Orange County Court Records

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Orange County Court Records Search

In Orange County, California, court records are included in public records maintained by the state authorities and can be accessed by the general public. To begin your Orange County Court Records Search use the above form and enter a first and last name and a state to begin.

Are Orange County Court Records Public Information?

According to the constitution of California and the state?s Public Records Act, citizens of the state have the right to access some information and documents that are maintained the state?s government and law enforcement agencies. These records also include the information and records gathered and maintained by the state?s Department of Justice.

What Are Orange County Court Records?

Court records are probably the most diversified of all public records. They include all the court files, transcriptions, orders, exhibits and other case-related information that are gathered during court proceedings.

Since court records are considered public in Orange County, California, they can be accessed by anyone upon request.

How To Obtain Orange County Court Records

Access to the Orange County, California, court records can be obtained in 2 different ways:

1. By Making a Formal Request to the Orange County Courts

The California Rules of Court has made certain types of court records available to the public upon request since 1st January 2010. The request for obtaining records maintained by the Judicial Council of California and the appellate courts should be made by sending a completely filled Judicial Administrative Records form to the Public Access to Records project. The form can be send via:

  • S. mail
  • E-mail
  • Fax

For details regarding specific cases filed in the Superior Courts of California, you need to contact the Superior Court in which the case was originally filed. Click here to find and access the court website where your case was filed.

Superior Courts hold the following information and documents:

  • Traffic violations
  • Jury Service
  • Divorce records
  • Court records (complaints, pleadings and/ or judgments)
  • Criminal records
  • Wills
  • Name change

The Orange County Superior Court Case Index can be found here.

2. Orange County Court Records Online

Many companies, which are third party sources, maintain a database of public records to make them easily accessible by the general public. You can order the copy of court records regarding a particular case through any such website. However, do remember that these websites does not provide official copies of the records; so, if you want them for any official purpose, it is better that you order them directly from the court. For non-official purposes, the websites, such as SearchQuarry, provide quick access.

Orange County Court Records
Orange County Court Records

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Responses to “Orange County Court Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Leslie, we did respond to your request and unfortunately we don’t have information about a California last will and testament.

    Orange County Last Will and Testament

    Typically, an Orange County last will and testament can only be obtained by the immediate family, benficiaries or a court order. An Orange County last will and testament is only public record if it has not been filed for probate.

  2. leslie compton says:

    I have asked to see the will and last testament of Evylena Nunn Miller who died in Santa Ana on February 25, 1966. This is my second request. I do not need to see the death certificate, only her will to determine money left to those who survived after her death. Please help me with this.

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to find this type of Orange county court record you will want to reach out to the California Department of Health as they are the managing state agency for California death records, marriage records and other vital records. They will be able to better assist you in locating this last will and testament from your great aunt.

  4. leslie compton says:

    I need to view the will and last testament of Evylena Nunn Miller. She was born in Mayfield, Kansas, July 4,1888, died on February 25, 1966 in her home in Santa Ana, California. She was a well-known artist in California with paintings in the Smithsonian and in “Who’s Who” as an artist. She was my great aunt. I have been asked to write her biography but need the information from her will to complete this work. I live in Oregon but will be at the Bower’s Museum on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28 and May 29 as they house many of Evylena’s paintings.

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    Typically, Orange county family court records are sealed and not available to the general public. That being said, if you are immediate family you might be able to petition to the Orange county courts to obtain the court records you’re looking for. You can contact the Orange county courthouse clerk for more information about obtaining family court records.

  6. Paul says:

    How would I be able to obtain Family Court Records for City of Orange CA for Ruby Dillon or Dr Ruby Rupinoar Dhillon birth date 5-17-1966 or her fake birth date 5-17-71 She was deemed by 3 different judges to be coaching her daughter and lost custody to the Father.

  7. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello Bryan,

    Are you referring to embossing as the official dissolution papers for divorce to make it official? You will probably want to contact the Orange County Courts for more information about this. Unfortunately we don’t have a relationship with any court system. We merely offer an online resource where you can view divorce records online. I have provided you a link below to the Orange County Courts where you can find out more information about embossing a divorce decree.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  8. Bryan says:

    Do you know anyone who embosses divorce decrees?

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