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How To Do a Free Reverse Email Search

Most people have joined businesses, government agencies and organizations in making email their preferred method of communication in place of letters and other written forms of communication. An email you receive without anything in it identifying the sender does not have to leave you frustrated and bewildered.

The email can become your springboard for a search eventually revealing the sender’s identity and perhaps even leading to a wealth of other information, including social media profiles. Finding someone on the internet is not as difficult as you might think once you have an email address.

Reverse Email SearchFind Someone Online Using an Email Address

It’s quite common to receive an email that leaves you wondering about who might have sent it. Many people do not use their real name in email addresses. You have an email address, but you need to find out the identity of the sender. There are a few things you can check using all or parts of the email address, including:

Domain Affiliation Email Search

Many businesses and organizations have their own domain name they use for their email address. For example, Brilliant University might have as its domain name, so email sent by faculty and others using the school email have this as an email address: A site search at Brilliant University’s website could reveal the full name and additional information about the person who sent the email.

Google Email Search

Typing the email address into the search bar should produce results showing everywhere it has been used, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. The only limitation is that someone with no website or who has never before used the email address will not return any results.

Facebook Email Search

Instead of a Google search, you can go directly to any of the social media websites and type the email address into the search bar that most of the make available. Your efforts should return locations within the particular social networking community where the email address has been used.

One method of finding out who sent you an email is to simply respond to it. You can reply with a message asking the person or organization to provide an identity. Chances are this will not work with spam emails or an email from someone who is trying to remain anonymous.

Reverse Email Lookup

The idea of using an email address as the basis for a search to reveal information about the sender is the same concept behind reverse phone number searches. The electronic searches now run using a telephone number to find someone began with reverse phone number directories that were books, similar to the White Pages people used to look up a phone number by looking for the name of the person they wanted to contact. Reverse directories allowed you to look up telephone numbers to find the name of the party to whom that number was assigned.

Online services offering reverse email searches work on the same principle as the reverse telephone directories. The email address is used to conduct a search to locate the name of the sender. This could be of use to someone plagued by spam email who wants to identify its source.

Reverse Email Search Results Include

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Address
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Public Records

The information from a reverse email search can be helpful in verifying what you believe to be true about the sender is supported by the information available on the internet. Once you have the individuals true name, you can locate additional information contained in public records about the person.

Free Reverse Email SearchHow To Stop Unwanted Email

Now that you’ve learned the true identity of the party sending you email, there is something you can do to stop some of it. The Federal Trade Commission has guidelines and regulations pertaining to the sending of unsolicited email by businesses. Companies violating the regulations can be subjected to monetary penalties for each violation. The Data & Marketing Association is recommended by the FTC for consumers who wish to opt out of receiving spam emails or unsolicited emails by registering with them and setting up filters to restrict the types of marketing and other forms of spam email you receive.

Another method of stopping unwanted email is through your spam filter on the email service you now use. Instead of merely deleting spam, you should use the feature on your email account that allows you to report an email as spam. This will result in future emails from the same sender going directly to your junk mail.

Reverse Email Search - FAQs

How can I reverse search someone's email address?

Searching someone's email address is relatively simple. There are a multitude of online reverse email search services where you can enter an email address and find out who it's registered to. Once you have that information you can lookup additional public records on that person via public record websites.

Can I find out the name of an email address?

Yes, it is possible to find the name or profile of an email address if it's a publicly registered email address. Email address names and profiles are usually not available from private websites and servers

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Responses to “Reverse Email Search

    1. Nancy, can you give us the full email address and we can find out who owns that email address

    1. Sam we did find the owner of this email with our reverse email search, the owner’s name is Casey McKinney and this person lives in Texas. If you would like more information you can sign up with our premium membership for a nominal fee

    1. Lez, we ran a reverse email search on the email address you provided but unfortunately we did not find out who the owner is

  1. I am receiving unwanted text messages with links to porn sites that appear to be generated from an email address. This is a group text to 20 persons with shared area codes and prefixes. how do I find out who is sending these text without subscribing to a search service? the latest gmail used was

    1. Charlotte, unfortunately there is no information available from our reverse email search. That is most likely a spoof email address if you are receiving solicitations of a lewd nature. It’s best not to engage with these types of solicitations and block the email address, and corresponding phone number if you are receiving these by text message

      1. I have an android phone. How do I find the phone # to block. How do I block texts sent from an email address?

        1. Charlotte, type the phrase “how to block a phone number with an android phone” into the Google search engine and also include your model of phone (i.e. Samsung Galaxy 10). There will be a multitude of results and example YouTube videos you can source to help you figure this out

    1. John we’re happy to run one free reverse email search for you if you provide us with the full email address. We’ll let you know what we can find out about it and if it’s indeed legitimate

    1. C. Lynn, we ran a reverse email search on the email address you provided but unfortunately we don’t have any personal information about who own’s that email account. You might also want to try as they specialize in reverse email searches as well

    1. Jon, we ran a reverse email search for both of those email address and did not find any specific information about the name those are registered to and/or the associated address. Another resource you might want to check out is They specialize in reverse email searches and it might be worth looking into. We hope this helps

    1. We ran a reverse email search on the email you provided us and we don’t have a profile of the owner unfortunately. Please reach out if you have and future public record related questions

    1. Sarah, we ran a reverse email search for you on the email addresses you provided however, we did not find any personal information attached to these addresses. Was there a specific reason for looking up these email address such as you’re being harassed or intimidated? If this is the case there are consumer advocacy groups you can report these to. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with a public records lookup.

    1. Jeffery, we ran a reverse email search for you and did not find anything unusual about this email address. There are a few listings on FaceBook for a person named Cheryl Rose you might want to check out as well to verify this person’s identity. You can just do a simple Google search with her email address, then review the results to see if any of those people match who you’ve been talking to.

      1. I looked at all those nothing I was talking too and did google search and yahoo only went to sites u have to pay to get an awnser u have any more ideas or sites that r totally frr to lok up email address.

        1. Try researching her social media account to see if you can verify that this is a real person, or contact that person via email and have them send you their social media handle/profile.

    1. We are happy to provide you with a Free Reverse Email Search but we’ll need to you to post the email address in this blog post for us to proceed

    1. Paul, how may we assist you with a reverse email search? Are you looking for a person, an address, a background check or something else? If you can provide us with the email address in question we can perform a reverse email address search with our database. We have over 2 billion records in our public record database.

      What You Can Find With a Reverse Email Search

      1. The owners name of the email account
      2. Location of email address owner
      3. Phone numbers associated with the email address
      4. Public records of the email address owner

        1. Kim, if you can provide us with the email address you would like to lookup we are happy to perform one free reverse email search for you. An email search can reveal a multitude of information about a person including public and criminal recordscriminal recordscriminal records.

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