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Unwanted phone calls can be a nuisance and, in some cases, they may even be illegal. The fact that many such calls come from unlisted numbers (especially in the case of mobile phones) means that putting a stop to these calls can get tricky. However, there are ways to end unwanted phone calls, particularly through the Do Not Call Registry and other call blocking services. Find out Who Called Me and how to block those unwanted phone calls.

Who Called Me

The Do Not Call Registry

The Do Not Call Registry is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you are on the Do Not Call Registry then unsolicited sales calls to your number are prohibited. It usually takes about a month from when you are added to the registry until all sales calls will actually stop. The Do Not Call Registry only prohibits sales calls, meaning that other types of unwanted calls may continue. Charities, political campaigns, telephone surveys, and debt collectors are still allowed to call you even if you are on the Do Not Call Registry. If you look up the number of the organization that is calling you then that may help clarify whether the call is legal or not. Also, if you gave permission to a business to call you, such as providing them your phone number when you bought an item at their store, then they can also call you, unless you specifically tell them not to. You can add your number to the Do Not Call Registry for free by visiting donotcall.gov.

How To Report Unwanted Phone Calls

Getting yourself on the Do Not Call Registry is a good step towards stopping unwanted calls and most legitimate businesses comply with the registry. Unscrupulous businesses and individuals, however, still exist and they are most likely to hide behind an unlisted number. When you get multiple telemarketing calls and ask yourself, Who Called Me because you don’t recognize it then there is a good chance that it is an illegal call. Such calls have become a major problem in recent years given that technology has made phone services and robocalling so cheap. If you are on the Do Not Call Registry and are still getting unwanted sales calls then hang up immediately. Interacting with the call, such as pushing buttons when prompted or speaking to somebody on the other end of the line, is more likely to increase the number of unwanted calls. Report the unwanted call to the FTC as soon as possible. If you want to report an unwanted sales calls coming from an actual human being, you must have been on the Do Not Call Registry for at least 31 days beforehand. For robocalls, however, you can report the call immediately, whether or not you are on the registry. When reporting a call to the FTC you should first perform a reverse phone number lookup in order to give the FTC as many details about the caller as possible.

How To Stop Unwanted Calls

Reporting illegal calls to the FTC is a good idea, but if you really want to put these unwanted calls to an end then you are going to have to go beyond what the FTC offers. If you have the number of the entity that keeps calling you then you can block that specific number. With many smartphones a number can simply be blocked by accessing the phone’s settings. In other cases, you may have to contact your phone company directly, who may charge a fee for blocking a number.

If you are wondering Who Called Me because you don’t know the number of the entity that keeps phoning then look into other call blocking solutions. Call blocking apps are widely available as are call blocking boxes. The quality of these services will vary substantially and the good ones are rarely free, so look online first for services that have the best reviews.

Unwanted phone calls are annoying to deal with and in some circumstances they may even qualify as harassment. By registering with the Do Not Call Registry, reporting illegal calls, and utilizing call blocking technology, you can finally put these unwanted calls to an end. Hopefully you won’t have to ask Who Called Me nearly as much anymore.

How To Block Robocalls

You can block robocalls by selecting the phone number on your smartphone and blocking it. Another great way to block robocalls is to download a Robokiller app on your smartphone. These apps can detect robocalls before they get to your phone so you won't be bothered or harassed unwanted phone calls.

Can I Find Out Who Called Me Anonymously?

Absolutely, running a reverse phone number search can be done without anyone knowing you are searching. With services like SearchQuarry.com, you can run a phone number search online from the convenience of your computer or smartphone.

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Responses to “Who Called Me

  1. All I want to do is find out who it is. That is an impossibility even with all the so called ‘free’ reverse look up sites. I don’t want their family history or their criminal or credit history. Just a name. The DO NOT CALL REGISTRY is useless. I have added so many blocked numbers to my cell phone it is full and won’t let me block any more. It’s frustrating because they can harass me all they want and I am unable to even find out their name.

    1. Diana, we are happy to run a reverse phone number search if you provide us with the entire 10 digit phone number and try and find out ” who called me “

    1. The +11 is an international phone number prefix. That means the person who called you was from that country, with a +11 prefix, which would be Bulgaria.

