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Massachusetts Criminal Records Search

Massachusetts criminal records are the history of the crimes you’ve been arrested for or convicted of in a courtroom, traffic citations and police records. Every time you’ve been in trouble, there is a record of that in a database accessible by Massachusetts law enforcement agencies as well as anyone who does a background check.

What Is In A Massachusetts Criminal Records

A criminal record can have basic information that identifies you like your legal name, date of birth and driver’s license number. It’ll include a history of where you’ve lived throughout your life as well as any distinguishing marks that will identify you like tattoos or scars.

Along with personal identifying characteristics, it’ll include arrests, warrants and convictions. If you’ve spent time incarcerated, that information will be available on your criminal record. It can include list of relatives and known associates in the event that an arrest warrant is issued for you.

Your criminal record can include arrests for traffic violations or misdemeanors like shoplifting, reckless driving, disorderly conduct or trespassing. Along with small misdemeanors, your record will include serious felony conviction too.

Who Can Legally Access Massachusetts Criminal Records

Anyone can access your criminal record. They’ll need to have information about you like your social security number or they can hire a professional to access your records in their place.
There are certain people who will have an interest in your record over others like landlords, banks for loans and employers.

Obtaining Copies of Massachusetts Criminal Records

There is no universal database for your Massachusetts criminal record. It’s kept in the city, state or federal system where you saw the convictions or arrests. Felonies might be reported to the FBI but small convictions and arrests are not.

You’ll need to contact the Massachusetts Department of Justice, State Police or local police in your city to obtain your record. You’ll need to present identification and fill out forms to request information.

Hire a Professional To Locate Massachusetts Criminal Records

If you’re performing background checks on someone for employment or renting purposes, you’ll have to ensure that you’re going through the proper channels to do your check. If you deny a person based on a background check without using the proper channels for the request, you could get into trouble.

Online Massachusetts Criminal Records

When looking into someone’s background for personal reasons, you can use a variety of services online like a simple Google search or check the local court for information. Most court information is available to the public.

For those who are checking the background of a potential roommate, you could ask for them to provide a background check on themselves. This will help you find out about them while avoiding paying fees or hiring a professional. That wouldn’t be possible with a potential date though.

When you’re doing your own background checks, make sure you’ve found the right person. Verify it’s the right person before acting on the information you’ve found.

Massachusetts Criminal Records

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Responses to “Massachusetts Criminal Records

  1. says:

    These are very old Massachusetts criminal records, much older than we have in our MA criminal record database. That being said you can reach out to the Massachusetts state archives and inquire if they have any record of this Boston homicideBoston homicideBoston homicide.

  2. says:

    I am not sure where to find this information. My husbands grandmother was arrested according to several Boston newspaper reports in Sept 1920 for the killing of her husband. It was an abusive situation and we believe charges were later dropped as self defense or she got off as she remarried the following year. She passed away in 1975. We would like to verify how it all worked out and when, This occurred in the north end of Boston.

  3. says:

    You are most welcome Lisandra. Please reach out if we can assist you with any additional Massachusetts public record searches

  4. says:

    Thank you so much for your quick response. Much appreciated! Will do. Again, Thank you! Lisandra

  5. says:

    We are happy to lookup your father’s Massachusetts criminal records if you can provide his full name and date of birth. A second option, if you’re interested in obtaining certified copies of his MA criminal records is to contact the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. They manage the state’s court based criminal records.

    How to Find Old Massachusetts Criminal Records

    1. Visit the Massachusetts Criminal Justice website
    2. Register with an account for online access
    3. Login and request a MA criminal record by name
    4. Pay the fee for a copy of the MA criminal record

  6. says:

    Hi, my name is Lisandra. I’m not sure if the city or state of MA would be able to provide a copy of my father’s criminal records because he’s now deceased as of maybe 10 years ago or so. Would you know if they keep records for that long? I have his name, D.O.B, SSN, last know address and at least one reason why he got arrested but I’ve been told he had been several times and am very curious to find out on what charges. Just for my own personal record and knowledge. Could someone please email me back when time is available? I very much appreciate your time in reading this. Means a lot. Thank You! Lisandra

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