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Virginia Court Records Search

The Virginia Court Administration is the arm that offers administrative functions to the State?s Judicial System in Virginia. Information that is maintained via the Office of the Executive Secretary and the Court Administration include fiscal services, educational services, judicial services, historical commissions, judicial planning, and human resources. Those who wish to obtain Virginia court records can do that via the Case Status and Information Page of the Virginia Court Administration. You will be able to find records of certain court cases in certain courts here. Individuals looking for court cases should use the location and name of the court and name or case number.

Virginia?s judicial system is made up of the Court of Appeals , Supreme Court, 31 circuits with 120 circuit courts, and 32 districts with general district courts. All the court records are under the dominion of the OES (Office of the Executive Secretary). The circuit courts function as the trial courts for general jurisdiction for criminal and civil cases. The district courts usually listen to civil, traffic, and criminal cases with no jury trials before a judge for smaller civil cases and misdemeanors. People may obtain Virginia court case by using the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) in Virginia.

PACER is an electronic service with public access that enables users to get docket and case information online from the district, federal appellate, PACER Case Locator, and bankruptcy courts. The federal judiciary is in charge of PACER. It is committed to offering court information to the public through a centralized service. The Virginia Court Records comprises of very useful and relevant documents. The court records of Virginia ensures that you find the specific record you are looking for if there is documentation in court. Finding court records in Virginia is fast and easy, and all that is needed is a name or case number.

Information found in Virginia court records include marriage licenses, birth certificates, adoption records, death certificates, and divorce decrees. You may also find criminal and civil court cases and property settlements in court records of Virginia. The court record of Virginia is the best place to look for information in case you wish to check the history of someone before you hire them. You will find information about their sex offender data and background checks. Arrest records and the time a person spent in prison can also be obtained in court records of Virginia. You will be able to see all this in the court records of Virginia if an employee has some DUIs or DWIs or a bad driving record.

You can search for any information on the court records of Virginia online without having to go to the Supreme Court physically. The state ensures that their servers are secure. Your search is kept strictly confidential. The court records are very useful. They ensure that you get a comprehensive report on a certain case or a person. Ensure that you have the right name or number on the case that you are searching.

Virginia Court Records

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