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Michigan Public Court Records Search

Michigan is a state with a rich automotive history and a diverse population. With over 10 million residents, it is the tenth most populous state in the United States. As with any state, Michigan has a complex legal system that is responsible for handling a wide range of court cases. These cases are documented in Michigan public court records, which are an important resource for anyone looking to do some legal research.

To begin your Michigan court records search you will need to have some information to begin. You can search by case number, of if you do not know this you can search with a first and last name. With a Michigan court case search you can uncover a person’s criminal records, arrests, convictions, warrants and background checks.

What are Included with Michigan Court Records?

Michigan court records are official documents that contain information about legal cases that have been heard in various courthouses. These records are created and maintained by the Michigan judicial system and are available to the public for viewing. They provide a detailed account of the proceedings, including the names of the parties involved, the charges or claims made, and the outcome of the case.

Most of these records are publicly available which means that anyone can view them online without asking permission. With the help of online public record sites, anyone can lookup these records by name or case number. These are all made available via the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

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How to Run a Michigan Court Case Search

Running a Michigan court case search is a relatively simple process. The Michigan judicial system has a website, michigan.gov, where you can access Michigan public court records for free. On the website, you can search for these records by case number, party name, or attorney name. You can also search by county, as each county in Michigan has its own court system.

To run a Michigan court case search, follow these steps:

  1. Go to michigan.gov (case-search)
  2. Click on the “Search Court Cases” tab
  3. Choose the type of search you want to conduct (case number, party name, or attorney name)
  4. Enter the required information
  5. Click “Search”

Once you have completed these steps, you will be directed to a page that displays the results of your search. From there, you can click on a specific case to view more detailed information.

What Court Records are Public Record?

In Michigan, most court records are considered public record and are available for anyone to view. This includes records from both civil and criminal cases. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, juvenile records are not considered public record and are not available for viewing. Additionally, certain sensitive information, such as social security numbers and financial account numbers, may be redacted from publicly available information.

To access these publicly available records you can search statewide through either the state of Michigan or public record sites. Many people choose to do their research through public record resources as they offer confidential searching.

Types of Courts in Michigan

There are several different types of courts in Michigan, each with its own jurisdiction and purpose. These include:

District Courts

District courthouses are the most common type of court in Michigan. They handle a wide range of cases, including traffic citations, misdemeanors, and civil cases with claims of $25,000 or less. There are 105 districts in Michigan, with at least one in each county.

Circuit Courts

Circuit courthouses are the highest trial courts in Michigan. They have jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including felonies. There are 57 circuits in Michigan, with at least one in each county.

Probate Courts

Probate courts handle matters related to wills, estates, and guardianships. They also have jurisdiction over mental health cases. There are 78 probate courts in Michigan, with at least one in each county.

Municipal Courts

Municipal courthouses have a limited jurisdiction and handle cases related to city ordinances and traffic violations. They are only found in certain cities in Michigan.

Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate courthouse that reviews decisions made by lower courts. It has jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, except for those that are directly appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan Supreme Court is the highest in the state. It has the final say on all legal matters in Michigan and is responsible for interpreting the state’s laws and constitution.


Michigan public court records are an important resource for anyone looking to research legal matters or finding out about a person’s criminal history. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily run a Michigan court case search and access these records for free.

Just remember that while most of these records are considered public record, there are some exceptions to this rule. Additionally, Michigan has several different types of courts, each with its own jurisdiction and purpose. By understanding this, you can better navigate the state’s legal system and access the information you need.

Michigan Court Records

Michigan Court Records - FAQ

Are Michigan court records public records?

Yes, most Michigan court records are considered public records and can be viewed by anyone. You can access these using a public record site and search statewide with a first and last name.

Can I search for Michigan court case records by case number?

Yes, you can search for Michigan court records by case number on the Michigan.gov website or various public record sites.

Can I run a free Michigan public court records search?

Absolutely, you can find a lot of free information about most any court case in Michigan using a public record site or the Michigan.gov website. If you need physical or certified copies you will need to pay a small fee for those.

Are there any fees associated with accessing Michigan court records?

Accessing Michigan court records through the michigan.gov website is typically free of charge unless you need a physical copy of a court document or file.

What types of cases are handled by circuit courts in Michigan?

Circuit courts in Michigan have jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including felonies.

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