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Utah Arrest Records Search

Utah is known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, but like any other state, it also has its share of crime. If you’re interested in learning more about the criminal activity in Utah, you may want to look into Utah arrest records and mugshots. In this article, we’ll discuss how to run a Utah arrests search and lookup mugshots on a state and county level. These are all a matter of public record that anyone can view online.

How to Search for Arrests and Mugshots in Utah

There are a few online options to do your research for these publicly available records. If you know the county where the booking and arresting took place that will narrow down your results and simplify your search efforts. If you do not know what county or city to start your research, you can use state-level government resources, or third-party public record sites.

State Level

The Utah Department of Public Safety maintains a statewide database of criminal records, including Utah arrest records and mugshots. To access this database, you can visit their website and search by name, date of birth, or booking number. This database is updated regularly and includes information from all counties in Utah.

County Level

Each county in Utah also maintains its own database of criminal records, including arrest records and mugshots. To search for arrests and mugshots on a county level, you can visit the county sheriff’s office website or contact them directly. Some counties may require a fee for accessing this information. For example, Utah county arrest records such as in Cache county, can be accessed from the Cache county sheriff department directly.

Public Record Websites

A useful resource that many people use to lookup this information is third-party public record sites. These online resources are often used to not only run a Utah arrest search, but also to run criminal background checks. These types of resources are often much more comprehensive than state or county law enforcement sites as you can also find out about a person’s complete criminal history. To use these resources you only need a name and you can search by county, state or nationwide. Here is a list of publicly available information that can be found using these types of resources:

Criminal Record Search

What Are Mugshots and Why Are They Important?

Utah mugshots are photographs taken by law enforcement agencies at the time of someone being booked for an alleged crime. They are used to identify suspects and are an important part of the criminal justice system. These are also considered public records, meaning they can be accessed by anyone.

Mugshots are important for several reasons:

  • They help law enforcement agencies identify suspects and track their criminal history.
  • They serve as a visual record of a person’s appearance at the time of their arrest.
  • They can be used as evidence in court.
  • They can serve as a deterrent for potential criminals.

Top 10 Criminal Arrest Charges in Utah

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, the top 10 criminal arrest charges in Utah are:

  1. Drug offenses
  2. DUI
  3. Assault
  4. Theft
  5. Burglary
  6. Fraud
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Weapons offenses
  9. Robbery
  10. Sex offenses

Drug offenses, including possession and distribution, make up the majority of criminal arrests in Utah. This is followed by DUI, which is a serious offense in the state. Additionally, assault, theft, and burglary are also common criminal charges in Utah. Besides the crimes listed, fraud, domestic violence, and weapons offenses are common in the state. Utah takes domestic violence seriously and has strict laws and penalties for those found guilty of it. Robbery and sex offenses round out the top 10 criminal arrest charges in Utah. These are serious offenses that can result in significant jail time and fines.


Utah arrest records and mugshots are important resources for understanding the criminal activity in the state. By searching for arrests and mugshots on a state and county level, you can gain insight into the types of crimes being committed and the individuals involved. Like other personally identifiable information, mugshots are important for law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system as a whole.

If you’re interested in learning more about the top criminal charges in Utah, be sure to check out the Utah DPS website for the most up-to-date information, and UT crime statistics. And remember, if you or someone you know is facing jail time , it’s important to seek legal counsel and understand your rights.

Utah Arrest Records

Utah Arrests and Mugshots - FAQ

Can I lookup someone's Utah mugshots?

Yes, these are part of a persons Utah public arrest records and can be viewed through public record website and various county law enforcement websites.

How can I search for Utah arrest records?

You find these records from the Utah Department of Public Safety's website and conducting a search using the individual's name, date of birth, or booking number. You can also use a public records site to search statewide with a first and last name.

Can I run a free Utah arrest record search?

Yes, with a public record site, or various county law enforcement sites you can find some arrest and booking information for free. If you need copies of reports or certified documents you will need to pay for those.

Are Utah arrests and mugshots considered public record?

Yes, they are considered public record via the FOIA and Utah public records act which means that anyone can view this information online.

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