    1. Thank you for sharing about this Phishing Text Scam. You did the right thing and reported it, with any luck this number will be shut down and hopefully make it more difficult for this person(s) to continue to scam people with SMS phishing.

      What Is A Phishing Text Scam?

      A phishing text scam or an SMS phishing is typically used for some criminal activity using a form of social connection or social media. These phishing scams are usually used to obtain personal information from another person for nefarious uses on the dark web.

  2. I get span calls and text messages from a large variety of numbers from all over the US. When messages are left, over 80% of them mention “Jeffry Monahan” as the intended recipient (not my name).

    Because of the variety of the numbers (never the same one twice) I’m certain these are ALL spoofed numbers, so blocking them is meaningless.

    Other than ignoring these, what can I do?

    1. You are not alone with your frustration with Robocalls. Phone number spoofing has become very popular and unfortunately there are more ways than ever for phone marketing companies and Robocalls to sneak in. One solution for these number spoofing phone calls is to use a paid Robokiller app you can download on your smartphone. These tend to help out quite a bit. Robocalls make it difficult to know who is calling and what phone calls to pickup or let go to voicemail. A Robokiller app can make a big impact on filtering those unwanted phone calls.

    1. We show this phone number belongs to an A Dirico from Fort Worth Texas. We show this phone number is a landline used through the Vonage Network which is a VOIP phone number

  3. 567-286-3012 has called me multiple times. I just recieved another call, which rang 3x leaving no vm. I got curious and called the number back. Spectrum Residential it said and I disconnected.

    1. Thank you for inquiring about ” Who Called Me ” and the feedback on your experience. If you feel like this consistent phone call is becoming annoying then you might consider blocking that phone number. If you have a smartphone this is very simple, you can typically do this in the settings or by clicking on the information tab about the phone call you receive and block this phone number.

  4. I received an email saying my email had account had suspicious activity and to call this number. I called and after some questions and answers regarding my email he “needed” to check my computer. When I asked if he needed to remote access my computer I said “No I won’t remote…” and immediately he had hung up. This is a another scam to gain access to someones computer.

    1. Thank you for sharing your phone scam experience. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there to steal people’s money or information. The phone scam from the person who called you was most certainly after your personal information which would be very damaging to say the least. We are happy to get the word out about these phone call scams. Please reach out if there is a phone number lookup or public records search we can assist you with.

    1. If you’re receiving calls on your smartphone you can easily block them in the settings of your phone. You can also register for the do not call list but that is somewhat unreliable. To find out ” who called me ” please leave the phone number for us to research it for you.

    1. Our phone number lookup resources are only for domestic phone numbers, meaning United States only. If you’re attempting to find out ” who called me ” from a phone number outside the country then type in the phone number into a search engine and find out

  5. We get calls daily caller if say some phone numbers are invalid if so how can they call from them? They are even using charities have tried blocking them but they just use a different number why aren\’t all these spam useless calls stopped?

    1. Unfortunately there are a multitude of ways that spammers and fraudulent phone calls can be made. With the advent of the internet and VOIP calling it makes it easy for these types of callers to mask their phone numbers and block them

  6. I keep blocking the unwanted calls but they keep calling with different numbers. My home phone is maxed out for blocking anymore numbers. I think it is the phone service provider’s responsibility to monitor spam phone calls and blocking it. As soon as I tell the tele-marking callers that I am on Do Not Call list they hang up. Most of this numbers are 1 way calling so you can’t call them back and many of the phone numbers are spoofed. We used get calls with our own phone numbers. FTC is overwhelmed with so many complains since many of them are from other countries.Only options Verizon gave me to help me fix the incoming spam calls was 1. Pay extra for blocking the numbers (which I think should be free) 2. Change the phone number. Which is not a real fix because the first phone call you get maybe a telemarketing company. We dont answer calls unless we recognize the number. Same move at my work phone and mobile. So frustrating!

