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Check Divorce Records Online

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Check Divorce Records Online Free

People check divorce records online for a variety of purposes. People use them to verify information about a recent divorce, either their own, a family member’s or someone else’s. Genealogical study is another reason to obtain a divorce record. If you want to check divorce records online this is merely a means of verifying the divorce record and is not an official copy. You can check divorce records online free of charge for 5 days with You will get a 5 Day Free Trial where you can check divorce records or any other public record.

Divorce Records Family History

These records contain useful information about family; the parties involved, their children, and arrangements for alimony and child support. Allegations of child or spousal abuse and infidelity will also be recorded. Like most basic family information, legal divorce records are open to the public and can be obtained by writing to the appropriate authorities or online with public record repositories. Some divorce records are sealed per request and can only be viewed by the parties involved. This being said it is still possible to verify someone’s divorce record online, even if sealed, but some information will be limited.

Official Divorce Records

To obtain official divorce records first begin by ascertaining how divorce records are handled in the state where the divorce was granted. Using your favorite search engine, type in “[state] divorce records” or use the phrase “dissolution of marriage records.” Check the state’s official website. If divorce and other public records are handled at the county level, the state website will provide that information and a link to the county clerk’s contact information. Contact the appropriate office to request the records you are looking for. Be as specific as possible about names and dates. Government offices may charge a small fee for this service.

Sealed Divorce Records

Divorce records may be sealed by request of the parties involved. Many courts routinely seal all divorce information. Records may also be completely or partially sealed in order to protect a minor child’s identity or that of a rape or spousal abuse victim. Sealing also prevents false allegations from being made public. In this case, the information will be accessible only to the parties and their attorneys.

Public Divorce Records Online

Even if the divorce records are sealed you can check divorce records online. Simply visit a public records repository such as You can verify divorce record information and get basic information such as date of separation, county it was processed in, marriage dates, birth records, and genealogy information. If you only need a verification without a certified copy then it is much easier to check divorce records online.

Genealogy websites may also archive basic divorce information including the date and place. Paid registration is usually required to access these services.

Divorce Records Additional Information

Check Divorce Records Online
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Check Divorce Records Online

Check Divorce Records Online

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