Reverse License Plate Search

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Perform A Reverse License Plate Search

A reverse license plate search can be done in a couple ways. The first way is to go into the DMV to and request this information. They will ask you to provide a verifiable reason of why you’re searching for license plate information. They will most likely charge you a nominal fee for a copy. The second and much easier way, to get a reverse license plate or VIN number search, is to use a public records website. Not all public record websites will have DMV and vehicle records so do your due diligence before buying anyone’s service. You can try our license plate search for free with our 5 day free trial.

DMV Reverse License Plate Search

When going to the DMV there is a requisite to obtaining license plate information. That requisite is you have a verifiable reason to lookup this information. Here are some of the acceptable reasons for this request:

Automobile Information Disclosure Act
Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Saving Act
National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966
Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992
Clean Air Act

You will have to show proof of this and attest to the fact that you won’t share this information or use it for any purposes under the FCRA.

Free Nationwide DMV Finder

Online Reverse License Plate Search

There are some online reverse license plate resources but be careful. Very few of these public record websites can give you accurate nationwide reverse license plate search data. One means of verifying you’ll be getting accurate results is if the website asks you the same criteria the DMV would ask you. Additionally, any online website should also give you partial vehicle record results before signing up. This will save you some headache when trying to find vehicle records online.

Reverse License Plate Search
Reverse License Plate Search

Can a reverse license plate search find the vehicle owner?

A reverse license plate number search can reveal a lot about a vehicle and limited owner information. As long as you have a valid reason according to your state's DPPA laws you can run a reverse license plate search online anonymously. Other options include going to the DMV directly or hiring a private investigator to dig up the details of a license plate number.

What is a reverse license plate number search?

Reverse license plate searches are just that, taking the full license plate number of a vehicle, and the state it's registered in, and running the plate number through a vehicle records database to find out information about the vehicle, the VIN and owner information. Some information might be limited depending on the state you live in and what the DMV rules and regulations are in that state.

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Responses to “Reverse License Plate Search

  1. says:

    Our daughter is talking to this guy in this car license plate, silver 4 door sedan with Nebraska plates

  2. says:

    Liana, if you have the name of the person you would like to know more about you can run a background check on them. You can lookup their public record in the United States however, you won’t be able to find out about their Russian or Columbian history this way. That being said, you can try running their name through the search form to see what comes up. Unfortunately you will not be able to find out much with a reverse license plate lookup.

  3. says:

    A new roommate from out of state moved in and was also a Russian Citizen and a Columbia Resident which is where the individual is a native of Columbia.
    I do not know much about the individual and the license plate is from out of state; which I am not certain if the individual has lived in my state for over 90 days; which I believe in Florida you must register your vehicle in the state after that timeframe. Not 100% certain but I believe it is 90 days.
    I have absolutely no idea the individuals bio and live under the same roof and not comfortable without background knowledge.
    Am I within the legal rights?

    Thank you!

  4. says:


  5. says:

    Thank you for the information, it’ll make my reverse plate search much easier now that I know what options I have

  6. says:

    Tom, we cannot accommodate your request for this reverse license plate search based on your reasons. Please read through our terms of service for our vehicle record resources

  7. says:

    My ex wife wasn’t home and my teenage daughter was home alone I’d like to run these plates so I can see if she is lying to me about who she is hanging out with

  8. says:

    Coreen, you will want to file a police report and give them the NY license plate number and have them follow up on this case for you

  9. says:


  10. says:

    Jordan, thank you for reaching out about our reverse license plate lookup blog. We are sorry to hear about your car accident and hopefully everyone is ok and unharmed. To report this issue you should contact your local police or highway patrol office and file a hit and run with the license plate information you have for this big rig. Then you can take this report to your auto insurance company to file a claim. The police will follow up with the driver to help resolve and investigate your hit and run situation

  11. says:

    I was in a hit and run accident on January 7th license plate number TTM 30g it was a white 18 wheeler from New Jersey

  12. says:

    Saw a for sale sign on window

  13. says:

    Please note that a reverse license plate lookup can only be performed for specific legal reasons. Please read about your state’s privacy laws as well as the terms and conditions outlined in our reverse license plate number lookup resources

  14. says:

    Need the owner of license plate number BJJ637 and its a Indiana license plate. Backed inti my car and left. Can you please get me the name so I can contact them. I dont want my insurance rates going up

  15. says:

    6 car accident need owner of last car license plate california8BFM369

  16. says:

    Pauline, first make sure that everyone in the vehicle is alright, then call the police and file a police report. Next, make sure to report this to your insurance company and provide them with a copy of your police report. They will be able to better assist you. Our reverse license plate number lookup resources need a full license plate number and the state of registration to be able to produce any results

  17. says:

    Hit and run got the last 3number of 939 can I find out w
    Hose own this cars

  18. says:

    Robert, unfortunately our reverse license plate search does not resource license plate information for vehicles of that year. Our license plate lookup and VIN check resources only go back the last 30 years. You will probably need to inquire with your local DMV directly about your question.

