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License Plate Lookup Tips, Information and FAQs

For the last several decades people have had to visit the DMV and take a number. Then wait in line and finally fill out paperwork to get license plate information. This is now an antiquated means of getting license plate number information. With the advent of the internet and online databases, license plate information can now be obtained online. With our simple form you can perform a free license plate number lookup with a license plate number or VIN number from the convenience of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The free license plate lookup results may include the year, make and model of the vehicle, if results are found. Additional license plate, VIN and vehicle information is available in our member’s area if you decide to sign up. Some restrictions apply and not all license plate searches are guaranteed to have results.

What You Can Obtain From a License Plate Number Lookup Online

You can sometimes find limited license plate owner information, vehicle information, vehicle history report, vehicle description and other related public records. You can also find safety and recall information when you visit the NHTSA website. With online license plate resources you can save yourself the trouble of visiting the DMV and waiting in line. The only draw back to online database resources is most of them are for reference only and if you need official documentation then the DMV will still be your best option. See our Free DMV Finder and Free DMV Driver Request Forms below.

Nationwide DMV Finder

DMV Driver Request Forms

Finding VIN Information From License Plate Numbers

If you have the license plate number of a vehicle you can also find the VIN number with our online license plate lookup. This is a good means of identifying and verifying any vehicle you lookup. A VIN number will give you the make and model, manufacturer, body style, engine, year and much more. The VIN number is a 17 digit code that will allow you to verify every detail of the vehicle in question. A free license plate number lookup can also give you safety and recall information about a vehicle. To do this you will want to use your free license plate lookup results (mentioned above) and visit the website and search for safety issues or recall information related to the vehicle in question.

Additional License Plate Number Information

Vehicle Recall Information By VIN Number

Vehicle Safety Ratings

Free License Plate and VIN Number Search

How to Perform a License Plate Lookup

In order to perform a license plate lookup with our vehicle record database you must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of this search. Then you must input the entire license plate number and state of license plate registration to lookup vehicle records online. These records are for online reference only and cannot be used for legal purposes, hiring, tenant screening, academic applications or security clearances. Our license plate number lookup can be accessed by anyone with a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone that has internet access. Remember to use the information obtained from our license plate lookup responsibly. It is illegal to harass or stalk someone and you must make sure to follow the guidelines when using our license plate and vin lookup tools

How to Perform a VIN Lookup

To lookup a VIN ( or Vehicle Identification Number) you must agree to the terms and conditions of our VIN lookup first. Then enter the 17 digit alpha-numeric code you can find on your dash board, engine block, registration and/or door frame. You do not need to enter a state when using our VIN lookup tool. Make sure to enter all the numbers and letters carefully, one misplaced or missing variable can cause the VIN number lookup to fail. We do not support partial VIN numbers so you must enter all 17 digits for the VIN search to work.


Free License Plate Number LookupTag Plate Number Search

A tag plate number search is synonymous with a license plate number search. Often times tag plate number is what people are looking for which is British in origin, where a license plate number is an American term in origin. So tag plate number and license plate number are the same thing. It’s more common for people on the east coast to say tag plate where on the west coast of the United States, license plate is the common terminology. In either case you can perform a tag plate number search with the license plate number and state of registration. Every vehicle that is registered in the United States has a tag plate number as well as a VIN number, which are the key identifiable numbers that both describe the vehicle specs and vehicle registration information.

License Plate Owner Lookup

It is possible to sometimes find limited license plate owner information online, as other relevant vehicle information that can be helpful in understanding your vehicle better, or when purchasing a used vehicle from someone. Remember to use the information you obtain in our license plate lookup responsibly and it is illegal to harass or intimidate anyone with the information you find. Please use the free license plate number search responsibly.

How to Search License Plate Numbers

To search a license plate number you will need the full license plate number and the state of registration. License plates have the state listed on the plate itself. Once you have the full plate number and state you can search and lookup vehicle information, vehicle specs, possibly owner information, VIN number. You can also use the VIN number to lookup vehicle recalls and important safety information from Learning how to search license plate numbers can be an important factor when researching your own vehicle or looking up information about potential used vehicles you’re interested in purchasing.

Does My Car Have a Recall

To find out if your car has a recall you can visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website. The site will allow you to lookup car recalls by VIN, not license plate number. Just enter your car’s 17 digit VIN and they will perform a free car recall search for you.

License Plate Disclaimer


Frequently Asked License Plate Questions

Can You Lookup Someone's License Plate Number?

You can lookup someone's license plate number if you have the complete license plate number and the state it's registered in. You must have a valid reason for performing a license plate number lookup according to the rules and regulations of the state you live in.

Can I Lookup a License Plate Number For Free?

