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Free California Criminal Records Online

A California criminal record search can reveal a lot about a person.  A criminal record can reveal important information about a person’s past. This  might include; arrests records, active warrants, background records, police records, court reports, DUIs, traffic citations, prison & jail records to name a few. With the advent of the internet, a free California criminal records search can be obtained online. There are a multitude of online websites that can access criminal records with a simple name search. When you enter the first and last name a nationwide database crawl takes place. It’s important to have as much information available as possible as many people have the same names. A good way to insure you’ve found the correct person is to find out their age and their address. Many times the results from an online database repository are for observation uses only. This means you cannon necessarily use the free California criminal records obtained for employment or rental purposes. To perform a free online criminal records search, send us a request on the blog comment section below. We will give one free California criminal record search per person.

Official California Criminal Records

An official California criminal record search can be made via the local county recorder or court house. You will need to provide an acceptable reason for obtaining a criminal record unless it’s your own. If you are only viewing your own California criminal record then you’ll just need your ID. In some cases you can find this information online from the courthouse or state agency that issued the criminal record. Typically there is a nominal fee to get a copy of a criminal report. These are not free California criminal records. Official criminal records can typically be used for employment and rental purposes.

Public California Criminal Records

California criminal records are available to the public via the FOIA. Most all government collected public records are available to the general public. There are exceptions to this act. See the Freedom of Information Act for additional details.

Free California Criminal Records
Free California Criminal Records

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10 responses to “Free California Criminal Records

  1. Im interested in obtaining clearence letters of my arrests. Requested by the department of Childrens Social Services. My nephew has downs syndrome and was removed from his home and detained from both parents. in case the parents dont do what is required of them. such as Parenting classes. Drug rehabilitation. Therapy. and required drug testing. I would like to be his quardian and remove him from Foster care. The Foster parent said after a year she would adopt him, however im trying to keep him with his family and have until January 2018 to achieve this. I love him as my own and need to do this as soon as possible. Any help or information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Most of my arrests were in Pasadena, Glendale California and one in Nevada. All are 10 years old or older. Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

      1. Hello Kelly,

        You will want to contact the California Court where your arraignment took place and contact the relevant California county courthouse clerk. Unfortunately we do not have a relationship with the courts. Our services include access to online criminal, arrest, court, public, civil and driving records online. I have included a link to our Free California Courthouse Finder where you can locate the court where you can find the answers to your questions.

        Best Regards,

        The Search Quarry Team

    1. Please see the above response. Unfortunately we won’t be able to assist you with these requests. Please reach out to the relevant courthouse clerk to find out more information.

    1. We are here to help you with a California Criminal Records Search. Please provide the full name and age of the person you’re looking for and we’ll help you locate their criminal record

  2. Im trying to get a criminal record for my boyfriend hes been abusive and it would assist me in obtaining a restraining order.

    1. Elvia, we are happy to perform one free California criminal record search for you and let you know what criminal charges are listed on your boyfriends record. That being said, if you need a document to use in a court of law you will want to get a certified copy of his criminal record that can be used in a legal context which would be needed for a California restraining order. You can obtain this from a courthouse or use an online certified background check service.

      California Restraining Order Search

      A California restraining order search will allow you to find out who has a restraining order against them and who they are not allowed to interact with. California restraining orders typically are protective orders that are issued in the state of California because of abuse or harassment

    1. Jessica, we ran a free California criminal record check for you and found multiple results for people with your first and last name, but different middle name. Can you verify your middle name as well as your age so we can filter our background check results?

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