  19. says:

    i own a 1969 el camino i have white with blue numbers on it for that manufactures year how do i find out if i can use them they mass 73467

  20. says:

    Becky, you will need to follow up with the DMV directly about your concerns. Unfortunately we do not have access to that information.

  21. says:

    Please help. I purchased a new vehicle, 10 miles on the odometer when purchased. The car was purchased in Louisiana and driven back to Texas. I received a notarized document from Caddo Parrish that is correcting the mileage on a purchased Wrangler Jeep, 2016. This document was in the envelope along with a copy of my driver license and new Texas car plates. I have requested assistance from the Louisiana dealership three times and the problem has not been resolved. I have a set of license plates that I don’t know if they belong to the owner of the Jeep or if they are for my 2020 Honda. The dealer paper license plate expired 12/7/20. I do not want to get ticketed for an issue that I have tried to get the dealership to resolve. The dealership is the one that ordered the plates once I had the car inspected in Texas.
    Thank you.

  22. says:

    Ruby, if you know the person’s name we can run it through our criminal record database for you

  23. says:

    This guy is trying to sell me this car, want to know if he\’s a good citizen?

  24. says:

    This sounds like a hit and run scenario that you will want to contact the police about. They should follow up on this, which is considered best practice, for everyone’s safety.

  25. says:

    Hit my passenger door with his driver door. Confronted him and he spit in my face and tried to drive away, only to nearly hit another vehicle in the parking lot that was driving, and then proceeded to speed off.

  26. says:

    Roland, unfortunately we do not show the entire vehicle ownership history with our reverse license plate search resources. If you want to find the complete owner history you can run a vehicle history report or contact your local DMV for more information

  27. says:

    I own said vehicle. I am only wanting to know how many previous owners it had before me.

  28. says:

    Marsha, unfortunately we do not have that information. You will want to reach out to your state DMV directly to inquire about your physical license plate

  29. says:

    i bought a jeep in may, i got registration and plate number off penndot site and i never got a license plate, it is and has been insurred.

    can you please tell me when i will get my plate or what i can do. thank you very much

  30. says:

    You will need to know the state of the registered vehicle in order to run a proper reverse license plate search. Each state manages the registration of it’s own vehicles so it’s necessary to have all the license plate information. You will also need to read through the DPPA and the state’s specific privacy laws, as outlined in our website services

  31. says:

    I have a plate number I would like to trace but was unable see the state. What should I do?

  32. says:

    Unfortunately Gary, there are only very specific reasons you can run a reverse license plate search. You will need to read through the privacy acts of your state and determine if your reason for performing a reverse license plate search is allowed

  33. says:

    Zosimo, unfortunately we cannot run a reverse license plate search but name. You will need to either contact the repair shop or the DMV to inquire about the license plate number on your car

  34. says:

    I like to know the license plate number of my car. My car is in the repair shop.

  35. says:

    Kristin, you will need to go through our reverse license plate lookup process and read the California DPPA privacy act and find out if your reasons for looking up this license plate information is allowed. We cannot directly give out any information without you reading and accepting the terms and conditions of our license plate search

  36. says:

    May you tell me who owns 7NDT333 California

  37. says:

    Nancy, perhaps this license plate is no longer registered with the DMV. If the tags are also expired this may support this theory however, if you want to make sure for certain you would need to check with the DMV directly with your license plate number inquiry.

  38. says:

    I have used a reverse plate check from a couple reputable sites but the plate comes up as not found. I have a picture of the plate and know I have put it in correctly. Also, the tags are expired, but I am not sure that would have anything to do with it. Can you suggest why the plate comes up invalid?

  39. says:

    Michael, you will need to reach out to the DMV directly about this vehicle. It’s a vintage license plate that is much older than any license plate record we have in our resources

  40. says:

    How can I find if this New Mexico plate belonged to my uncles vehicle in the late 50s OR it\’s history. Plate # NM 17 4360…Michael

  41. says:

    Robert, if you’re interested in having this car towed then you can report it as abandoned with the police department. Since it’s not on your property you will probably be better if they report the abandoned vehicle. You will want to make sure you have the license plate number and VIN if possible

  42. says:

    abandoned car parked in neighbor’s front yard. house is for sale and not occupied. damage to left rear side panel and bumper. minor damage to tree. right rear wheel appears to be damaged.

