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The State of Michigan takes criminal background checks seriously. If you?re looking for traffic citations, felony convictions, fraud convictions, or even accusations, you?ll find it here. You can look for business reasons, for personal reasons, or for any reasons if you have written consent from the part you wish to check on. Many people perform a background check for Michigan criminal records and history for various reasons well within the law. Businesses aren?t required to hire people who have specific criminal background flags. For example, a teacher with a criminal past including sexual abuse cannot be hired by law to work with kids in any capacity, including as a babysitter if a family wants to check on this information.

There is no limit to the amount of checking you can do to find someone?s criminal record in Michigan, but there are several different methods. There is the easy and simple way, and there is the more complex but more accurate and in-depth manner of checking for criminal records.

Checking Michigan Criminal Records Yourself

If you want to perform a quick Michigan criminal records check on your own, you may do so by evaluating the local Michigan county courthouse website where you suspect a person might have a criminal conviction. All county clerk websites provide a link to allow users to check for public records, and all criminal records are public. You can check on these in any county, and you can check as many counties as you want to check with only the name of the person in question.

You may also ask for criminal records at your local Michigan police department. If someone was arrested there, their history is on file and available to anyone who asks for it. The details of the arrest and the reasons behind it will not be disclosed, but the type of arrest or charge made will be available to you as a public figure.

In-Depth Michigan Criminal Records

If you want a serious Michigan criminal background check performed on a person that encompasses their entire life including their lives in other states, you?ll find it by visiting the Michigan State Police website. With an authorization form from the person you are checking into, you have many options.

– Name based background checks
– Fingerprint background checks
– Approved fingerprint background checks

These are all different, and they are all available to anyone who has a written authorization to check on someone. These each cost a few dollars to perform, and the information could take anywhere from a day to a week to obtain. The records encompass any criminal arrest, conviction, or accusation from anywhere in the world. There is nothing you won?t find here provided it?s not a sealed record such as a juvenile conviction that becomes sealed the moment a child is of age. This information is particularly helpful if you need to verify someone?s trustworthiness for a job or other activity that might involve precarious interests. Criminal records are always public record, and they are always available to anyone who needs them.

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