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The Warrant Records Database

In the member’s area you will find our “Criminal Records” section, and our warrant records search is in that section. Other criminal records searches include arrest records, court records, sex offenders, inmate records, and jail records. You can search our criminal records database by using a first name, last name, and choosing a state. Other searches available in the member’s area include birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, driving records, vehicle records, people search, background checks, and phone number lookups.

Warrant Records as Public Record

By now, chances are quite high that you have heard of the Freedom of Information Act, which was passed in 1966, either in passing or directly through conversation. Under this federal act, arrest warrants have become public information throughout the entirety of the United States. Anyone is capable of accessing such information, whether it simply be out of curiosity, to perform a complete background check on a brand new employee, or following any type of criminal altercation or perhaps a vehicular accident. In such cases, simply speaking with the local sheriff’s department, your local government officials, or searching for an online resource can accomplish the task at hand with relative ease. Going through official sources, of course, does boast some paperwork and perhaps a small fee for the access of such records. Should this be the case, though, simply seek out the information online, where it should be located with ease for everyone to access of their own free will.

Back in 1966, Congress passed the Freedom of Information Act in an attempt to offer more clarity and earn the trust of the general public, all of whom wished to acquire such documents for their own purposes at one time or another. However, in some rare cases, state and federal laws provide their own level of authority to restrict the public from any access to an arrest warrant or other information considered public records.

Why do they do this? In many cases, local government or the sheriff’s department will opt not to release warrant records for any criminal in the area due to the subsequent charges or convictions currently in place. Another reason for withholding such information has to do with the safety and confidentiality of the individual. In such cases, the police will not release warrant records to the public should the identity of a minor, the victims of sexual assault, or the details of a confidential witness statement are at risk of being made public, which can be harmful to both the legal case at hand and the individual’s own safety. This type of withholding falls under confidentiality laws within the United States, of which there are many throughout every single state and county.

While accessing public warrant records, and if you are being denied by the officials, there is the option to seek out such information online through various resources. Some companies offer paid searches for arrest warrants, providing the most current and any past records, plus the resulting conviction that stemmed from the warrant and its case. All related details to the case and individual, should it be closed at the time, can also be accessed completely online through such records.

In many cases, an initial search is completely free. However, for more information, some resources will request that you pay a small fee to access more information regarding the warrant records or the criminal involved with said records. These fees are generally quite small and should not bother most people who are seeking such information.


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