Maricopa County Warrant Search

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Maricopa County Warrant Search

From the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office official website you can find whether there is an outstanding warrant for a person. When you land on this page you will find that all you need to do is input some personal details about the person, like their full name and the search engine will do the rest for you. To begin your Maricopa county warrant search use the above form and enter a first and last name to begin.

Search warrants are issued by judges when the law enforcement requests it, showing probable cause of criminal activity in the property. This warrant permits the police to enter a person’s property and conduct a search for evidence of an ongoing crime investigation. These warrants are issued during the investigative stages so a case filing is never required.

With an outstanding warrant a criminal case will be filed against you. Bench warrants and arrest warrants are issued by the judge in Maricopa County when the prosecutor files criminal charges. You can check with the Superior Court of Maricopa to find if there is a case pending against you.

The County Sheriff’s department can be helpful in finding information regarding a warrant. The information that you find here may not be as accurate as that you find in court because sometimes the data base is not immediately updated.

A very common misconception is that in time, a warrant is removed from the databases of a law enforcement agency. That is wrong; the warrant remains until it is recalled. Being arrested by the police for an outstanding warrant, or having to go through penalties for failure to appear is the last thing anyone would want. Therefore the best thing to do in this scenario would be to check through online resources whether there is really a warrant; it only takes a few minutes and is super helpful.

Maricopa County Warrant Search
Maricopa County Warrant Search

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65 responses to “Maricopa County Warrant Search

    1. We do show a few listings for warrants in Maricopa County for a Kevin Williams. Can you give us your middle name and age so we can narrow down the warrant record results for you?

        1. That sounds like good news about your Maricopa County Warrants. Is there anything we can assist you with regarding your warrants or any other public or criminal records search?

    1. We do not show any warrants in Maricopa County. We also checked for the entire state of Arizona for warrants for Jeff with no results. You can also use the Maricopa County Sheriff Department website. They have a system called Techno Cops you can use to lookup warrants for you or people you know.

      How to Lookup Warrants in Maricopa County

      1. Visit the Maricopa County Sheriff website
      2. Select the Techno Cops search
      3. Enter the name and city and agency if known
      4. View active Maricopa County Warrants results

        1. There we’re no hits in the county or state warrant search for the person in question. You might also want to search the Maricopa County Sheriff Department’s website. They have a too you can use, called Techno Cops, that you can access to find relevant Arizona criminal and warrant information for Maricopa County.

    1. Good news, we do not show any Arizona arrest warrants in our records for Preston Gilmer. You might also want to check with your local Arizona sheriff office.

    1. Good news Patricia, we don’t show any active Maricopa warrants or Arizona warrants for you in our database. You might also want to verify this with the Maricopa sheriff department of Maricopa county court clerk as sometimes there is a lag in reporting active warrants.

      3 Ways to Find if You Have a Warrant in Arizona

      1. Contact the county sheriff department and perform a warrant search
      2. Contact the county court clerk and request a warrant lookup
      3. Use 3rd party databases to inquire about active Arizona warrants

    1. We do show there is an active Arizona warrant for Antwan Mack for the following charges.

    1. We do show there are multiple criminal records for a William Robert Baker however we don’t show any outstanding Maricopa County Warrants. The criminal charges we show are listed below.

        1. We do show multiple listings for Arizona warrants for a William Baker with different middle names, but not a William Ronald Baker.

    1. We don’t show any for Miranda Hillborn but we did get a hit for an outstanding Arizona warrant for a David Charles McCaffrey for the charges listed below.


    1. We do not show any outstanding Maricopa county warrants or Arizona warrants in our warrant database. You can also check with the sheriff department or the county court clerk to verify this warrant search.

    1. We did not show any results with our Maricopa county warrant search. You can also check with the Maricopa county court clerk to find current warrant information.

    1. There are no outstanding Maricopa County warrants in our Arizona warrant record database. If this is a recent warrant then you should also confirm these results with the Maricopa county court clerk or sheriff’s office as there is a delay in reporting occasionoally.

  1. Ive used maricopa and yavapai online resources bothhave come nack negative

    I think i might have left a ticket unpaid.

    Could you please look for a zachary j sorrell

    1. We show no results for active Arizona warrants for the name you provided. It’s also best practice to verify this with your local Arizona county court as this warrant information is not always real-time.

    1. We don’t show there are any outstanding Maricopa warrants for you. There were also no warrant hits for Arizona statewide.

    1. Good news Chris, we don’t show any active warrants for you in Maricopa County or any outstanding Arizona warrants

    1. Good news Cara, we don’t show any outstanding Maricopa county warrants for you or any warrants listed in the state of Arizona for you.

      1. Is there a way you could email me and let me know if you researched the correct name
        thatt charge seems else. Please respond via email

        1. In order to verify a Maricopa County warrant search you can contact our customer support team. We’ve listed our customer support phone number below for your convenience.

          Search Quarry Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-859-7375
          Regular Phone Hours: 8am -12am EST (M-F)

    1. No active Maricopa warrants or Arizona warrants listed for Jesse Gambill in our public records database. We crawled over 2 billion records and came up with nothing. That being said, if this is a recent warrant you might also consider contacting the Maricopa County Courthouse clerk to verify this information.

        1. Shannon, we don’t show any active warrants for you in Maricopa county or in the entire state of Arizona

    1. Our Maricopa county warrant search revealed that there is an active warrant for Angela Alegria in Arizona for the charges of DRIVING WITH A SUSPENDED OR REVOKED ARIZONA DRIVER’S LICENSE

    1. We ran Maricopa county warrant check in our Arizona warrant records database and did not find anything active. We also ran the warrant search for all of Arizona and nothing came up. If this was a recently issued Maricopa county warrant you might also consider contacting the Maricopa county sheriff department or county courthouse clerk.

    1. The Maricopa county warrant search we ran came up with a hit for an active Arizona warrant for a Ronald Wayne Woods for Marijuana Use and/or Marijuana Possession

  2. Is there any outstanding warrants for Keandra T.L Sweetney in either Glendale or Phoenix area for a speeding ticket back in 2015 or 2016

    1. Kenadra, we didn’t find anything active for your in Maricopa County or the entire state of Arizona. Is there a specific reason you’re looking for an active Maricopa County warrant so that we can better assist you?

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