  43. says:

    Jenny, first make sure everyone is OK. Then you should contact the police as soon as possible and file a Hit and Run police report. Give them the license plate number and description of the truck. Then notify your insurance company and give them the police report number.

  44. says:

    A huge black Ram truck with the license BPE3364 hit my car and left the scene and did not stop. This happened in Georgia but I don\’t think it is a Georgia tag. Can you please help me. The truck looked brand new.

  45. says:

    Kathleen, thank you for inquiring about our reverse license plate search blog. To find out if a personalized license plate number is available for your classic vehicle you will want to reach out to the DMV directly. They can run a a quick search to let you know what vanity plates are available.

  46. says:

    I am going to register a 1977 classic vehicle and would like to order a personalized classic vehicle plate with 1029;
    Can you tell me if this is available?????
    Thank you

  47. says:

    Tammy, without getting the police involved you can at least release the liability of your vehicle with the DMV. That way you are not liable if anything happens such as an accident or it’s impounded for some reason. You can use our Free DMV Finder and locate the DMV in your state. Once you locate the DMV listing for your state you can download a “Release of Liability” form and fill out all the required information and mail it in. Another option is to file the Release of Liability online. Most DMV resources allow you to do this electronically which will expedite things.

  48. says:

    While staying at my Daughter\’s to be a live in Nanny my car broke down. My future son in law asked me if he could buy the car for 300. I told him 150 if he didn\’t make payments but had the whole 150. He put Fifty down and three weeks later I received another 20. Two weeks ago another 50. Im without transportation. Im told my car is gone from the spot. He said to where its being repaired. My plate is still on it. My title still not transferred. No bill of sale digned. No record of payment. Im concerned of my vehicles location and am fearful its been repaired. While my name is shown as owner. What should I do? He won\’t return my calls or text for a week now. No way to know if everyone is safe. No way to know if the vehicle is being driven. Hes my future son in law. Advice please?

  49. says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have any video surveillance of traffic citations that can be searched with our reverse license plate search. We can however lookup traffic citations with a simple name search. We just need the full name of the person in question as well as their state of residence.

  50. says:

    May this tool be used to send out a parking reminders/statements for owners of vehicles who failed to pay for parking. Video evidence is available.

  51. says:

    In order to run a reverse license plate search to obtain the VIN off of a vehicle you will also need to enter the state as well. We cannot do nationwide searches with our reverse license plate lookup tools

  52. says:

    Need vin fir plate #573383

  53. says:

    We are sorry to hear about your vehicle theft. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a license plate number with a name search, our reverse license plate resources need the license plate number and state. You should contact the DMV and inquire about your license plate number and file a stolen vehicle report with your local police. You should also report your stolen vehicle ASAP to your insurance company. A police report will corroborate your story.

    What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen

    1. Call the police and file a police report
    2. Give the license plate number, make & model
    3. Report the stolen vehicle to your insurance company
    4. Also report the stolen vehicle to the DMV

  54. says:

    Need license plate number to report vehicle stolen

  55. says:

    In order to use our vehicle record resources, including our reverse license plate lookup and VIN check resources you will need to read and agree to our terms and conditions of our search. Not all reasons are valid reasons to vehicle information. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for with our vehicle resources you can also reach out to the DMV and inquire there.

  56. says:

    I am trying to confirm the owner of a particular car when it was at a specific location and photographed. There is a legal problem with that person and we need to confirm who owned that car on the date of that picture.

    Would this plate look up tell me the owner of said vehicle?

    Also, I have had several cars stolen over the past 15 years and would like to run my vin numbers to find out where they may have ended up; could this site do that if they had been documented anywhere?


  57. says:

    In order to use our reverse license plate search tool you must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of our search. Remember that it illegal to stock or harass anyone. Please use our reverse license plate number search tool responsibly.

  58. says:

    I am looking for the owner of a 2017 BMW 740i, license plate DLZ 459 South Carolina. Vin# WBA7E2C33HG740580

  59. says:

    To access our reverse license plate search you will need a complete license plate number and the state it’s registered in. You will also have to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our reverse license plate lookup before obtaining any vehicle information.

  60. says:

    I am in a situation. My vehicle is damaged and my friend lost teeth. Hit and run. I only have partial plate number and make. Authorities cannot file without full plate number. Can you help?

