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Arrest Records

Arrest Records Definition

An arrest record, also know as a police arrest record, is a record of the apprehension of a person with or without a conviction. Most arrests take place when a police officer places a person in custody and they are no longer a free citizen. If the police detain someone they must read them the Miranda Rights which informs someone of their rights. After being arrested, the majority of the time a person is escorted to a police station or jail holding facility until legal action or questioning takes place. Even though a person is not free to walk the streets doesn’t mean they are a convicted of a crime. The arrest record will be recorded as a police arrest record however a conviction is needed before someone can be sentenced.

Police Arrest Records

Police arrest records can list a multitude of arrest circumstances such as; DUI / DWI, domestic disputes, trespassing, drug related, business related, assault and battery, outstanding warrant, theft, and most anything that someone might be suspected of doing that is against the law. Arrest records can be expunged if the arrest was not warranted with due cause. Arrest records are public information and anyone can access this information through online database repositories.  Many times the arrest records have codes that you have to look up separately. Click on the link below to find out what the codes on arrest records mean.

Police Arrest Record Codes

Arrest Records Search

To begin an arrest records search just enter a name and select a state in the above form. If you need an official arrest record copy then you should visit the relevant police office where the arrest was made. Start with the search form above to narrow down your arrest records search and make sure to cross-reference as many fields of data as possible to insure you’re finding the correct record for the right person. This way if you have to go to a police station to get an official police arrest record you’ll have all the correct information. Click the link below for a nationwide directory or police and law enforcement agencies.

Nationwide Police and Law Enforcement Locations

Arresting Agencies of the United States

  • County Police – Most arrests such as DUI / DWI , drug offenses, domestic disputes, theft and robbery happen at the county level. The level of authority of the county police varies depending on the state and county in which the crime was committed. If the crime was serious enough then state or federal policing agencies might be involved.
  • State Police – The state police agencies handle special investigations that operate under the authority of the Attorney General of that state.
  • Federal Police – The federal police include all officers that operate under the Department of Justice ( DOJ ). This includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI) , Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ( ATF ), Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ), US Marshals Office, Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) and the Federal Bureau of Prisons ( BOP ). They handle matters of a federal nature and under supersede the state and county police agencies.


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