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Free California Criminal Records

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Free California Criminal Records Online

A California criminal record search can reveal a lot about a person.  A criminal record can reveal important information about a person’s past. This  might include; arrests records, active warrants, background records, police records, court reports, DUIs, traffic citations, prison & jail records to name a few. With the advent of the internet, a free California criminal records search can be obtained online. There are a multitude of online websites that can access criminal records with a simple name search. When you enter the first and last name a nationwide database crawl takes place. It’s important to have as much information available as possible as many people have the same names. A good way to insure you’ve found the correct person is to find out their age and their address. Many times the results from an online database repository are for observation uses only. This means you cannon necessarily use the free California criminal records obtained for employment or rental purposes. To perform a free online criminal records search, follow the link below.

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Official California Criminal Records

An official California criminal record search can be made via the local county recorder or court house. You will need to provide an acceptable reason for obtaining a criminal record unless it’s your own. If you are only viewing your own California criminal record then you’ll just need your ID. In some cases you can find this information online from the courthouse or state agency that issued the criminal record. Typically there is a nominal fee to get a copy of a criminal report. These are not free California criminal records. Official criminal records can typically be used for employment and rental purposes.

Public California Criminal Records

California criminal records are available to the public via the FOIA. Most all government collected public records are available to the general public. There are exceptions to this act. See the Freedom of Information Act for additional details.

Free California Criminal Records

Free California Criminal Records

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