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Judgment Records

Judgment Records Definition

Judgments made by the court are handed down by juries and judges alike, and the records of those judgments are kept in the offices of the judges who produce them. You may receive a judgment for a debt that is owed you, or you may receive a judgment from a company that caused you harm in the past. Each judgment is more than a guilty or not guilty verdict. The judgment clearly outlines the disposition of the case, and the judgment may be used to collect debts out of court.

Judgement Records Process

The judgment is handed down by a judge in a trial that involves no jury, and a jury may be asked to choose how significant the damages will be once a verdict has been reached. The judge ultimately produces the judgment, and you must have a copy of the judgment to learn how the judgment is to be carried out. Most courts will manage the funds that come in after a judgment, or the law firm on the winning side of the case will handling funding from the case.

How To Obtain Judgment Records

Judgment records can be used for any number of purposes, and you must acquire these records from the court clerk after the case is closed. The judgement records will show when payments were made, how large the payments were and how many payments are left to go. You can learn a good bit about company or individual after reading a judgment that has been made against them.

Every judgment that is produced by a civil court is recorded for public viewing. The judgment records shows the disposition of the case, how much the award was and how the payments are to be made. Reviewing a judgment will tell you everything you need to know once a civil suit has closed. Start your search by filling out the name search form above and try and include as much data as you have. Once you locate the judgment record you’re looking for it’s important to verify as much information as possible to insure you’re obtaining the correct record for the correct person.

Paying and Expunging Judgment Records

A judgment may require full payment at the time of the judgment, or the judgment may allow for a payment plan that the defendant can make with the court. The judge who produces the judgment will choose how payment must be made, and you must abide by the rules of the court. Judgment records will show how the payments are to be made, in what amount and to whom. A judge may hold someone in contempt of court if the payments are not made properly, and the judge may choose to change the judgment after the fact based on the behavior of the defendant.

Judgment Records Additional Information

Judgment Records

Judgment Records

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