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We have created some videos to illustrate different situations where having a membership at can come in handy. Be in the know about those you associate with. Try our People Search today.

Public Record Search – The New Neighbor

  • Do you know who your neighbor really is? Do they have a shady past or are they hiding something? Find out with Search Quarry who your neighbor is with a simple public record search. Enjoy the video and start your neighbor search.
Suspicious Robot Neighbor

Criminal Records – Darn it, I should have known…

  • How many times have you looked back and said “Darn it, I should have known”? Probably at least once …. in this case it was preventable. If you really want to know the truth about someone and if you suspect something is awry, you can initiate a public records search by name and dig up all the information about someone’s past. You can even find out what’s in your public record … Try our criminal records search and find out if your friends and acquaintances are who they say they are.
I Should Have Known

Neighbor Search – Neighbor Walks into Yard Uninvited

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a weird neighbor then maybe you should find out more about them. Trust your instincts and use our People Search resources and find out what that neighbor has been into. Everyone has a public record even you. Protect yourself and your loved ones and do a People Search on those you have a funny feeling about.
Uninvited Neighbor in Yard

Marriage Records – Son’s Girlfriend Too Good to Be True

  • Do you know who your fiancee or significant other really is? It’s a question to ask before things go to the next level. For example do you know if the person you’re with has ever been married before? Kinda important …. Use our Marriage Records Search to make sure you’re in the know.
Too Good To Be True

Lien Records – Daughter’s Boyfriend a Criminal?

  • Do you trust your son or daughter’s choice in boyfriends and girlfriends? Are they responsible enough for your child? Find out if they have any financial dings or liens on their record … Try our Lien Records Search to find out if that person is financially responsible.
Is The New Boyfriend a Criminal?

SearchQuarry Member’s Area Tutorial

  • This video explains how our members can get the most out of our member’s area. Start your search now.
Search Quarry Tutorial

Finding Criminal Records Tutorial

How To Search Criminal Records

Sailing While Intoxicated Records

  • Surprise, surprise.. This pirate is having some trouble with the law and he may have a permanent DUI record. Will he ever sail again?
Pirate With DUI Pleads With Judge to Get His Ship Back

Are you on

  • Everyone seems to be wondering if their public record is on View your public record now..
My Criminal Record is on – Information is Freedom

  • The first video, explaining what our service is all about. – Information is Freedom

Will Granny Get Scammed?

  • This video illustrates a common occurrence for older people with money. Someone is trying to scam granny, will they get away with it? Check and see if someone has a criminal record for scams.
Granny is Getting Scammed by Her Financial Guy





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