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Court Case Records Search

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Learn How To Perform a Court Case Records Search

A court case records search can be accomplished in a couple ways. You can procure one the old fashion way and gather up all the relevant information, and your wallet, and wait in line at the court house to get a copy of the court case record. This is a good option if you need an official document for legal purposes. If you need to get an official court case records search then you will need to know a couple pieces of information; the case number, the full name of the person and the county of the court where the trial or hearing took place. The second means of procuring a court case record is to use an online resource ( see link below ) to perform a court case records search. This is a good option to start even if you need to eventually get an official copy. By using an online court case database you can find most any court case record with a simple name search. If you know the state or the county where the court case took place then your search will be quick and easy. It also helps to know the age of the person in question since there are a lot of common names out there. If you are looking online for court case records then make sure to have a second piece of identifying information to verify that you’re locating the relevant record for the correct person. Please note that when you’re searching for public records with powerful resources, like, you might find some shocking information. Please be responsible with any information that you find.


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Court Case Records Search

Court Case Records Search


  1. Looking for a case number for American Airlines retired D2R’s at the Chicago court. Claim for American Airlines retired flight attendants. I want to join the case. Any help avail. to find this information?

    • Hello Angela,

      I thought this case number would be easy to find, but I was not able to find it. If we knew which state court in Chicago that the lawsuit was filed that would help, but Chicago has many courts, and that makes it difficult. According to internet articles, the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday September 10 in a Chicago state court. Here is an internet article about the case:

      I think that I have a solution for you to find the case number and join the case. There is an organization called “Retired American Airlines Flight Attendant Association”. Their website is The webmaster’s name is Jill Rohan and her email is Another email for that website is There is a very high probability that the Retired American Airlines Flight Attendant Association will have more information in regards to this case. I’m pretty certain they will be able to help you join the case.

      Good Luck!

      SearchQuarry Team

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