You can lookup some license plate information for free. You will need the full license plate number and state it's registered in to run a free license plate search. Vehicle information may include make and model and year, VIN, recalls and safety issues associated with that vehicle.

Can I Lookup Someone By Their License Plate?

Depending on the state you live in, you can lookup someone by their license plate number. In order lookup a person by license plate you will need to have a valid reason that is outlined in your state's DPPA regulations. Some personal information might be limited depending on what state you live in.

Can You Find Out Someone's Name From Their License Plate?

It is possible to find out someone's name from their license plate. In order to legally run a license plate name search you will need to verify that your reasons for doing so is in accordance with your state's DPPA. You can also visit the DMV and request license plate information if you have a valid reason.

How Can I Trace a License Plate?

To trace a license plate number to the vehicle or owner you will need the full license plate number as well as the state the vehicle is registered in. Then you will need to have a reasonable request, as outlined in your state's DPPA, to access license plate owner information. License plate trace reasons will vary depending on what state you live in.

Can a Civilian Run a License Plate?

Yes, a civilian can run a license plate number. To run a license plate search as a civilian you will need to have all the license plate information and select a reason from the DPPA to be in compliance with state law.

How Do I Find The Owner of a License Plate Number?

To find the owner of a license plate number you will need to have a valid reason to perform this search as outlined by your state's DMV and DPPA regulations. Once you have a valid and acceptable reason you can search for vehicle owner information with the full license plate number and state of registration. Some owner information might be limited depending on what state you reside in.

What Information You Can Get From a License Plate Lookup

A license plate search can reveal a lot of information. You can find vehicle information, VIN, recalls & safety concerns and limited owner information if you have a reason that complies with your state's laws and regulations.

How Do I Search a License Plate Number Online?

There are online vehicle record websites that allow you lookup license plate information with the full plate number and state of registration. You can also find vehicle information online with the vehicle's identification number or VIN.

Where can I find my license plate number if I lost my plate?

If you lost your license plate you can always find your license plate number on your vehicle registration, vehicle title or your auto insurance card.

Can I find a license plate number by running a VIN search?

Yes, since each vehicle identification number is unique, you can lookup a license plate number by running a VIN search. You must have the full 17 digit VIN to accurately find the corresponding license plate number

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responses to “Free License Plate Number Lookup Tool & Information

  1. Hi—I read the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994, but want to confirm my search is within the limits allowed for use.
    I want to look up a license plate # for additional information on a vehicle that has been up for mandatory repossession
    for a couple months. The debtor has relocated and we are unable to locate at this time. I am not a bank or professional,
    just a family member of the co-signer.

    1. Hello Julio,

      If you can provide some information about your friend we can certainly assist you with looking them up. A name, state and county of residence and age would be most useful.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  2. Some employees are parking in unauthorized areas of our hospital parking lot. Notices placed on the windshields are ineffective. We would like to use your service for license plate lookup to find out the names of the culprits to give them official notice that they are in violation. Is this a permissible use of your license plate lookup service?

    1. Hello Ed,

      If you follow the guidelines that are listed in our License Plate Lookup Terms, when you perform a search, then looking up license plate information is permissible. A copy of the License Plate Lookup Terms is listed below for your reference.

      You may conduct a motor vehicle records search only for a purpose permitted under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (“DPPA”), 18 U.S. Code § 2721 et seq., as amended. By proceeding, you represent that you have read and understand the terms of the DPPA, and that you are conducting your search for a purpose authorized by the DPPA. You understand and agree that your use of this service and of the results of your motor vehicle records search for any purpose other than a DPPA permitted purpose may subject you to liability under the DPPA. Vehicle owner information is not always available. You will be required to attest to these statements again in the member’s area prior to conducting your search. As required by the DPPA, we will retain a record of your request, including your name and selected permitted purpose(s).

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  3. Do you guys offer full vin checks with the unlimited search pass that contain the real full vehicle history report?

    Like the one that come from NMVTIS or where do you get your vehicle data from?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you can perform unlimited vehicle searches once you sign up with our premium service however we do not offer full vehicle history reports. If you’re looking for the most detailed and up to date information then the NMVTIS is the best website to visit. I have included a link for a 5 Day Free trial below where you can check out our premium service. We also have a Free VIN Decoder you can use without signing up. See the links below

      Free VIN Decoder:
      5 Day Free Trial:
      NMVTIS Website:

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  4. Why do you say/advertise it is FREE when it isn’t!!! I put in the plate number and you require $ or a $ubscription for the answer!!

