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New Jersey Court Records Search

New Jersey residents have the power to find out anything they want about virtually anyone who lives in the state and has ever had any personal dealings. Anyone who has ever gotten married, divorced, or been pulled over and issued a ticket in New Jersey has a public record in the court system. New Jersey court records are always available to the general public, and anyone can access them with relative ease. All court cases are a matter of public record. It?s always been this way, and it?s easy to access New Jersey court records dating as far back as records were kept. This time frame differs significantly in many locations, as some counties kept their records dating further back than others. However, it?s not difficult to find recent court records. If you?re not sure what a court record is, here are a few examples.

New Jersey Court Records Include

– Marriage licenses
– Divorce records
– Civil trial information
– Lawsuit information
– Traffic citations
– Custody issues
– Land issues
– Misdemeanor and felony issues

There?s a legal reason for many of these records to be pulled in many areas, but some people want to search for this information personally. Perhaps you?re divorced and your ex-spouse is dating someone new and involving this person in your children?s life. It?s your motherly instinct to ensure this new person spending so much time with your kids is not a convicted criminal. You might search for this information if you knew you could find it, and it?s much easier than you might imagine.

Where to Find New Jersey Court Records

The state level is where you?ll find the most comprehensive information. You can fill out a records request information form online and mail it to the state courthouse detailing what you?re looking for. To obtain certified copies of any of these records, you?ll need to enclose the correct fees as listed on the New Jersey state courthouse website. You must also include your personal information and a copy of your photo identification. You cannot have certified copies unless you are listed on the record, a direct and immediate family member, or legal counsel for someone on the record.

Otherwise, you can simply go to the courthouse and look up the information in an unofficial capacity. If you know where the person of interest was involved in any court cases, you can look up this information online. It?s easy to do when you visit the courthouse website in the county where any court cases occurred. There is a court records search page, and all you need is the name of the person involved in any of the court cases. Any information will appear right on your computer screen at home. It?s free of charge, and you can do it on your own time in a matter of moments. The only drawback to finding this information at the county level is being limited to only records from that one specific county.

New Jersey Court Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we do not have any of that information in our NJ court record database. Please reach out if we can help you out with any other public record searches in the future

  2. Ukë Buçpapaj says:

    Thank you very much.

    An Affidavit, which I suspect to be a fraudulent one, among others, reads explicitly:

    “In November 2020, I changed my name from Joanne Julious to Joanne Kennedy.”

    Please do verify this.

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    We did not find any judgments under the Joanne Julious in the state of New Jersey. Was this a recent judgment?

    New Jersey Superior Court Judgment Search

    You can find NJ Superior Court Judgments online through 3rd party court record database resources with a first and last name. If you want an official transcript of this NJ judgment by contacting the NJ Superior Court Clerk’s Office.

  4. Ukë Buçpapaj says:

    I am looking for the Superior Court judgment relating to the name change of Joanne Julious. Please, do help me!

    Joanne Julious, Age 59

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    We are happy to lookup a NY court judgement for you. Can you also verify the middle name and age as there are multiple people with this name

  6. Ukë Buçpapaj says:

    I am looking for the Superior Court judgment relating to the name change of Joanne Julious. Please, do help me!

  7. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have any information about NJ court case related to the NJ Sunshine Law. Our New Jersey court records database contain information about personal court records, not legislation related court cases or class action court cases. You might be better off looking up this information from the NJ state court website.

  8. Mark E Kahn says:

    Hi. I am looking for information about court cases relating to the “Sunshine Law”, specifically to any decisions about TIMELY APPROVALS OF TOWN COUNCIL MINUTES. PLEASE HELP !

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