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Washington Court Records Search

The Washington Court Records are available for all to see and search online. The state of Washington maintains a website through which you can search for cases filed in either the district, municipal, superior, and appellate courts of the state. The information is sourced from the data in each case that the clerks at the various courts record. The search engine is updated within a day after the clerks enter the information. The website is officially maintained by the Administrative arm of the court for the state. You can verify any information contained on the website by consulting the court record if you wish to do so.

The search tool will traverse through records from all court levels and return a list of people who match that name if you choose to go with a name search. There is the added benefit of being able to search through the cases involving each individual that you find. The site does not allow you to find the criminal record of a person because the Washington State Patrol does not maintain criminal history record information.

There are several criteria that one can use to find a particular case. It is recommended that you search by case if you have prior knowledge. You can search by case number, the name of a person, or the name of business. The Washington court records search results will comprise of a summary and will also return a list of case activities and date information if applicable. Are you afraid that you might forget the date of your hearing? You do not need to worry since the site lets you find out when you need to appear in either the municipal or district court.

Another search that is available on the site is searching for licensed health facilities. You can use this to get a list of people who have active Washington Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders. It is important to note that this information is to be used as reference material and is not the official record on file. One thing that you will not be able to do is to get copies of these documents. These are obtained from the court of record. The site has a search engine designed for use by attorneys. Lawyers can view the proceedings at the lower court levels that are associated with their bar numbers. They can also opt to receive a daily court calendar to their email each day.

Available court cases that can be accessed include civil cases, adult criminal cases, final parenting plans, child support orders, and probate cases. The exceptions are cases that involve guardianship, domestic violence, and anti-harassment protection. You cannot view the outcome of a case from the website and will need to consult the local court record. Washington Court Records that were heard in certain Superior Courts are not contained on the site. This is because they are found on the Washington Court Odyssey portal, and one will need to visit the link provided on the site to access them.

Washington Court Records

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