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How To Get Free Traffic Court Records

All court records are available for public consumption unless a court has ordered them sealed or the court grants you an expunction. This includes your traffic court record. Point accumulations are removed on a three-year basis. However, the traffic violation itself is always there. You can obtain free traffic court records by going to the court house however you might have to pay a nominal fee for a physical copy. You can also obtain free traffic court records from online database repositories but not all of them are free.

Traffic Court Record Penalties

Point accumulation is kind of like a revolving door. The state law sets a threshold of points for each driver before a license is suspended. Once a driver reaches the threshold, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the authority to suspend or even revoke a license.

To help the driver, the DMV will remove points on a three-year rotation. Therefore, if a driver does not get points assessed within the three-year time frame, chances are your license is safe from suspension or being revoked.

Traffic Driving Records

Your traffic driving record is comprised of all traffic violations in which a court has adjudicated you guilty. Even if you pay a fine, and no points assessed the record is going to reflect that traffic violation as a conviction. Traffic violations that are in your record include speeding tickets, at-fault collisions, suspensions, criminal driving while intoxicated, online remediation classes you have taken, and everything you have been found guilty of other than parking tickets.

Fighting Traffic Citations

Even if you opt not to go to court and decide to pay the fine, that is going to be considered a guilty plea and will appear on your record. It is good to consider fighting traffic tickets. In addition to possibly having no points assessed there is a chance the court will dismiss the matter. At the very least on non-serious offenses, like a speeding ticket, a judge could eliminate points and only impose a fine with court costs. Not having the points on your record will help keep your insurance costs to a minimum in most cases. To view your traffic citations you can use’s Free Traffic Court Records Search. ( see below )

Petitioning The DMV

A driver does have the right to petition the DMV to have violations removed from a traffic court record. The process is to request an administrative review via a letter with your full name, address, driver?s license soundex number and your date of birth. The written request should have a statement of which offense you have been convicted, if you have ever been involved in a criminal offense involving your motor vehicle, if you have any pending matters within the court system, and if so, the date, and location of the offense.

As with all court matters it is suggested a defendant at least consult with a local attorney to assist and ensure none of their rights are violated.

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Free Traffic Court Records
Free Traffic Court Records

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