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Search Divorce Records Online

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How To Search Divorce Records Online

If you need to search divorce records online then you’ll probably want to know a couple of things before proceeding. First you’ll want to know the full name of the person you’re looking up the divorce record for. If the divorcee in question is the ex-wife then you’ll also want to know her maiden name. Secondly you’ll want to know at least the state and county of their residence as this is a good secondary means to verify your divorce records search is for the correct person. Lastly knowing the date the divorce papers were filed is a tertiary means of verifying you have the correct divorce record for the correct person. With online database resources you can search divorce records online with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Most online resources use a simple name search to begin looking for divorce records and then it is up to you to sort through the data to verify you have the correct information. It’s paramount to verify the divorce records you’ve found with additional information because there are a lot of common names out there and you’ll be surprised how much information you can obtain from a divorce records search online. Divorce records will vary by county but many of the records may contain; full name including maiden names, date of marriage, date of divorce, family information,  state and county the divorce records were processed in.  If you need to get a certified copy of a divorce record then you’ll have to contact the state’s Department of Health and Vital Records. In many states this is only accessible by those listed on the divorce records such as; the divorcee or a family member.  We have listed some additional resources below to help you search divorce records online.

Search Divorce Records Online

National Vital Statistics System

Additional Divorce Records Information


Search Divorce Records Online

Search Divorce Records Online


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