Nevada Court Records

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The Importance of Nevada Court Records

Nevada is known for its glitz and glamour, but behind the bright lights and bustling casinos lies a complex legal system. Whether you are a resident of Reno, Henderson, or any other county in Nevada, there may come a time when you need to access court records.

Running a Nevada court records search can be very useful, from running a background check to conducting legal research. In this article, we will discuss how to run a Nevada court case search, the different types of courts and public records that can be obtained, and why this is a valuable resource for running a background check.

How to Run a Nevada Court Case Search

The first step in running a Nevada court case search is to determine which courthouse has jurisdiction over the case you are interested in. Nevada has a complex judicial system system, with different branches handling different types of cases.

The Nevada Supreme Court is the highest court in the state and handles appeals from the lower branches. The District Courts are the general jurisdiction courts and handle civil and criminal cases. The Justice Courts handle small claims and misdemeanor cases, while the Municipal Courts handle traffic violations and other minor offenses.

To run a Nevada court case search, you will need to know the name of the parties involved in the case, the case number, or the date of the case. You can also search by keyword, such as a specific legal issue or the name of an attorney. Once you have entered your search criteria, the database will provide a list of cases that match your search. You can then click on a specific case to view the docket and any available documents.

Criminal Record Search

Court Records are Public Records

Nevada court records can provide a wealth of information, depending on the type of case and the court it was heard in. Civil cases, such as personal injury lawsuits or contract disputes, can provide information on the parties involved, the nature of the case, and the outcome. Criminal cases, including arrests, charges, arrest warrants, judgments, traffic citations and convictions to name a few. These records can be especially useful for conducting a Nevada background check on someone you have in your inner circle.

There are also other types of public records that can be obtained from Nevada judicial system. These include marriage and divorce information, which can provide information on a person’s marital status and history. Adoption records, which are sealed in most states, are also available in Nevada. These records can provide valuable information for individuals searching for their biological parents or siblings.

Court Records are a Valuable Resource for Running a Background Check

Nevada court case records are a valuable resource for running a background check because they provide a comprehensive view of a person’s legal history. Unlike other public records, such as property or business records, these records are often more detailed and can provide information on a person’s character and behavior. For example, a criminal record can reveal a person’s past convictions and any patterns of criminal behavior. A civil case can provide insight into a person’s financial history and any potential red flags.

In addition, court records are considered to be legally binding documents, which means they are more reliable than other sources of information. This is especially important when conducting a background check for employment or legal purposes. By accessing this information, you can ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date information on an individual.


The Nevada judicial system offers a multitude of useful information for a variety of purposes. By knowing how to run a Nevada court case search and understanding the different types of courts and public records that can be obtained, you can access valuable information that can help you make informed decisions. These records are helpful for residents of Reno, Henderson, and other counties in Nevada. They provide insight into the legal system and allow individuals to learn about someone’s background.

Nevada Court Records

Nevada Court Records - FAQ

What information do Nevada court records provide for criminal cases?

Criminal cases include details on arrests, charges, warrants, convictions, and incarcerations. They can help you learn about a person's criminal history and identify any red flags

What information do Nevada court records provide for civil cases?

Civil cases provide information on the parties involved, the nature of the case, and the outcome. This can be helpful for personal injury lawsuits, contract disputes, and other civil matters.

How can I run a Nevada court case search?

First, you need to determine which courthouse has jurisdiction over the case you are interested in. Then, you can search for the records online or visit the specific courthouse directly to request the records. You can also use a public record site and search statewide with a first and last name.

Are Nevada court cases considered public record?

For the most part, yes. All court cases except those that involve minors and national security are public domain. This means that anyone can view and access this information online via the Freedom of Information Act.

Can I access Nevada court case information for free?

You can access some information for free using a public record website. You may however need to pay for physical copies of documents or for comprehensive background reports.

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    Ron, thank you for reaching out about our Nevada court record blog. Unfortunately we do not have any records of your Nevada court case records from January 2020. It’s possible that since this is a very recent court case, or potentially on going Nevada court case that it is not available to us yet. You might want to reach out to the Nevada clerk of the courts in county your court case took place. They can assist you with obtaining the outcome of your recent NV court case and/or update you on the ongoing status.

    How Do I Obtain A Copy Of My Nevada Court Record?

    You can obtain a copy of your Nevada court case record by contacting the clerk of the courts in the county your case was heard. You will typically have the option to order copies of your court records, transcripts and dockets mailed to you in a few weeks.

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    Wanting to know what happen with court on Jan 21 2020 . My lawyer has not let me know . I want to know before I cross the border and get arrested or something

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