Michigan Court Records

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Michigan Court Records Search

In 1796 the Michigan area was still Wayne County and a part of the Northwest Territory. At the time all legal matters including record holding and documentation were the responsibility of the county clerk. It was in 1805 that the Michigan Territory came to be. Since then the Supreme Court has kept probate files. All other courts in Michigan have stored and archived court records as well. These Michigan court records may include criminal records, marriage and divorce records, civil records, traffic violations and much more. Most all Michigan court records are public record.

The Circuit Courts of Michigan have jurisdiction for equity matters, civil cases, chancery, and felony cases. District courts handle civil matters, ordinance violations, and misdemeanors.

Michigan Court Records Online

The state of Michigan offers case information online. All the details that you find here are maintained by the Probate Court and the Judicial Circuit Court. Only the details which are considered public information are present here. The information is updated on a timely basis; even though the official site describes it as made as accurate as possible and that there are no warranties on accuracy.

There is more than one way to search for the case records that you are looking for through this online system.

You can search by the case number. The case number format that the system demands are 14 digits with two hyphens. You must type the case number with a four digit number which is the year of the case.

Limits of a Michigan Court Records Search

In order to search for the Michigan court case records you need the company name that was involved with the case, or the name/s of either of the parties. You will also need the case number. You can only make a maximum of 500 search queries. 5 years is the maximum date range for any search query. The maximum number of case types for a search query are 30.

Users won?t be able to access sealed cases, and confidential case types. You won?t be provided document images for the case you are looking for, and the cases that you will be made available will not have the phone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers of all people involved.

The information of every case that you search for has a certain format type. At the top of the page you will find the summary of the case along with the name of the judge, the status of the case, and the type and case number. Under this the parties that were involved in the case will be listed. Following this will be the events like the hearings that were scheduled, followed by the docket entries, the financial information including the fees that is paid and that which is owed with receipts as proof. At the end of the document of case records will be the status history of the case.

Michigan Court Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Jean, those are much older Michigan court records that we have on record. You can try contacting the Michigan county courthouse clerk to inquire what options there are for court records that are well over a hundred years old.

  2. Jean Smollett says:

    Would I be able to obtain Probate Court records from the 1880’s or the 1890’s from either Charlevoix or Kalkaska County? Or, would those records have been destroyed?

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