    1. Hello Katrina,

      Yes, our services are free for the first 5 days and then if you decide to keep your service it’s $19.95 per month. You can cancel any time in the first 5 days without obligation. Please let us know if we can assist you with a license plate number lookup.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

        1. For this situation you will need to contact the DMV to inquire about a vehicle that you sold and current owner registration information. We don’t have a direct affiliation with state motor vehicle departments so you will need to do this in person and make sure to bring photo ID and as much information, including license plate number and VIN number of the vehicle.

  5. Ben trying for hours to log in…. never got confirmation… but u sure did take out money on my credit card… so is this ur scam. U keep taxing the card and we cant cancel because our accounts dont exist

    1. Hello John,

      I am sorry that you are having difficulties logging into your account. Our service is most certainly not a scam. I will escalate your inquiry to customer service and cancel your account. You might want to check all your email folders to make sure your welcome email wasn’t filtered.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Steve,

      I am happy to assist you with a Free License Plate Number Lookup however we don’t handle vehicle registration. If you’re interested in registering your vehicle you should contact your local DMV office. I have included a link to our nationwide DMV finder below. Please reach out if we can assist you with a license plate number search or VIN number search. We have a multitude of vehicle and driver records.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

  6. This is not FREE! They will charge you 2.95 they say for 5 days! In addition, they say you can cancel with-in those 5 days or be billed 19.95 a month! Why don’t they just let you have the 5 days for the 2.95, with no catches! BEWARE!

    1. Hello Robert,

      We do actually have a free 5 day trial for our license plate search in our member’s area once you sign up. If you click where it says “Click Here To Begin Your Free License Plate Number Search” you will get the first 5 days for free. You can cancel at any time and if you choose to keep your service you will be billed $19.95 per month. All this information is made very clear throughout the order process. If there is any specific license plate or vehicle related question I can help you out with I am happy to assist you. I have also included the link for the 5 day Free trial below for you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Lisa,

      I can certainly assist you with your search. Are you looking for driver records or a vehicle license plate search? If you would like me to look up vehicle records I will need a license plate number & state of registration or VIN number to begin. We also have records for traffic citations, DUIs, police reports, arrest reports, warrants, criminal records and more. I have included a couple helpful links for you below. You can also visit your local DMV to lookup vehicle or driver records. I have also included a link to our Free Nationwide DMV Finder.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

        1. Hello Maria,

          The license plate number you’re interested in is available in our database. The vehicle is a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT / GT Special Edition with VIN KMHHN65F24U128786. If you’re interested in more license plate information please sign up. You must agree to our terms and conditions before receiving any additional information. You can also obtain this information from the Masssachusetts RMV office. I have included a link for a 5 day free trial below.

          Best Regards,

          The Search Quarry Team

  7. I want the person’s name that owns the car. I don’t want to join/pay money unless I am guaranteed at least THAT information. Why else would I want to look up a licence plate number?

    1. Hello Drake,

      Thank you for your inquiry. There are actually a multitude of reasons that people lookup license plate numbers. If you want to sign up and lookup license plate number information you can cancel and get a refund at any time. There is a lot of information that you can lookup with our vehicle record resources. We cannot guarantee that you will find all the information that you’re looking for and that is why we have a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied. Below is a link for a free license plate number lookup – 5 day free trial. We also have a Free VIN Decoder you can check out.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Brian,

      In order to lookup license plate numbers I would need the full plate and state it was registered in. Sometimes older plates that are registered as a Non-Operated Vehicle are more difficult to locate. In this case the VIN number is a good place to locate the license plate information and we can reverse search the license plate number from that. If you can supply us the license plate number or VIN number we are happy to assist you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Brian,

      I am happy to assist you. Can you supply us with the license plate numbers and we can do a license plate lookup for you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Anna,

      I am happy to assist you. If you have a first and last name, state of residence and approximate age I can search our public records database. We also have a variety of vehicle records. You can perform a license plate number lookup, VIN number search and more.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Brant,

      I would be happy to help you lookup a mechanics lien. I will need the full name and state of residence of the person in question to begin. We have a multitude of free lien records, license plate number lookup, vin number search and much more. Below is a link for a 5 day free trial where you can lookup unlimited records free for 5 days.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hey Dale,

      I would be happy to help you out with a License Plate Number Search. What state is this vehicle plate located in.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Brenda,

      We appreciate you reaching out. Our license plate search is a great value. There is no other service out there that gives you the detailed license plate information that we do. If you cannot find the license plate owner information you can submit a support ticket in our member’s area and someone will get back to you in 24 hours. Just click on the “Help” tab on the left column and enter the license plate number or VIN number information and our support team will gladly assist you.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

      1. Hi my name is Dylan and I need Brandon Cory Eliza license plate number to get my valuables out of the vehicle PS/PS the police have been giving me a very hard time on figuring out how to retrieve my items out of the vehicle after this debacle happened my friend’s car was impounded and I have had very little success on retrieving the items that were in there from the airport

        1. Same guy again the vehicle make and model is a Mazda B 2200 .from a 99 to a 2000 year model white in color he has had it for approximately six to eight years. I appreciate this at this works this will save me a lot of trouble thank.

