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Criminal Records Online

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Criminal Records Online – 1 in 4 Adults Have One

It sounds like a staggering figure but it’s true, there are nearly 25% of adults that have been incarcerated by the law and have a criminal record. Not all criminal records are severe like the name infers, a criminal records online can be a criminal traffic violation or a DUI citation. Criminal Background can also include a multitude of other records such as: arrest records, police records, traffic offenses, court records, incarcerations, judgments, liens civil records, phone number & addresses and social media profile information. Wouldn’t you like to know who your neighbors are, who you work with or who you do business with? You can perform a simple background check or criminal records online search by name from anywhere on any device … Search Quarry works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Sign up today at and get a 5 day trial for $3.

Criminal Reporting in Other Countries

Australia Criminal Reports

People can obtain criminal reports on themselves but not other people like you can in the United States. Often times a person might have to present an Police Certificate or criminal history certificate as a part of being employed.

Canada Criminal Reports

Criminal Records are controlled by a Criminal Record Management System which is a national database that includes all convicted criminals that have not been pardoned.

Europe Criminal Reports

The European Union (EU) uses The European Criminal Record Information System (ECRIS) that is a digital information system that allows the exchange of information of criminal records between the countries of the EU.

New Zealand Criminal Reports

Criminal Records are administered by the Ministry of Justice and the public does not have guaranteed access to this information. If a person has a clean record then they may request a criminal history report on themselves and/or an authorized 3rd party may request this for employment.

Criminal Records Online

Search Criminal Online

  1. My uncle, francis santoro, died in 1959 and lived in Brooklyn, NY. Do the records show deceased felonies?
    Thank you,

    • We do have records for the living and deceased but there are limitations on how far back our database records reach. My recommendation would be to sign up with our Search Quarry 5 day trial membership for $3. You can cancel at any time if you don’t find what you’re looking for. I hope this helps and thank you for your inquiry. Here is a link to our criminal records database search …

      – Search Quarry Team

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