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West Virginia Court Records Search

West Virginia is a state with a rich history and a strong sense of community. As such, it is important for its citizens to have access to information that affects their daily lives. One such source of information is court records.

These records provide a detailed account of legal proceedings and can be a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain copies of West Virginia court records, and the accessibility of these public records.

How to Get Copies of WV Court Records

Obtaining copies of West Virginia court records is a relatively simple process. The first step is to determine which county the court case took place in. Each county in West Virginia has its own judicial system, and records are maintained at the county level. Once you have determined the county, you can visit the county clerk’s office in person or request records by mail.

Some counties also offer online access to records for free. It is important to note that there may be a fee for obtaining physical copies of court records, and the cost may vary depending on the county. For example, if you want to get copies of Cabell County WV court records, you can visit the WV Judiciary website or contact the Cabell county clerk for assistance.

Another option to running a WV court case search is to use a public records site. These resources allow you to view WV case files as well as a multitude of other information. With these online public resources you can run a background check on someone as well. These reports will typically include, case records, civil and criminal records, arrests, convictions, jail and prison incarcerations, warrants, bankruptcies, judgments and liens. These is all publicly available information that anyone can access in the state.

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Types of Courts in West Virginia and Their Functions

West Virginia has four main types of courts: Circuit, Family, Magistrate courts, and Municipal. Each division has its own jurisdiction and handles different types of cases.

Circuit Division

The Circuit courthouses are the highest trial courts in West Virginia and have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. They handle cases such as felony criminal offenses, civil lawsuits, and domestic relations matters.

Family Division

Family courthouses have jurisdiction over cases involving divorce, child custody, and child support. They also handle cases related to domestic violence and abuse.

Magistrate Division

Magistrate courthouses have limited jurisdiction and handle cases such as traffic violations, misdemeanors, and small claims cases.

Municipal Division

Municipal courthouses have jurisdiction over cases involving violations of city ordinances and traffic offenses within city limits. For example, if you want to access records from the Charleston courthouse, you would visit the Charleston Municipal website directly.

WV Court Records as Public Records

West Virginia court case records are considered public records. This means they are available to the general public including individuals, businesses, and organizations. These records can be accessed through the county clerk’s office or through online third-party databases. However, certain sensitive information, such as juvenile records, and sealed records, are not publicly available.

Since these records are considered public domain, anyone with can legally access this information online. With the rise of third-party public record sites, you can quickly lookup WV court case records with a first and last name. These third-party databases make it easy to do research on anyone with a simple online search.


These publicly available records are a valuable resource for individuals and businesses. They provide a detailed account of legal proceedings and can be obtained through the county clerk’s office or online databases. With the understanding of the main types of courts in the state and their functions, individuals can easily navigate the process of obtaining records online. And as public records, they are accessible to anyone, promoting transparency and accountability in the legal system.

West Virginia Court Records

West Virginia Court Record FAQs

Are West Virginia court cases public record?

Yes, most West Virginia court cases are public record that anyone can view. The exception is ongoing court cases, juvenile court cases and military court records

How can I run a WV court case search?

You can run a WV court case search in a couple of different ways. First, you can access case records directly through the county and state courts. Secondly, since these are considered public record, you can also access these through public records sites.

How can I get copies of court records in West Virginia?

To get copies of West Virginia court case records, you can visit the county clerk's office in person, request records from the courthouse websites, or access them through third-party online databases.

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  1. says:

    I am trying to reconnected with a friend from 2015 his name is Richie Harris he is 56 years old and lived in Ravenswood, West Virginia at the time.

  2. says:

    Hello. I was looking for records for a case that happened back in 2017/2018 in monroe county west Virginia Amanda Ann church hughes vs the state of west Virginia thanks!

  3. says:

    Miranda, we do show an assault charge from 1992 but nothing recent in our West Virginia criminal record database

  4. says:

    Hi I was looking for criminal records or court cases for Larry k Shepard in Marshall County WV.

  5. says:

    Brenda, we are happy to assist you with looking up a West Virginia court case record but we’ll need to know the full names, including their middle names, and age. The names you provided are very common in this state so we’ll need a bit more information to accurately run a court case search.

  6. says:

    I was looking up court case for Michelle Smith and Amy Smith. I wás having trouble locating any information.

  7. says:

    Don, we are happy to assist you with your West Virginia court records inquiry. Below are the arrest records and warrant information we’ve found. Sine this is a recent criminal court case that might be ongoing, not all records will necessarily be public record yet. That being said, we ran all 3 names through our criminal record database and did not find any active warrants for any of them

  8. says:

    Looking for arrest warrants or other information regarding a case in Jefferson County, WV. Victim was found 3/18/2020 and arrests have been made of David Ray Sanford, Monroe Merrell, and John Black.

  9. says:

    Sheila, thank you for the feedback about looking up court records and public records in West Virginia

  10. says:

    “There is a public records search option on the website of any county courthouse in this state. You’ll enter the name of the person in question. All their criminal, court, and personal records will show up for you to view.” While there is a search function, it is not as specific as this statement makes it appear. It is actually nothing more than a keyword search which could give you thousands of results that have nothing to do with the person you are searching for and absolutely nothing that is relevant. For example, if you are searching for the record of someone named John Smith, your results will include every record that contains the word John as well as every record that contains the word Smith. And, even though you are instructed to quotes (i.e., “John Smith”) for exact results, adding quotes does not change the results.

  11. says:

    Jeff, we ran a West Virginia court record search and did not find anything recent or any arrest records. If this is an ongoing WV court case then it will not be public record until there is a sentencing. You might consider contacting the relevant WV courthouse to inquire about any court case information.

  12. says:

    HI I am looking for arrest record on Paul W. Coleman, of N. matewan Wva, {Mingo Co}should be from sometime in the last 30 days he was arrested in Williamson Wva., and how to I find the court dockets of when they go to court? a few years ago I had to lookup a person that was arrested that was hiding out in a apartment complex I was working at, and it was a free and easy process website lookup, How do I get back to that free arrest record website for Mingo Co. west virginia?

  13. says:

    We ran a West Virginia court record search as well as an arrest record search and did not find anything active for James Pina in W.Virginia however, we do show a Florida arrest record for a James E. Pina jr.

  14. says:

    I need to find any records of arrest or charges for James Emmanuel Pina,alias Jamel Pina, James E Pina Jimmy Pina dating back to 2010. Age is 33 years old.

  15. says:

    We do not show any West Virginia arrest records for a Ralph Brown. We do show a few criminal records however. If you can verify your middle name and age, we can let you know what criminal records you have in West Virginia

    How Do I Lookup Court Records in West Virginia?

    1. Visit the West Virginia Judiciary website
    2. Click on the Public Resources tab
    3. Select the county court from the interactive map
    4. Request court records information from the relevant court clerk
    5. Provide proof of ID and pay the applicable fees
    6. Processing time varies from each county court

  16. says:

    I need to find a April 25, 1975 arrest information (specifically) for Ralph Brown, Huntington WV

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