Georgia Court Records

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Georgia Court Records Search

In order to search for the Georgia court records that you are looking for, it helps if you know the workings and the structure of the state court system of Georgia. The system is made up of Recorder?s Courts, Municipal Courts, Civil Courts, Magistrate Courts, Probate Courts, Juvenile Courts, State Courts, and Superior Courts.

Georgia Superior Court Records

Know that it is the Georgia Superior Court that holds jurisdiction over all kinds of cases. However they typically only take care of cases that go beyond jurisdiction of all other types of courts.

Only felonies and some offense cases get to make it to the criminal case of a Superior Court. The only civil cases that are heard by the Superior Court are the ones about domestic relation, real property, title, and equity.

There is a Family Court within every superior court. In present day they hold cases from the Family Court Division.

Georgia State Court Records

The Georgia state courts do not have limitless jurisdiction over Georgia. They can only hear and therefore hold records for some criminal and civil cases. The criminal cases handled by the State Courts are usually traffic offenses and cases of misdemeanor.

Georgia Civil Court Records

The civil courts of Georgia oversee only the cases that are about less than $45000 in dispute. These Georgia civil courts can offer eligible cases and jury trials. The clerks and judges of Civil Court are also the clerks and judges of the Magistrate Court.

Georgia Magistrate Courts

The magistrate courts of Georgia cover limited jurisdiction over some types of criminal and civil cases. These courts never offer jury trials or make a proper request for any sort of jury trial. The cases are usually always transferred to the State Court or the Superior Court.

Georgia Probate Court Records

It is the probate courts which hold jurisdiction of cases that involve involuntary mental health commitments, conservatorship of incompetent persons, administration of estates, and probate of wills.

Georgia Juvenile Court Records

These courts hold the original and exclusive jurisdiction when it comes to cases regarding children who are alleged to be delinquent, deprived, unruly, or require treatment because of mental retardation. These courts are able to handle traffic offense cases that involve judicial consent for minors.

Georgia Court Records Online

The earliest colonial court records are in the possession of the council and governor of the state of Georgia, and Common Council located in England. In time these court records were also kept by the Court of Quarter Sessions and the Court of Pleas. However they don?t exist anymore.

Many of the court houses in the state of Georgia have undergone major record destroying sprees, a result of wars, fires, and tornadoes.

The Family History Library keeps with it many court records. It has an index of plaintiffs and defendants, miscellaneous records, SCC approved claims, petitions, and jury men.

Georgia Court Records

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