Search Birth Certificate Records Online

Search Birth Certificate Records Online

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Search Birth Certificate Records Online By Name

When you search birth certificate records online by name you will find a multitude of information. A birth record is simply a record of birth; it is an official form that contains demographic data of a baby’s birth. The certificate will include information such as the name of the newborn and the parents, the gender, the date of birth, and place of birth.

A birth certificate record is generally obtained within a week or two of birth. Often it is issued at the place of birth, but also may be issued at a local government agency, either mailed or picked up by the parents. This birth certificate is a legal document that will be needed throughout the life of the baby.

Why Does Someone Need a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is a necessary piece of documentation that is needed throughout life, for various purposes. It is needed to obtain a social security number, enroll a child in school, applying for a driver’s license and obtaining a passport. It is a good idea to retain the original birth certificate, but certified duplicates can be obtained. If someone has lost their birth certificate the CDC has a website that is searchable by state. This allows the user to click on their birth state and gain access to links where a replacement certificate can be obtained.

Adoption Birth Certificates Records

When you search birth certificate records online by name of an adopted person, that person is still issued a birth certificate with the biological parents names. Once a child is adopted by a family, the original birth certificate record is sealed by the government. A new birth certificate will be issued with the adopted parents names. Some states do not allow access to the original birth certificate, while other states allow access, as a matter of public record. This all depends on the state the child resides, and the state that the adoption was finalized. That being said all adoption records are sealed and not public domain.

Public Birth Certificate Records

To search birth certificate records by name is simple to do online through most any public records repository, however to obtain an official copy is different. An official birth certificate record copy cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who is listed on the birth certificate, or their parents or legal guardians. The government uses the data obtained from a birth certificate to identify it’s citizens and so they can gain protectionism from the US Constitution. For example, information about low birth weight babies is compiled and entered into a database. This data is then utilized to distribute resources throughout the country as is guaranteed by national and statewide governments.

Search Birth Certificate Records Online Free

With you can search birth certificate records online by name. We are offering a 5 day trial where you can lookup any of our 2 billion public records with no obligations for the first 5 days.

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Search Birth Certificate Records Online By Name
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Search Birth Certificate Records Online

Search Birth Certificate Records Online

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      I can lookup a birth certificate record for you but we cannot issue you a replacement. Our online birth certificate records are for reference only. I am happy to search a birth record for you, I will need a first and last name and state you were born in to begin. To obain a copy of your birth certificate, contact the vital records office in the state where you were born. Follow the link below for more information.

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