    1. Thank you for the great feedback on our Who Called Me article. What you said about being able to block phone numbers is definitely a common occurrence from our experience. Many others share your same frustration with getting unwanted phone calls. It’s good to know what options are out there, so thank you very much for sharing your experience with unwanted phone calls and how to deal with them

  7. Call came in from 973-948-8774. I researched the # to find that it belongs to C & L Land Surveys in Branchville, NJ. However, the voicemail that was left revealed that the call was a marketing call for the Clover POS system. Thought I would call C & L Land Surveys to let them know their # had been spoofed but when I dialed the # was not in service.

    I would never call a # back if I did not have any information. The only reason I called this one was to inform the owner of the # of the way their # had been spoofed to hopefully help them get to the bottom of being taken advantage of like that. If no voicemail had been left revealing information I would have not dialed the #. NEVER call a # back unless you first listen to any voicemail and second, research the # to see what company or entity it might belong to. If it is a legitimate company and the voicemail left a little bit of info that might help, THEN give the owner of the # a call to let them know their # was spoofed by [in my case “a company marketing the Clover POS system”].

    I have found that by blocking unfamiliar #’s that come in to my phone that the calls do begin to dminish over time. The more times they call and find that no one answers, the greater the chance that they will call less because their goal is to actually talk to a person.

    1. Thank you very much for the valuable information on our Who Called Me Blog. It’s good to uncover a scam or discrepancy and share that with the general public. Spoofing Phone Numbers are not new but many people don’t know about this so we will share this information on our blog for other to benefit from.

      Again, thanks for the input and feedback on our Who Called Me article.

  8. Very easy to stop those calls.
    Put your cell phone on parental secure setting then chose allow calls and texts only
    from the numbers in your contacts list.

    My Blackberry phone has those options in parental settings.
    If your phone does not then you should contact the phone maker and suggest they put something like that on yours.

    1. Your feedback on how to stop unwanted calls is appreciated. Most smartphones have the ability to censor phone numbers and there are also apps that can be downloaded that can assist you with filtering out spam phone calls and robot dialers

    1. There are problems with the phone numbers you listed and we cannot find who called you unfortunately. The first phone number you listed starts with a 0 and all phone number area codes in the United States may only begin with a 2-9. The second phone number you listed has too many digits. Phone numbers in the United States only have 10 digits and you have 13 listed so this is incorrect. Please reach out to us with any additional inquiries on who called you.

      Area Codes in the United States

      US area codes must begin with the numbers 2-9. This means that phone number area codes in the United States cannot start with a 1 or 0. Additionally the last 2 digits of a US area code cannot end with a 11 to avoid confusion with N11 area codes

  9. I keep getting calls from a 796 area code daily. I answered this call only one time in the past and its a robocall saying I owe money that I don’t. Telling me that if I don’t pay up that I will be going to jail, they will contact my local police department and such. I blocked the number, and then they call me from a different number with the same area code. I block that number and it just repeats itself all from the same area code. When I go to look up the number it shows there area code is invalid and unassigned. It is daily and I just continue to block the calls but its never ending. What can I do now? I am registered on the Do Not Call registry but this is ridiculous. I get at least 4-5 calls an hour all day long long. That is not an exaggeration either. No voicemails are ever left either.


    These are all the numbers that have called between 11:00am and 1:45pm today so far.

    1. We don’t show any information on the phone numbers you provided. Unfortunately you’re doing all you can for the moment except changing your phone number. Keep blocking the phone numbers and hopefully registering with the Do Not Call list will help with that. It definitely sounds like a scam but unfortunately there is not a clear way to determine who is calling you.

  10. The Do Not Call registry is for reputable companies to abide by. By definition, these scam calls are from criminals and the Do Not Call registry is totally useless. One time, years ago, I kept a record of all the times a certain company called me, all the info, reported it and got a letter back that they didn’t see a violation.

    WE ARE ALL ON OUR OWN. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer. Hit the Mute/Reject button on your cell phone. Reputable callers will leave a message.

    1. Thank you for your insights. You have recognized some important points when dealing with scam calls. Who called me is not always a matter of who but a matter of what the phone call is about, meaning is someone attempting to scam or harm you in some way.

