Nevada Court Records

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Nevada Court Records Information

Nevada Court Records vary widely depending on what you want. Anything that?s taken to court in any Nevada county is recorded in the courthouse and placed in a system that keeps track of all the information. Most people don?t realize it?s easy to access this information when you need it. Whether you want to find court records in Nevada to see your family history, to check on the background of someone you?d like to hire for your business, or even to see what kind of people the parents of the kid?s your friend wants to spend time with are like, you can find any court records you need in Nevada.

Nevada Court Records Include

– Marriage Court Records
– Divorce Court Records
– Civil Court Records
– Misdemeanor Court Records
– Felony Court Records
– Criminal Court Records
– Traffic Court Records
– Taxes Court Records
– Property Court Records
Any records you need to find in Nevada are easily accessed in several different ways. You should know you cannot obtain an official copy or certified copy of any records recorded by any court in Nevada unless you have proof you are the person listed on the account, an immediate family member of the person or people listed on the record, or you are the official legal representative of the person on any court record. You can be anyone, however, to simply view the records. If you need to know how easy it is to do this, the information is right here.

Nevada Court Records Search

The simplest way to search for records is online at the county level. This is done by visiting the website of the county court. There is always a court records search page on this page you can utilize. The only information you need is the full name of the person you want to search. Once you enter this, any court records concerning this individual will appear. You are limited to only finding information recorded in that specific Nevada county, though.

If you desire more information or have no idea which county court records are recorded for a specific individual, you?ll go to the state level. The state court has all the records on hand for all people ever involved in a court case in Nevada. This is a bit more complex, and you can?t find much online. Most people have to visit the courthouse for the state court in Nevada to find this information. You?ll need to bring money to pay whatever fee is associated with the specific nature of your search, you?ll need photo identification, and you?ll need the personal information of the person you wish to search for.

You can view any court records publicly held at the state level from any county within Nevada. It?s a much easier way to search if you?re unsure where someone was involved in a case, but it?s also more time-consuming and costly. This information is publicly available to you, but you must be willing to put forth the time and effort to find this information.

Nevada Court Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Ron, thank you for reaching out about our Nevada court record blog. Unfortunately we do not have any records of your Nevada court case records from January 2020. It’s possible that since this is a very recent court case, or potentially on going Nevada court case that it is not available to us yet. You might want to reach out to the Nevada clerk of the courts in county your court case took place. They can assist you with obtaining the outcome of your recent NV court case and/or update you on the ongoing status.

    How Do I Obtain A Copy Of My Nevada Court Record?

    You can obtain a copy of your Nevada court case record by contacting the clerk of the courts in the county your case was heard. You will typically have the option to order copies of your court records, transcripts and dockets mailed to you in a few weeks.

  2. Ron Dalgliesh says:

    Wanting to know what happen with court on Jan 21 2020 . My lawyer has not let me know . I want to know before I cross the border and get arrested or something

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