          1. Dillon,

            Your concern is understood. Our resources are setup to lookup vehicle records via license plate number or VIN number. Unfortunately we cannot find vehicle information by name. This is something you will need to address with either the impound facility or the police department or the DMV. It sounds like you’ve already tried to contact the police about this to no avail. If you can provide us with the state and county where this car was impounded we can assist you in locating the appropriate agency to locate this impounded vehicle. Again, the police would probably be the best option since this vehicle doesn’t belong to you and the DMV and the impound facility might not divulge vehicle or owner information without written consent from the owner.

            How to Get an Impounded Vehicle Back

            1). Learn why the vehicle was impounded
            2). You will need to correct the issue that caused the problem. Often times this means paying the impound fees
            3). In some circumstances a non-owner may be able to get the vehicle out of impound

    1. Hello Daphne,

      Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about the logging in issue. What email address are you using to login and I can look into for you? Also, if there is a specific license plate number or vehicle record I can help you find I am happy to do this.

      Best Regards,

      The Search Quarry Team

    1. Hello Starlene,

      I just checked it and it seems to be working. Try copying and pasting this into your browser window:

      If that doesn’t work I would try clearing the cache on your computer. This doesn’t happen often. If that doesn’t work please contact us using this form, you will receive a prompt response.

      Sorry you are having some difficulty, we will do our best to resolve it quickly.

      SearchQuarry Team

    2. I was under the impression that the owner of the vehicles name would be attached. Someone hit my brand new vehicle while it was parked and unoccupied. There was a language barrier so I was unable to get his name. He does not speak English. Without it his insurance carrier will not begin a claim for me. Yes this webite does provide the VIN but I need this man’s name! Can anyone help me? Yes I do have a police report by that takes “days” to obtain. And as a productive, working citizen I cannot wait days and days. I need a vehicle to get to and from work/ daycare etc.

      1. Paige,

        This sounds like an issue that you’ll have to manage with the police and your insurance company. Owner information is not always available with a license plate number search depending on the state. You might also contact the DMV and file a hit and run report.

    1. Hello Brian,

      Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties logging into the member’s area. Do you still have your confirmation email? This will have your login and password on it. Please note that the password is case sensitive so make sure you don’t have caps-lock on. If you’re still having difficulty logging in I forward this to customer support. You can also get a hold of customer support at 800-859-7375.

      Best Regards,
      The Search Quarry Team

      1. Can you look up a license plate number if the vehicle hit and killed your dog in front of you on purpose and fled the scene

        1. That is a very unfortunate situation however, you will need to contact the police about this matter

        2. In some states its not the drivers fault if they hit your dog. Its the owners responsibility. If the dog was at fault for running into the street and the car was damaged who is going to pay for any vehicle damage?

          1. That is a good question. It might be in your best interest to document the car license plate number information and report this to the police and your insurance company. It might come down to what your insurance company says and if there is a precedence for this specific situation, which there probably is. If your car was damaged by a dog that ran out in front of it then it would make sense that the owner of the dog has some liability but we cannot directly weigh in on this situation as we are merely a public records repository.

    2. Thanks for the feedback but there are actually several reasons you can legally perform a license plate search. If you read our terms and conditions of our license plate search you can lookup vehicle related information from license plate numbers as long as you fulfill the requirements outlined below. For more information on each reason, visit our member’s area to understand these in more detail.

      Reasons You Can Perform a License Plate Search

      • Business Use
      • You have written consent
      • Producing statistical reports
      • Insurance purposes
      • Providing notice to the owner of a towed vehicle
      • You provide licensed security service
      • Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986
      • Private tolls
      • Government agency
      • Litigation
      • Court order
      • Law enforcement
      • Driver safety and theft

      DPPA Notice: You understand, agree, acknowledge, and affirm under the penalty of perjury under 28 U.S.C. 1746 that you may only request, obtain, and use motor vehicle records made available through for a purpose authorized by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (DPPA). To conduct your search, please select from one of the authorized purposes above. If none of the above purposes are applicable, you may not conduct this search. You understand, agree, and acknowledge that your use of motor vehicle records for any purpose other than a DPPA permitted purpose listed above may subject you to criminal fines for non-compliance and to civil liability in the form of a private right of action, including actual and punitive damages, as well as attorneys’ fees. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless and its officers, directors, agents, employees, partners, affiliates, licensors, and data providers from and against any third-party claims, demands, expenses or liabilities of whatever nature of kind, due to or arising out your violation of the DPPA.


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