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Utah DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles, commonly referred to simply as the Utah DMV, is the hub of all driver-related activity in the state. For most motorists, it’s the agency that will take care of everything for obtaining a driver’s license in the state to registering your vehicle or transferring a title.

Find a Utah DMV Office

Finding a Utah Motor Vehicle office near you is a relatively simple task, but understanding what these branches offer can be a little tricky. Getting to speak to a person and simply ask a question can also take a ton of time in a crowded DMV office, so that’s not always your best bet either.

Use this guide to learn more about the Utah DMV and what kinds of services they offer in-person and online. That way you can handle your business in the quickest, most efficient method possible. After all, nobody wants to spend hours waiting at the DMV only to find out they could have filled out the same form online at home.

Utah DMV Driving Records

Your driving record, often called your motor vehicle record or MVR, is a public record of your entire driving history. Obtaining a copy can help you get the best rates on your car insurance and ensure that you don’t have any points on your driving record that don’t belong there. Having a copy of your driving record may also be necessary for certain jobs that require you to drive.

Utah DMV Driving Records Include

  • Basic identification information like your birthday, sex and address.
  • Your driver’s license number, classification, license status and date of planned expiration.
  • Any points, DUIs or fines from tickets.
  • Traffic violations history (moving violations only).
  • Accident history.

How to Get a Copy of Utah DMV Records

  • File mail-in or in-person requests.
  • Use the Utah.gov online portal. You can pay with a credit card directly through their system.
  • Visit a third-party site. You can obtain a driving record from some third-party sites quickly and easily since they are public record.

Utah DMVUtah DMV Registration Renewal

Vehicle registration must be completed every six to twelve months in the state of Utah depending on the type of vehicle you’re operating. For commercial vehicles, renewal is likely to be required twice per year. Most passenger vehicles only need to be registered annually.

Vehicle registration paperwork should be mailed to your address weeks prior to your expiration date. Filling out the forms that arrive and sending them back through the mail or using the website address provided will help you register right away with the least amount of work on your part.

How to Renew Your Utah Vehicle Registration

  • Fill out the paperwork mailed to you as part of the renewal process.
  • Visit the Renewal Express website to renew your vehicle registration online.
  • Take your appropriate paperwork or current registration to a DMV office. This will likely be the slowest method, but it can be effective if you need to renew quickly, need to clear up any issues or do not have paperwork provided to you by the state.

Utah Driver’s License Renewal

Driver’s license renewal is a fairly simple process in the state of Utah. If you have verified your identity with the Utah driver license division after January 1, 2010, you are likely eligible to simply renew online. You can also renew your state ID or change your address through this portal.

If your driver’s license status is problematic because of unpaid tickets or other legal action, you may need to visit a DMV office in person to clear up those issues before you can renew. In this case, renewing in person after paying your tickets may be the fastest route to getting a valid driver’s license so you can operate your vehicle. Go here to find a list of DMV office locations near you.

Utah DMV Online Services

Going to a Utah DMV branch office can be a slow process. Many of the services the Utah DMV offers can be handled online from the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few of the online services the Utah DMV offers:

  • Obtain driving records
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • License plate services
  • Vehicle title transfer and renewal
  • Obtain forms and publications
  • Learn about or pay taxes and fees
  • Obtain impounded vehicle information

Going to the DMV is hardly anybody’s favorite thing to do. With the long lines and wait times, you can easily spend a good deal of your morning or afternoon at the DMV. In some cases though, you can expedite the process by getting forms or filing directly with the DMV website.

Using third-party public record websites to obtain information about your driving record and license is also an option. This can often be faster if you don’t need an official copy directly from the DMV. Online services can save you time and expedite transactions, so they’re always a good choice when available.

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