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How to Run a Vermont Arrest Records Search

Are you curious about the criminal history of someone in Vermont? Do you want to verify a person’s past. Whether it’s a co-worker, neighbor, or friend, an online search of their Vermont arrest record will tell you a lot about their character. These are publicly available for anyone to research online. All you need to begin your search is a name, or a county. There are a multitude of online resources where anyone can research another person’s criminal past online.

3 Ways to Access Vermont Arrest Records Online

Since arrests in Vermont are considered public record, you can find these records online with various resources. If you know the county or city to conduct you research, you can first check with local law enforcement agencies. If you would like to search statewide, then a public record website is a good option.

Sheriff and Police Departments

A good starting point for a Vermont arrest records search is with the local sheriff and police departments. These agencies are responsible for making arrests and keeping records of those records for public access. You can also search  state police arrests online through VT State Police website.

To find recent VT arrests, you can visit the websites of the sheriff and police departments where the person in question was apprehended and jailed. Most departments have a section on their website dedicated to these searchable public records. For example, to find VT Rutland arrests, you can visit the Rutland Police Department and make a data request through their website. And, if you want to find Chittenden County arrests, you would check with the Chittenden County Sheriff Department.

It is important to know that some of the smaller counties and cities in the state might not have direct online access to records. If this is the case, then you can contact them in person, or over the phone to make your inquiry.

Public Record Sites

Another option for searching for Vermont arrest records is through public record sites. These sites compile information from various data sources, which usually means that you will find more information with these resources. Many of these types of third-party sites will charge a fee but you will also have access to much more information. These are good resources for running background checks, criminal history reports, VT warrant checks, court records, convictions, and civil records.

Free Criminal Records Search

How to Lookup Mugshots in Vermont

Vermont Mugshots are another useful record type to find out about a person’s criminal past. They can be a useful tool for identifying someone and verifying their criminal history.

To lookup VT mugshots, you can follow the same steps as searching for recent arrests. Visit the websites of the local sheriff and police departments or use a public record site to search for these records.

It’s important to note that not all arrests will have a mugshot available. This may be because a person has been released before a mugshot was taken. Another reason may be that a person was not convicted of their criminal charges, and had the records sealed.

Top 10 Criminal Arrest Charges in Vermont

Vermont having a relatively small population, and low crime rate, still has problems with crime. The following are the top criminal charges based on data from the Vermont Crime Information Center. These include both felony and misdemeanor charges.

  1. Drug Possession – Possession and use of illegal drugs is at the top of the list, as is in most every other state.
  2. DUI – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in Vermont. This can result in fines, license suspension, and even jail time.
  3. Assault – Assault charges can range from simple assault, which is a misdemeanor, to aggravated assault, which is a felony.
  4. Theft – Theft charges include stealing, shoplifting, and embezzlement. The severity of these charges depends on the value of what is stolen.
  5. Burglary – Burglary and breaking into a building with the intent to commit a crime, such as theft.
  6. Domestic Violence – Domestic violence charges typically include physical abuse within a household.
  7. Fraud – Fraud charges can include identity theft, credit card fraud, and various insurance fraud.
  8. Vandalism – Vandalism and tagging, is the act of intentionally defacing, damaging or destroying property.
  9. Disorderly Conduct – Disorderly conduct charges can include a wide range of situations. These usually include public intoxication, disturbing the peace, and other bad behaviors.
  10. Probation Violation – If anyone on probation violates their their probation orders, they will be usually be taken back to jail or prison.

Looking up these Vermont public records is a relatively easy process if you know where to search. You can start by searching the websites of local sheriff and police departments or using public record sites. Having access to these records can give you a lot of insights to the character of a person. Staying vigilant and knowing who you associate with can help steer you away from trouble.

Vermont Arrest Records

Vermont Arrests and Mugshots - FAQ

How can I request a copy of my own Vermont arrest record?

You can obtain a copy of your own arrest record by contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency. You can also find this information listed on public record sites as they are considered public information.

How far back do Vermont arrest records go?

They can go back a very long time, depending on the how long they are archived by law enforcement agencies. Some much older records, before online databases existed may not be searchable online. You can try researching a public records site to find out how long these records go back. These resources are typically more in-depth than most law enforcement agencies, and archive records for a much longer time.

Can I view Vermont mugshots online?

Yes, since VT mugshots are considered public information, anyone can view them online. You can find VT mugshots posted on most city and county law enforcement websites, the state police website, and third party public record sites.

Are Vermont arrest records public information?

Yes, these records and most all criminal records are considered public information that anyone can view online.

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