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Oregon Court Records Search Online

Oregon is a state with a rich history and a diverse population. With a population of over 4 million people, it is no surprise that the state has a complex legal system. If you are looking to run an Oregon court records search, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the various courts in state, and how to access their records through Oregon eCourts and public record sites.

To begin your Oregon court case records search there are some important pieces of information you will need. You can run your search with a case number, if you know it, of by name. If you do not know the case number or the county where to begin your research, that’s not a problem. You can start by using a public records website and search the entire state with a first and last name.

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Search Oregon Court Records via eCourts

Oregon court case records are considered public records and are available for anyone to access. The Oregon Judicial Department has an online portal called eCourts where you can search for records by case number, party name, or attorney name. You can also access calendars and dockets on the website. The PACER system is also popular online resource that you can use to research and retrieve documents.

Search Oregon Court Records via Public Record Sites

In addition to Oregon e Courts, there are several public record sites that provide access to Oregon state court records. You can typically search by . These sites allow you to search for court records by county, case number, or party name. These resources are very popular because you can also access a multitude of other public records such as:

Most Oregon court cases are considered publicly available and can be accessed through various online resource. This is made possible by the Oregon Public Record Laws.

The Oregon Judicial System

Oregon has a dynamic and structured judicial system. The Oregon Supreme Court at the top, followed by the Appeals, Circuit, Municipal, and Small Claims Courts. Each has its own jurisdiction and handles different types of cases. Here is a breakdown of the various judicial divisions:


The Oregon Supreme Court is the highest courthouse in the state and has seven justices. It has the final say on all legal matters in the state and hears appeals from lower courts.


The Oregon Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate courthouse in the state. It has ten judges and hears appeals from the Circuit Courts.


The Circuit Courts are the trial courthouses in Oregon and have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. There are 27 Circuit divisions in the state, with each county having at least one.


Municipal Courts are limited jurisdiction that handle violations of city ordinances and traffic violations. These are located in cities and towns throughout the state.

Small Claims

Oregon Small Claims Courts are also limited jurisdiction courthouses that handle civil cases involving claims of $10,000 or less. They are designed to provide a quick and inexpensive way to resolve disputes.


Accessing Oregon state court records can be daunting if you do not have a starting point. With the various online state resources and public record sites, this process has been simplified. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can access this information online.

Oregon Court Records

Oregon Court Record - FAQ

How can I run an Oregon court case search?

You can run an Oregon court case search by using the Oregon eCourts website, or public record sites. You can search for case records by name or case number.

What information do I need to run an Oregon court case search?

You can run a search with a case number, if you know it, or by using a first and last name if you don't have the case number or the county.

Are Oregon court cased considered public records?

Yes, they are considered public records and are available for anyone to access online

What kind of cases do Oregon small claims courts handle?

They are limited jurisdiction courts that typically handle civil cases involving claims of $10,000 or less. They provide a quick and inexpensive way to resolve disputes between people and organizations.

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