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What Are Public Warrant Records?

A public warrant records are public information, as defined by the FOIA of 1966, which means anyone can view these. Warrant records by definition are document issued by a legal or government agency authorizing the police to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out legal action according to the courts.  According to police reports, there is no way to keep up with the vast number that are issued. Therefore, the police may concentrate on the more serious warrants and sometimes have to ignore the others.

Warrants & Your Rights According To The U.S. Constitution

According to the U.S. Constitution, you, as an American citizen, cannot have your home, your belongings, or even yourself intruded upon or seized without reasonable and probable cause. However, sometimes that probable cause may be established through the use of a warrant, also known as a search warrant.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a legal document that allows the police or other government agencies to arrest, search property, seize property based upon a legal decision. Warrants can be issued by police, courts, federal and government agencies. The warrant may want a search for specific objects or for someone who is in a specific location. When a search warrant is issued, it has a specific time period, and it will expire if it is not carried out within that time. It also must contain the reason for the search and the name of the person involved or the specific materials that are to be seized. Thousands of search warrants are issued in the United States every year, and although the whole process may scare the average person, the fact is that about 40% of those thousands are simply ignored.

Arrest Warrant Records

An arrest warrant is any warrant issued by the courts, or legal entity, that results in the arrest of a person. Other warrants issued might be for the search and/or seizure of personal property.

Civil Warrant Records

This usually involves small claims, and such cases are not enforced with an arrest warrant.  These warrants will then potentially results in civil lawsuits.These claims are often for $25,000 or less.

Criminal Warrant Records

These public warrant records is usually issued to detain a person who is suspected of committing a crime. A lesser case might concern someone who failed to show up for a specified court date, such as facing a fine for a speeding ticket.

Traffic Warrant Records

Traffic warrants records uncover all kinds of traffic citations from an unpaid parking ticket to a serious infractions. An arrest warrant can be issued for a traffic warrant. These situations might include a hit and run, drunk driving, grand theft auto, etc.

Child Support Warrant Records

These public warrant records represent a delinquent may be issued if the parent owing child support does not pay. He or she may face a jail term depending on the courts judgment

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Public Warrant Records

Public Warrant Records

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