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Idaho Court Records Search

The Idaho court records can be accessed in person or online through the Idaho iCourt System. The court administrative rule of Idaho allows both the status of cases that are closed and pending to be made available to the public.

There are a few exceptions to the extent of court information that is offered to the residents of Idaho. The following information is kept classified.

  • Social security numbers
  • Street address
  • Contact numbers
  • Identification numbers, including your license number

Idaho Court Records Online

Electronic Idaho Court Records can be viewed online from the year 1995 and forward. There is some information from older cases made available to the public as well.

It is the Idaho Supreme Court that can authorize access to confidential files through data repository. This type of access is referred to as extended access. The way to apply for this is to fill out the Extended Access to Court Records request. If you are searching for Idaho court records through an agency, it is the agency that must fill out a form called User Agreement.

It is important that to make your search for court records easier you first understand the structure of how the court system is structured in the state of Idaho. The trial court of Idaho has Magistrate Courts and District Courts. The District Courts are considered the main trials courts, within every District Court there is a division for Magistrate which handles a particular kind of cases which include Small Claims.

You can find Idaho court records by first singling out the court and the case it handles.

District Idaho Court Records

The District Court of Idaho caters to all of the general civil cases, some of the general civil limited cases, some civil equity cases, all of the complex commercial cases, some foreclosure cases, some of the estate ownership cases, some restraining orders and protection cases, and some administrative agency appeal cases.

From the Idaho Criminal Cases, it hears cases including Felonies, preliminary hearings for felony, misdemeanors, and some juvenile cases.

From domestic cases, it hears some of the domestic violence, paternity, child support, visitation and child custody, and divorce cases.

From the Juvenile cases, it hears Idaho court cases regarding children in need of supervision, parental right termination, child abuse, and adoptions.

Other cases that the district court hears include mental health, involuntary commitments, estates, will, trusts, and conservatorships.

Magistrate Idaho Court Records

The magistrate divisions hear court cases regarding general civil, civil equity, small claims, some of the foreclosure cases, landlord and tenant, ordinance violations, restraining orders, no contact, and appeals of administrative agency.

The criminal cases include preliminary felony hearing, infractions and traffic, juvenile, ordinance violations, and misdemeanors. The domestic cases include almost all of domestic violence, child support, paternity, child custody, and divorce.

Other cases include guardianship, trusts, name changes, wills, mental health, involuntary commitments, parental rights termination, child abuse, adoptions, and children who don?t have and need supervision.

Idaho Court Records

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