Texas Arrest Records

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How to Run a Texas Arrest Records Search

Running a Texas arrest records search has never been easier. Since these records are considered public record, anyone can research another person’s arrest history and criminal past online. There are a few online options to accomplish this, through either county law enforcement agencies, or third-party public record database.

The first thing you want to do is gather some basic information such as the name of the person in question, and what county they reside in. The more information you have will help expedite your search efforts but if you do not know what county to search in, that’s not a problem at all. A good starting point is to use a public record site. With these resources, you can search the entire state of Texas with just a name.

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What Are Texas Arrest Records?

Before we dive into how to lookup these public records, let’s first define what they are. These records are official documents that detail a person’s apprehension by law enforcement, their alleged criminal charges, mugshots and their booking information. These records also include detailed information such as the date and location of the incident, and a physical description of the person.

It’s important to note that being arrested does not always result in having a criminal record. While these records show criminal charges, they are alleged criminal charges until proven guilty in a court of law. On the other hand, criminal records show the outcome of those charges, such as convictions or dismissals.

Why Are These Records Important?

There are several reasons why someone may want to lookup someone’s TX arrests. For employers, it’s crucial to know if a potential employee has a criminal history that could affect their job performance or pose a risk to the company.

For individuals, knowing someone’s criminal history can help them understand the risks associated with a person. Essentially knowing who they can trust. These publicly available records can also help with knowing who has a criminal past in your neighborhood, or anyone that you associate with. These records can also be resourced anonymously, which means you can lookup someone’s record without them knowing. This is all perfectly legal, as outlined by the Freedom of Information Act.

How to Lookup Recent Arrests in Texas

There are a few different ways to lookup recent arrests in Texas, including through government agencies and third-party websites. If you know the exact county where to begin your research, you can typically find this information posted on local law enforcement sites. If you do not know the exact county and want to search statewide, then using a public records site is a good starting point.

Sheriff Departments

One way to access Texas public arrest records is through the sheriff department in the county where the arrest occurred. Each county in Texas has its own sheriff department, and they are responsible for maintaining these records for their jurisdiction.

To lookup these records through a sheriff department, you may need to contact the department directly. Some departments do however have an online portal where you can search for records, which are typically the larger counties in the state. For example, if you want to find arrest records for Tarrant county Texas, you can visit the Tarrant County Sheriff Department site.

County Jails

Another option for accessing arresting information is through county jails. Similar to sheriff departments, each county has its own jail that is responsible for maintaining these records for their own counties.

While some jails offer online access to TX inmate records, you may need to contact the jail directly to make your request. An example of this is if you want to find Kaufman County Texas Jail inmates. You can contact the Kaufman County Sheriff directly to make your request for Kaufman inmate records.

City Police Departments

If the arrest occurred within city limits, you may be able to access the records through that city’s police department. Like sheriff departments and county jails, each city has its own police department that is responsible for maintaining records for their jurisdiction. A good example of this is by contacting the Dallas Police Department directly, you can inquire about Dallas County arrests in the last 24 hours.

Third-Party Websites

Since Texas public arrest records are just that, you can also access these records through third-party websites. These sites offer access to anyone for a fee where you can not only lookup someone’s arrest, mugshots and jail records. But, you can also use these resources to run background checks on someone. These resources typically allow you to view a person’s criminal history, TX court records, convictions, active TX warrants, jail and prison records, and civil records. These resources also allow users to search statewide, without needing to know what county to perform their research in.

How to Lookup Texas Mugshots

To lookup Texas mugshots, you can find them posted by county law enforcement agencies, county jails, and third-party public record sites. For example, if you want to find Austin Texas mugshots, you can visit the Austin Police Department website and search for them by name and date of birth, or booking number.

TX mugshot records will usually include a person’s booking photo taken at the time they we apprehended. These mugshots are usually a part of a person’s arresting information. This means they will be with a person’s criminal charges and their booking information. Texas mugshots provide a visual identification of the person at the time of their apprehension by law enforcement. These are a matter of public record that anyone can view online.


Having access to these publicly available records can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re running a background check on someone or just curious, accessing this information can provide valuable insights into someone’s criminal past. Being in the know can help to protect yourself and your loved ones by staying clear of people with a criminal history.

Texas Arrest Records

Texas Arrests and Mugshots - FAQ

Can I Lookup a Texas Arrest Record?

Yes, Texas arrest records are public record which means anyone can access and view them. An arrest record in Texas is not necessarily a criminal record until that person is convicted in a court of law. These records can be accessed through city and county law enforcement agencies, and third party public record sites.

Can I find Texas mugshots posted online?

Yes, they can be found on county and city law enforcement sites, as well as public record websites. You can also sometimes find them posted on various law enforcement social media sites and other third-party sites such as Texas Arrests .org

What happens if I resist an arrest in Texas?

That will typically result in more criminal charges brought against you. If you feel that law enforcement is in the wrong, you should calmly go along with their arrest procedure and talk to an attorney as soon as possible. You also have the right to remain silent until you talk to an attorney. Resisting arrest in Texas is never a good idea.

Are arrest records public in Texas?

Yes, they are public record in Texas, as well as every state in the US. The only records that are not publicly available are those of juveniles or minors as they are sealed for their protection.

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