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People Phone License Plate VIN

What is Comedy Traffic School?

Comedy Traffic School is a fun way to improve your driving record if you have received a traffic ticket. You may ask yourself if an online comedy traffic school is taken seriously in court, but in fact, this service provides you with useful information about California driving rules and regulations.

There’s no point in suffering from a bad driving record when it is so easy to do something about it. Take a look at how simple-and fun-the process can be.

Enroll in Comedy Traffic School

You can take the course in three different ways. All three will give you the same information, but you can learn in the manner that is best for you.

  1. Written Comedy Traffic School

The written course is not just endless text. It contains graphics and pictures to help you visualize what you are being taught.
It also has jokes throughout, to remind you to lighten up and enjoy the learning process.

  1. Audio Comedy Traffic School

You don’t have to read anything. The entire course comes in a listening format. If this is your best way to learn, then put on some headphones and start improving your driving record.
You’ll learn and laugh, and get some important facts about rules of the road, traffic signs, distracted driving, and speeding.

  1. Video Comedy Traffic School

You can view the entire course as a video. Comedian Regan Burns and several other comedians take you on a ride with fast-moving graphics and comedy.
You get solid information, but it’s more like watching a comedy video than learning traffic laws (though you will).

Online Comedy Traffic School

  • Besides some laughs, there are some solid advantages to taking the online comedy traffic school course.
  • The course is online, so you will find it much easier than going to some classroom.
  • You can start the course any time of day or night, every day of the week.
  • The course is set up as “no pass, no pay.” If you fail the course, you don’t pay. When you do pass, you pay so that your certificate can be sent for you.

You get comedy study breaks. Take some time away from your learning to laugh with David Spade, Jerry Seinfeld, and others. Clips give you some time to relax and enjoy without trying to remember everything that is said. Then you can get back to work learning driving rules, though it won’t feel like work.

Dismissing Your Ticket with Comedy Traffic School

You may get your ticket completely dismissed if you attend the Traffic Comedy School.

You can get a citation point removed from your record every 18 months.

You can have your certificate of completion sent directly to your court and to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), so your ticket can be dismissed, and your points will be removed. You can also request a printed certificate.

Your records and test results are confidential, and are only given to you, the court, and the DMV.

Comedy Traffic SchoolGet a Discount on Your Auto Insurance With Comedy Traffic School

You may get a discount on your auto insurance for completing comedy traffic school. Ask your insurer if you qualify.

What You Need To Know About Comedy Traffic School

You may have been caught doing something everyone does, or you may have made a big mistake. That doesn’t mean you have to pay for it forever. By taking a traffic course, you put yourself on the way to restoring your driving record.

And since you have to take a course anyway, why not get some laughs? The Online Comedy Traffic Course will entertain you while setting your records straight. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that you do need to be safe out there.

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