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Massachusetts has a rich legal history, with court records dating back to the 1600s. These records provide a wealth of information about the state’s legal system and the individuals who have been involved in court proceedings. In this article, we will explore the different types of courts in Massachusetts, how to run a Massachusetts court case lookup, and the importance of court case records as public records.

Depending on if you want to find out information about a civil, criminal, probate or probation case, there are some great online tools you can use. If you know the case number or specific court where this information is located you can start there. For many others, the starting point is not so obvious. If want to search statewide, you can use a public record site to run a Massachusetts court records search with a first and last name.

Types of Courts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a three-tiered judicial system, consisting of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, and the Trial Court. The Supreme Judicial branch is the highest in the state and is responsible for reviewing decisions made by lower courts. The Appeals Court is the intermediate appellate courthouse, which hears appeals from the Trial Court. The Trial Court is typically the starting point where most legal proceedings in Massachusetts begin.

Within the Trial Court, there are seven different types of courts, each with its own jurisdiction and purpose. These include the District, Municipal, Juvenile, Housing, Land, Probate, Family, and the Superior courts. Each court handles specific types of cases, such as criminal, civil, family, and housing matters.

Massachusetts Criminal Court Case Lookup

If you are looking for information about a specific criminal court case, you can easily run a free Massachusetts criminal court case lookup online. The first option is to use the Massachusetts Trial Court Case Lookup. This free online tool can be accessed at You to search for cases by party name, case number, or attorney name. This tool is free to use and provides access to information from all seven types of courts in the state.

The other option to run a Massachusetts criminal court case lookup is to use a public record website and enter the required information. Once you have entered your search criteria, click on the “Search” button to view the results. You can view someone’s criminal history, arrest records, warrants, police reports, convictions and sentencings. This is all publicly available information that anyone can access online.

Criminal Record Search

Importance of Court Records as Public Records

Court records are considered public records, which means they are available for anyone to access and view. These records are important for a variety of reasons, including preserving the history of the state’s legal system, providing transparency in court proceedings, and allowing individuals to access information about their own cases.

In addition, Massachusetts public court records can also be used for research purposes. Such as studying legal trends and analyzing the outcomes of different types of cases. They can also be used by journalists and other media professionals to report on court proceedings and legal issues.

Another key benefit of these case records being part of a person’s public records is anyone can access this information for any reason. If you want to find out about another person’s criminal past, or run a background check, you can do legally and confidentially through a public record site.

What Do Massachusetts Public Court Records Include?

Massachusetts court records contain a wealth of information about court proceedings. These may include the names of the parties involved, type of case, date and locations, and the case outcome. They may also include transcripts of proceedings, evidence presented, and any judgments or orders issued by the judge.

In addition, court case records may also include personal information about the parties involved, such as addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers. Sensitive personal information is usually redacted to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.


Massachusetts public court records are a valuable resource for anyone interested in past or current court proceedings. With the state’s online portal, it is easy to run a court case lookup and access information from all seven types of courthouses in the state. Another option is to use public record sites as a resource to search statewide. This is a solid choice for anyone just doing some research on someone’s court case or criminal past.

As public records, court records provide transparency and allow individuals to access information about their own cases. They also serve as a valuable tool for research and reporting on legal issues. This is all made possible by the national FOIA and the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

Massachusetts Court Records

Massachusetts Court Records - FAQ

How can I run a Massachusetts criminal court case lookup online?

You can access Massachusetts court records online through the state's online portal or public record websites.

Are Massachusetts court cases considered public records?

Yes, Massachusetts court records are considered public records and are available for anyone to access. Some case files may be sealed for protection of juveniles or those of a sensitive nature.

How can I search for a specific criminal court case in Massachusetts?

You can search for a specific criminal court case in Massachusetts by using the Massachusetts Trial Court Case Lookup or public record websites.

Can I search Massachusetts court records by case number?

Yes, you can search Massachusetts court records by case number using the online tools provided by the Massachusetts Trial Court or various public record sites.

Can I view someone's criminal history through Massachusetts court records?

Yes, Massachusetts court records may include information about someone's criminal history, including arrests, sentencings, and incarcerations.

Are Massachusetts court records part of a person's background check

Yes, they are a big part of a person's background check. These records determine a person's criminal history, arrests, warrants, probation records, traffic citations and much more.

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