Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Utah DMV Offices

Court Name Address Phone
Beaver DMV 105 East Center St. Treasurer's Office (435) 438-6460
Beaver DL Field Office 105 East Center St. County Courthouse (801) 965-4437
Blanding DL Field Office 151 East 500 North (435) 678-1465
Brigham City CDL Office 285 West 1100 South (435) 723-5870
Castle Dale DMV 95 East Main St. (435) 381-5255
Cedar City DMV 82 North 100 East #103 (435) 865-5360
Cedar City DL Field Office 91 East Canyon Commercial Ave. (435) 586-8939
Coalville DMV 60 North Main St. County Courthouse (435) 336-3297
Delta DMV 71 South 200 West (435) 864-1400
Delta DL Field Office 58 East Main St. #2 (435) 864-4665
South Valley Office 14555 S. Minuteman Drive (50 East) (801) 297-7780
Duchesne DMV 734 North Center St. County Administration Building (435) 738-1114
Farmington DL Field Office 631 North Lagoon Drive (801) 447-8100
Farmington DMV 969 West Clark Lane (801) 297-7780
Fillmore DL Field Office 55 West 100 North (435) 743-6653
Fillmore DMV 50 South Main St. County Courthouse (435) 743-5719
Green River DMV 80 Farrer St. Sheriff Office (435) 564-3432
Heber DL Field Office 69 North 600 West (435) 657-4225
Motor Vehicle Office 100 South 5300 West (800) 368-8824
Driver License Office 102 South 5300 West (801) 965-4437
Junction DMV 550 North Main St. County Courthouse (435) 577-2988
Kamas DMV 110 North Main St. (435) 783-4351 x.3083
Kanab DMV 180 West 300 North Kane County Assessor (435) 644-2551
Kanab DL Field Office 468 East 300 South (435) 644-8920
Logan DL Office 110 E. 700 S. (801) 965-4437
Manila DMV 95 North 100 West County Courthouse (435) 784-3222
Manti DMV 160 North Main St. County Courthouse (435) 835-2101
Milford DMV 26 South 100 West Treasurer's Office (435) 387-5571
Moab DMV 125 East Center St. County Assessor (435) 259-1327
Monticello DMV 117 South Main St. Assessor's Office (435) 587-3221
Morgan DMV 48 West Young St. County Courthouse (801) 829-6644
Nephi DMV 160 North Main St. County Courthouse (435) 623-3425
Nephi DL Field Office 1143 East Highway 132 (435) 623-0060
Ogden DMV 2447 Lincoln Ave. (800) 368-8824
Ogden DL Field Office 615 East 5300 South (801) 476-7700
Orem DL Field Office 759 North 1370 West (801) 965-4437
Panguitch DL Field Office 601 E. Center St. (435) 676-8279
Panguitch DMV 55 South Main St. County Courthouse (435) 676-8826 x.04
Park City DMV 6505 Landmark Drive Suite 400 (435) 615-3940
Parowan DMV 68 South 100 East Assessor's Office (435) 477-8320
Price DL Field Office 940 South Carbon Ave. Basement (435) 637-6180
Price DMV 540 West Price River Drive (435) 637-0680
Provo DMV 150 East Center St. # 1400 (800) DMV-UTAH
Randolph DMV 20 South Main St. County Courthouse (435) 793-5215
Richfield DMV 250 North Main (800) DMV-UTAH
Roosevelt DL Field Office 30 West 425 South # 330-10 (435) 722-3448
Roosevelt DMV 270 North 500 West (435) 722-2675
West Valley City DL Field Office 2780 West 4700 South (801) 969-3748
Salt Lake City DMV 380 West 2880 South (801) 297-7780
Fairpark DL Field Office 1095 Motor Avenue (801) 965-4437
Tooele DL Field Office 1929 North Aaron Drive Suite G (435) 843-8046
Vernal DMV 152 East 100 North (800) DMV-UTAH
Vernal DL Field Office 152 East 100 North (435) 781-1203

Utah DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Utah DMV is an official government operated website that is concerned with administering legal and financial matters regarding motor vehicles. From the issuance of legal papers to keeping an account of the revenue, Utah DMV is authorized over maintaining record of vehicles and ensuring that laws are not taken for granted. For this, strict measures and numerous checkpoints in the procedure have been introduced by the division. Utah DMV offices can be located in the above directory.

Utah DMV is authorized to issue, revoke, renew or suspend any license, ID, title and registration of any and all drivers and vehicles. For issuance of license, registration, title, ID and permits, the users can apply through an online procedure. Forms are available on the website which can be downloaded, filled and submitted at offices in person. Requests can be submitted in case of expiry of any legal document or in the event of losing it. A similar procedure will be followed in case the user wants to have any changes made in the name or address of the license or registration.

The services provided by the DMV offices are accessible through their websites. This feature has provided ease to the users who have difficulty making several visits to the office in person. The locations of the offices under the jurisdiction of Utah DMV are listed on the website. The work timings and phone numbers are also given online. So, if any user wants to make an appointment, they can call the station before doing so. This saves their time and gives them the convenience to adjust their visit according to the wait timings updated on the website.

The website also serves to be very helpful for research, planning trips and being updated on the laws and procedures regarding acquisition of different permits.

Utah DMV Offices
Utah DMV Offices

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