  61. says:

    If you have the bill of sale then you should be fine with registering your vehicle and transferring the title. You best bet would be to visit the DMV in person and inquire about getting a duplicate title. Make sure to bring in all the information you have on the sale of the vehicle and your driver’s license number. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a reverse license plate search at this time.

  62. says:

    I need help to find a registered owner I was sold a car and they never came back with title or paperwork can you help me please

  63. says:

    It is possible to obtain license plate information from the VIN number. Try our Free VIN Decoder to see if you can find what you’re looking for.

  64. says:

    My sister has VIN number for her car but needs to find out the license plate number to give to police because her vehicle was just stolen. Can we find license plate number by searching on VIN?

  65. says:


    If you’re concerned for your safety or your property being stolen you should call the police immediately. Unfortunately we don’t have an affiliation with local law enforcement.

  66. says:

    Following my vehicle i believe it may be in attempt to steal my vehicle.

  67. says:


    In order to receive reverse license plate owner information you will need to agree to our terms and conditions. You can also visit the DMV to inquire about owner information but you will need to show them an acceptable reason for doing so.

  68. says:

    If I know the license plate number and name of the owner, how can I know the address?

  69. says:


    We can certainly assist you with a reverse license plate search and reverse VIN number search however you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of our vehicle records search. With our resources you will need to locate the license plate number to find out owner information, which you might be able to find from the VIN number. Our resources show that the VIN number belongs to a 1995 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Series.

  70. says:

    Am I able to find vehicle owner’s name out with LPlate and VIN state is South Carolina mya182
    Vin is 1GCEC14H6SZ282470 I think

  71. says:


    Unfortunately our system does not support wild cards for our reverse license plate number search. We will need the full license plate number and state of registration or the VIN number to lookup vehicle records in our database. You will have to contact the Maine BMV to inquire about this.

  72. says:

    Hey….looking for a >2008 Honda CRV with a state of Maine plate of ??51 U?

    I was hoping to use wildcards, but read in a comment that you cannot. Any help is appreciated.

  73. says:


    In order to perform a reverse license plate number search you will also need the state of registration and agree to our terms and conditions before receiving any vehicle related information.

  74. says:


  75. says:


    If you’re interested in a reverse license plate lookup then you follow the instructions below.

    How To Reverse Search a License Plate Number

    – Agree to the terms of the license plate search
    – Enter the full license plate number
    – Enter the state of registration
    – Search

    License plate records may vary from state to state. Results may include license plate records, VIN number information, safety and recall data, owner information, driving records, criminal records, public records and more.

  76. says:

    Looking for a plate #

  77. says:

    Hello John,

    In order to perform a vehicle records or license plate search, with our resources, you will need the complete license plate number and/or VIN number. Unfortunately our database is not setup to use wildcard characters or search by make and model. If you can provide us with the information you have we can check our database.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  78. says:

    Using wildcard chars and other data such as year, make, model possible? These would help narrow down the search.

  79. says:

    Hello Wendy,

    We can certainly help you out with a reverse license plate search but this sounds like it’s a police matter. I would contact your local police and give them this information. I have included some helpful links below. Please reach out if there are any additional license plate or VIN number searches we can assist you with.

    Best Regards,

    The search Quarry Team

  80. says:

    300 dollars was put down on this car the lady took the money pink slip in hand to get extra keys and took off with everything there was an agreement made.wendy

  81. says:

    Every vehicle registered has a license plate. This is the motor vehicle department’s way to attach a vehicle to a person for recording and accountability. You can perform a reverse license plate search by entering it into the search form above. Additionally every vehicle that was manufactured and sold in the United States has a VIN number. This is to identify the vehicle and all it’s options. Check out our FREE VIN Decoder below.

Last Updated: 2016-05-15

Please be advised that the information accessed through searches may not always be accurate or current, as we neither generate nor authenticate the data provided via our service. The reliability and precision of information are primarily contingent upon diverse public sources from which data is compiled. By utilizing, you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms delineated in the terms of service and our privacy policies. Information acquired via must not be utilized for unlawful purposes such as stalking or harassing individuals, or scrutinizing public figures or celebrities. Individuals who contravene these directives may be subject to both civil and criminal legal proceedings and sanctions. It is explicitly stated that does not function as a "consumer reporting agency" as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), and therefore, does not furnish "consumer reports" pursuant to the FCRA. strictly prohibits the utilization of information garnered from search results (a) for discriminatory practices against any consumer; (b) for assessing a consumer's eligibility for personal credit, insurance, employment, housing, or government licenses or benefits; or (c) in any other manner that may impact a consumer's economic or financial status or standing.