      How To Identity Phone Call Scams

      • A Call From a Blocked or Unknown
      • A Caller that asks you for personal information without identifying themselves
      • A Caller saying they represent one of your financial institutions and asking for personal information
      • A Utility company calls you and threatens to turn off your power or gas
      • Someone from another country offering you a too-good-to-be-true deal
      • Someone from another country saying they won the sweepstakes and need your help to extract the money

  11. I continue to receive suspicious calls from various numbers. If I block one number, they just call from a different number. I only answered ONCE saying, “Hello?”. The caller on the other side said “HELLO…” in a very deep (seemed fake) voice. I immediately blocked the number. These calls are getting more and more frequent.

    Here are some of the numbers I have received calls:
    +1 202-750-5593
    +1 800-323-2682

    1. We certainly appreciate the feedback and the heads up on Who Called You. Your best bet is to block the unwanted phone calls, like you did. You can also report those phone numbers to the FTC as suspicious or fraudulent, depending on the nature of the call.

      There are a couple ways, below, to report phone scams to the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC.gov )

      How to Report Fraudulent Phone Calls

      1. Call the FTC hotline: 1-888-382-1222
      2. You can visit the FTC.gov website
      3. Send the FTC an email @ ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm

  12. 831-777-4075 belongs to flockmanagement.com – scam marketing agency. They target businesses and send unsolicited emails, with no regards to the laws

    1. Thank you for the information, we will make a note of it. You can also block any unwanted phone numbers with the phone company, on your smartphone or register with the national do not call list. Then you will be able to rest a little easier about who is calling you.

    1. Thank you for the heads up, we will be sure to make a note of it. Please reach out if you have any other concerns on who called you or a reverse phone number lookup

  13. (858) 815-6849

    I was caught at a vulnerable time and I CALLED back one of these scammers at (858) 815-6849.
    I simply called an realized it was fake and hung up immediately.! Well, after they called me a fu@$ing cu#t.
    Can you believe it??

    However, I did NOT give any information including, I did NOT say my name.

    My question/concern is….. am I in danger of anything simply by calling the number back?
    Again, I did NOT provide any details about myself.

    Please let me know if the scammers are able to use something from me simply calling them back.
    And if so, what do they typically do? And, how can I stop it? Who do I call or write to etc….
    I am very concerned with identity theft.

    I am hoping (and thinking) that they (the scammers) cannot get any info or do anything simply by me calling the number back – please confirm!!!

    Please let me know as soon as possible and thanks in advance for any info.


    1. We do not have any specific information listed for the phone numbers that have been calling you. It is possible this is burner phone if the person behind the phone is attempting to scam you. You might also consider contacting the police and filing a report describing what you told us. Unfortunately we don’t have any affiliation with law enforcement or government agencies so you will need to contact them directly.

  14. Male caller with a heavy accent called from 850 635 7624. Caller wanted to “offer me a lower rate on a credit card.” This is a scam, any reputable credit card company will not ask you for your full card number and additional card info as they would already have it in front of them. Please protect yourself from these fraudsters.


  16. I am getting phone calls from free reverse since January 2017. I have been blocking every number they called me and I am continuing getting phone calls. I want it to stop bc it wouldn’t be fair to change my number and continue to get calls from them

    1. 2247658790 calls me every damn and i want it to stop,, i will go to the police on thus number if you people cant seem to do anything about thus number, thus us harrasment.. send a man to the moon but cant stop these people from dong thus!

      1. It can certainly be frustrating when you’re being harassed by phone, especially when you can’t get them to stop. You do have rights and texting harassment is still harassment. There are a couple options to explore before calling the police to stop the harassing calls. Knowing “ who called me “ is a good start but this will not always allow you to stop the phone calls. Below are some suggestions you might consider.

        How To Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

        1. Block the phone number on your smartphone in the phone settings
        2. Add your phone number to the “Do Not Call List” online registry
        3. File a Police Report for harassment and report the phone number in question

    2. Monique,

      You best bet to block these unwanted calls are to continue to block them and report this phone number to the Do Not Call Registry and FTC as well as adding your phone number to the Do Not Call List. It’s also best practice to keep re-submitting your phone number to the Do Not Call List as sometimes it takes a while to get those pesky solicitors from calling.

      How To Block Spam Callers

      1. Go on to your smartphone phone call history
      2. Select the unwanted phone number from the list
      3. Select “block” on that phone number
      4. Report that phone number to the FTC


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