Sedgwick County Warrants

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Sedgwick County Warrant Search

In Sedgwick County, Kansas, these warrants play a crucial role in the local law enforcement process. They authorize the arrest and detainment of those suspected of a crime. While these are not technically criminal records until that person is convicted in court, they can upend a person’s livelihood if not dealt with quickly.

The first step in running a Sedgwick County Warrant search is gathering some basic information. You will want to know the full name of the person you want to lookup, plus their age if you know this. You can run your search with just a first and last name however, their age or birth date will help you narrow down your results. Then using county law enforcement resources, or third-party public record databases, anyone can view these records online.

How to Run a Warrant Search in Sedgwick County

If you need to check for Sedgwick County warrants, there are a few ways to do so. The most common method is to use the online resources provided by the County Sheriff’s Office. There are other options available depending on what other information you are looking for.

Sheriff Department: The Sheriff Department website provides a searchable database of active warrants. You can search by name, date of birth, or case number. It’s important to note that this information is updated regularly, but there may be a delays when information is posted online. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on their web portal, you can always call them directly or visit their office in person.

Kansas District Court: You can also find out more detailed information by contacting the KS District Court Clerk. They have an online access portal where you can search for court case records, which will include active warrants in Sedgwick County.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation: Some people want to know more about a person’s criminal past and by contacting the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), you can register and run a criminal background check on someone for a fee. They offer public access to their resources but you will need to register your personal information to access this service.

Public Record Database: These are known as Third-Party Public Record Resources. These are not affiliated with county or state run agencies. They are private databases that collect and index public records to make them easy to find. These resources have become very popular in recent years because of their ease of use, and anonymous searching. They are often used to run background reports on individuals which typically include, criminal record history, KS court records, judgments, police reports, convictions, sentencings, and incarcerations

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Top Criminal Charges Leading to Arrest Warrants

In Sedgwick County, primarily Wichita Kansas, certain criminal charges often result in an arrest warrant being issued. These include drug offenses, theft, and domestic violence.

Drug offenses, particularly those involving illegal substances, are a big problem in Kansas and most of it’s counties. These offenses often result in someone’s arrest, especially when that person fails to appear in court.

Theft and domestic violence are also common criminal charges leading to someone’s arrest. These charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on how serious the crime is. It is helpful to understand that any criminal charges can lead to someone’s arrest if court obligations are not handled correctly.

The Legal Implications of an Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant in Sedgwick County carries serious legal implications. These court issued documents direct law enforcement to arrest and detain the person named in the warrant.

Once arrested, that person will be brought before a judge to answer the charges. This often results in jail time, fines, or other penalties, depending on the nature and seriousness of the charges.

Additionally, an outstanding warrant can impact your life in other ways. Since they are publicly available records, anyone can search for these online. They can affect your employment prospects, housing applications, and even your ability to travel abroad. They can also have significant impacts in your personal life if the word gets out.

What to Do If You Have a Warrant Issued in Your Name

If you discover that you have a warrant issued for your arrest, make sure to take immediate action. Ignoring this situation will not make it go away and could lead to more complications.

Verify The Charges: The first step is to confirm it’s validity and criminal charges. You can do this by conducting a search through a public records website.

Get Legal Advise: Next, consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer can help guide you through the process and help you to protect your rights. They can also help you surrender, if that is necessary, and potentially get you a more favorable outcome.

Surrendering Yourself: It might be necessary that you may need to turn yourself in. This might involve going to the County Sheriff’s Office or City Police, and surrendering yourself to the authorities.

It is often better to surrender yourself than being arrested unexpectedly. It shows that you are taking responsibility and can sometimes result in more favorable treatment.


Understanding warrants in Sedgwick County Kansas are helpful for residents and those concerned about their legal status. It’s important to know how to conduct a Sedgwick warrant search and understand the implications of having one. It is also important to remember that these are not technically criminal records until convicted in a court of law.

Sedgwick County Warrants

Sedgwick County Warrants - FAQ

Do I have a warrant in Sedgwick County Kansas?

If you want to find out if you have an active warrant in Sedgwick county and do not want to notify the authorities, you can search using a public records website anonymously.

Do Sedgwick County warrants show up on a background check?

Yes, they will show up on a background check since they are considered public records. While they are not technically criminal records until that person is convicted, they are often treated as such. These can limit employment opportunities, renting a home, traveling, and security clearances.

Are Sedgwick warrants publicly available in Kansas?

Yes, anyone can search for these online since they are a part of a person's public criminal record. They will stay on a person's record until they are arrested or have that warrant cleared.

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