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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Important Texas Traffic Tickets Information

Texas traffic tickets can be a huge a hassle, and an inconvenience to say the least. Nobody likes paying fines and, if you get enough citations, you could face much worse penalties than simply a lighter wallet. Citations are handed out by police and other enforcement agencies for violations of both state and municipal Texas traffic laws. While some tickets, such as for parking violations, may be relatively minor, others can be quite severe, such as for DUI and reckless driving.

Texas Traffic TicketsFighting Texas Traffic Tickets

Many people who receive a ticket in Texas look at it as little more than an inconvenience and often choose to simply pay the fine. But, as the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas points out, simply paying the fine means that you are pleading guilty to the offense. In some cases, especially for repeat violations, pleading guilty can result in having to pay an additional surcharge to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Remember that you have a right to plead not guilty and to request a court date. However, if you do request a court date then you must show up for it. Failing to appear could lead to further fines and even arrest.

Texas Traffic Ticket Fines

Most traffic violations in Texas are classified as Class C Misdemeanors and those are only punishable by a fine not exceeding $500. However, keep in mind that the fine is only one piece of the financial penalty that you could face when you receive a traffic ticket in the Lone Star State. Texas uses a points system, called the Driver Responsibility Program, which means that for certain traffic violations you will be assessed a number of points (two for a conviction, three if the conviction also resulted in an accident) that will go on your driving record. If you receive six points then you will have to pay a $100 annual surcharge to the DPS. Every point after six will result in an additional $25 to be paid each year. Also, multiple convictions could result in you losing your license.

Furthermore, convictions, including for traffic fines, will go on your driving record, which insurance companies will use to calculate your premiums. The more points you have associated with your license, the more you will have to pay for insurance.

Texas Traffic School

One way to reduce the bite a traffic citation may cause is by taking an approved course at a Texas driving school. Completing a driver safety course can help get some points removed from your license. Additionally, showing your insurance company that you have completed a course could reduce your premiums. Remember, however, that a driver safety course will not remove points associated with more serious offenses, such as for driving 25 mph over the speed limit.

Fighting Texas Traffic Violations

If you want to fight your traffic ticket then you should look up your driving record and conduct a license plate search on your vehicle. Knowing what your record is like may help you decide whether fighting a ticket is worth the effort. For example, if another conviction will place you over the six-point threshold that would result in a $100 annual surcharge then fighting that ticket may be worthwhile. On the other hand, if the ticket is for a minor parking violation then you may want to simply pay the ticket rather than deal with the cost and hassle of going to court. You can find your driving record either by contacting your DMV or using a third-party database, such as SearchQuarry.com.

How can I find out how many Texas traffic tickets I have?

A good place to lookup your Texas driver history, which will include all your traffic tickets, DUIs and driving infractions, is the Texas Department of Driver Safety ( TXDPS ). You can make a request online, in person or over the phone to find out how many traffic tickets you have.

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Responses to “Texas Traffic Tickets

  1. says:

    Jaye, we’re happy to lookup your TX traffic violations but we’ll also need to know your age or DOB to run this report for you

  2. says:

    Need to know of I have active warrant/traffic/criminal

  3. says:

    We ran a Tx traffic violation search and found multiple listings under your name, which is very common in Texas. We can only run a traffic citation search in Texas by name and not license plate number. Can you verify your full name and age so we can filter our results for you and give you the information you’ve requested?

  4. says:

    I am trying to see if i have ticket or toll road fines or bills.

  5. says:

    Zayuri, this is a question that you will want discuss with your local DMV. They will be able to tell you what you need to get your Texas driver’s license back

  6. says:

    When can I renew my driver license after it was suspended and I paid 900$ went to jail sent out an indigent application.

  7. says:

    How to find out where to pay for my Texas traffic citation

    You will need to contact the issuing traffic citation issuing agency in Texas to find out where and how much to pay. If your Texas driving ticket was issued on the highway, you can reach out to the Texas Highway Patrol or the Texas DPS directly

  8. says:

    I have received a ticket on I45 by Ennis, TX but I lost my ticket. I am from Oklahoma and cannot remember who wrote the ticket. I have called every town around Ennis and no luck. No one has a history of the ticket.

  9. says:

    I want to know what traffic tickets I have an when they have to be paid? how much?

  10. says:

    Hey! I want to know how many traffic tickets I have and from where.

  11. says:

    Joshua, we can run a TX traffic citation search but we’ll also need to have your date of birth to make sure we are looking up the correct traffic tickets for you. There are a multitude of people in Texas that have the same name as you so we need this additional information to refine our results

  12. says:

    Need to see if I have tickets

  13. says:

    Corina, can you verify your date of birth or age so we can narrow down our Texas citation search results?

  14. says:

    I want to know if I have any outstanding tickets in texas

  15. says:

    Good afternoon,
    I’ve been trying to renew my License for 1 year.I just learned that outstanding parking tickets hinder you from renewing a TXDL.
    My question is: Can I request
    “Credit for time served” as payment for my parking tickets & Tollway fee’s..???..
    Im a disabled Marine corps veteran for service connected injuries from multiple tours
    2001- 2007.
    In the past years (2019-2020) I spent a few months in Harris County Jail and was receiving treatment for my TBI & PTSD symptoms..

  16. says:

    I haven’t driven in 15 years not sure if I have any outstanding tickets. How would one find out?

  17. says:

    I was trying to see if I have any tickets in Texas i dont know the location it happened at

  18. says:

    We ran a Texas traffic citation search for you Phillip and found there is a TX criminal citation for evading arrest/detention with a vehicle. There is also a probation record attached to this from 2005 by the Texas Department of Corrections

  19. says:

    need to know if I have any outstanding traffic tickets in texas

  20. says:

    Martin, we can lookup the Texas traffic citations listed on your driving record however we cannot lookup the relevant fines and fees for them

  21. says:

    I need to know how many other tickets I have left to paid and where they from??

  22. says:

    Donald, you will need to contact the issuing law inforcement agency for how much you owe on your traffic citation. There should be information on how to pay your Texas traffic citation on your physical ticket. If you do not have your TX traffic ticket then you can also visit the Texas Highway Patrol Citation Search

  23. says:

    I need to know how much is my ticket so I can pay it and I got it from Richardson tx

  24. says:

    How much is my Texas traffic ticket?

    To find out how much your Texas traffic citation is you can visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and lookup citations through the Texas Highway Patrol Search

  25. says:

    How much is my ticket?

  26. says:

    Robert, you will want to take this up with the DMV to find out the details of this traffic citation. Is it possible it was a red light ticket or a speed camera ticket?

  27. says:

    Got a ticket on my record, the last one from June last year and it is not mine. Trying to figure out where it’s from!?

  28. says:

    We are happy to assist you with looking your Texas criminal traffic citations however we have multiple listings for a Carl Marrs in Texas. Can you provide us with your middle name and age so we can verify the correct speeding ticketsspeeding ticketsspeeding tickets for you?

  29. says:

    Do I have any Texas speeding tickets?

  30. says:

    You will need to discuss these Texas traffic citations with the relevant Texas traffic courthouse and make an appeal. If the seat belt ticket was issued in your name falsely you should be able to mitigate this with the courts but you will probably need to show up in person to the courthouse listed on your Texas traffic citation.

    Texas Seat Belt Citations

    Texas seat belt citations can be issued to the driver and passengers that are not properly wearing a seatbelt. These seat belt citations can cost upwards of $250 depending on circumstance of the infractions.

  31. says:

    I got a no insurance and seatbelt ticket in my truck i was not driving and a month later i was issued a driving while license ticket from the state what can i do about ut?

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