Decoder where you can lookup VIN Numbers.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  65. says:

    Hi I found free tool to finding VIN Location, tool is very fast Check yourself

  66. says:

    I’M LOOKING TO PURCHASE 2010 Dodge Journey SXT VIN #3D4PG5FV0AT180226. The price seems too good to be true. Found out it has a Salvage title. After some research, I found it is tagged REBUILT but could not find and history of any accidents. It also says Salvage: damage or not specified. Can’t find any more information about this. At a dead end. Please advise.

  67. says:

    Hello Robert,

    I understand why you’re frustrated, almost all VIN checks require a 17 digit number which is standard for vehicles manufactured after 1981. Older vehicles have VIN numbers different from the current 17 digit standard. I found a website using Google which has a VIN database of older vehicles,

    To my knowledge this site looks legit, but I have never used them.

    Best Regards,

    The SearchQuarry Team

  68. says:

    Why can’t I find a vin with 12 # My 61 impala SS has 12 # 11867N181223

  69. says:

    Hello Damian,

    I am not sure I understand the question about the vehicle you’re looking up. Do you have a specific vin number search question I can answer for you?

    Best Regards,
    The Search Quarry Team

  70. says:

    It’s odd….unmarked….’70 sprt back with 351w…. 4 link rear suspension….falcon z tranny that’s weighted?

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