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Texas Arrest Records Search

The unfortunate fact for most people is that if you have Texas arrest records are going to become a near permanent part of your criminal history. If you get arrested, it can truly follow you throughout life unless you’re aware of how to have arrest records removed from the books. Most people simply accept that their arrest records are a part of life.

Texas Arrest Records Include

Texas arrest records contain certain key material about the arrest and about your personal details. They are documents that outline one particular arrest and then add your additional arrest records as well so that law enforcement has a blueprint of your Texas criminal history and a better way to track your activities in the event you’re arrested again.

A Texas arrest record is your criminal history, all in one simple document. It gives key details about your personal information, such as height, weight, and eye color, in addition to the current charges against you. It details past arrests and the outcome of those arrests, be it conviction or the case being dropped. In short, it shows everything law enforcement needs to know about your criminal history to determine how to proceed in the current case against you.

The usefulness of arrest records don’t end with a criminal charge, though. Long after you’ve ceased to be charged with anything, arrest records can come back to haunt you. Landlords often request them before deciding to rent to you. Potential employers look at your Texas arrest records to decide whether or not to hire you for a specific job. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to have a clear arrest record if you weren’t actually convicted of anything. In some cases, even if you were convicted of something, you can have the record cleared if a certain amount of time has passed.

View Texas Arrest Records Online

It’s important to have copies of your Texas arrest records. You can request them online or offline at the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can search by name and view your record online or request print copies to be picked up at the actual Department of Public Safety. Which way works best for you often depends on your needs. If it’s a search out of curiosity, an online search will do just fine.

Every arrest record is going to become a part of a person’s overall criminal history. Each one is a vital piece to the puzzle. If you’re able to have even a single arrest record removed, it often increases your chances of getting a better apartment or a better job. Employers tend to take arrest records very seriously and if you’ve got a felony on your record, it’s vital to have it removed from public record if at all possible. These types of charges can follow you for years. Keep up with your Texas arrest records and your life will get a lot easier.

Texas Arrest Records

Can I Lookup a Texas Arrest Record?

Yes, Texas arrest records are public record which means anyone can access and view them. An arrest record in Texas is not necessarily a criminal record until that person is convicted in a court of law. Texas arrest records can be found online or from the Texas Department of Public Safety office.

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Barbara, we can run a Texas arrest record search with our Texas public record search engine but first we’ll need a few pieces of information to proceed. We will need the full name of he person in question as well as their age or date of birth

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    May I please get arrest records on Rhonda saunders,age 48 and living in sweetwater, tx

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    I paid an attorney to have my arrest records expunged. I was charged,not convicted. One of my charges that was dropped ,a felony,is still showing up. I put on a call to my attorney. Why is my mugshot still showing? Can / how can that be removed? Thank you for any information you are able to give me,Sincerely Shanna Hipp

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