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Getting Speeding Tickets

You were cruising along on your way home and not keeping a close enough eye on your speedometer. Unfortunately, your local police department had just initiated a campaign to slow people down. You were pulled over and the officer said that you were driving more than 20 miles over the speed limit. You respectfully admitted no guilt, but as he wrote the ticket, all you could think about was the drain on your finances your speeding tickets would cost. Does this scenario sound familiar? Speeding tickets can do some damage to your driving record, but there are ways to lessen the impact.

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Speeding Tickets And Your Driving Record

Know what is on your driving record. Previous tickets, and points, may or may not still be on your record, depending on where and when they were received. You can get information on your current record online by visiting your state’s motor vehicle department website. You can also receive a written copy of the information at your local department of motor vehicles.

Fix any errors– Now that you have a copy of your record, take the time to correct any mistakes that exist by requesting a review by your state’s DMV and following through with any necessary steps.

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Go to court– If there is reason to contest your speeding tickets, always attend the court hearing and state your case. Cases can be dismissed, and fines can be reduced. Drivers who attend court often get better results and less points attached to their records.

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Take a class– Many insurance companies will reduce added surcharges if you take a safe driving course, and the state will typically reduce the points on your license as well. These have a minimal cost and take only a few hours, so it is worth the effort.

Wait it out– Time helps your driving record, provided you take measures to keep it clean. Slow down, be careful and obey traffic laws.

Shop around– Each insurance company uses a different algorithm to figure premiums, so making some phone calls might unearth one that is committed to keeping auto insurance affordable even for those with a ticket or two.

Speeding tickets are not fun, but knowing what to do in the aftermath can reduce the damage and minimize the impact to your finances.

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Speeding Tickets
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Responses to “Speeding Tickets

  1. says:

    You can visit the Texas DPS website to find out more about a TX speeding citation

  2. says:

    Greetings, I need a print out of my sons Texas speeding ticket from November 2019, where can I find this info? Thank you

  3. says:

    That is very unfortunate and it can be very frustrating when there are people speeding in your neighborhood for an extended period of time and no speeding tickets have been issued. You might consider putting up a ” Slow – Children ” sign to bring people’s attention to the fact that there are kids that are being endangered by driving excessively fast through a neighborhood. Another option would be to contact the local news about your predicament and see if there is anything they can do about bringing this to the public eye.

  4. says:

    I have lived on Central St in Greenlawn ,NY for 21 years and have sent letters to both the town of huntington saftey office and the suffolk county police about the continuos speeding and overweight vehicles that race up and down our street which is 30 mph at speeds up to 70 mph and the only thing they do is put out that monitor that tells you how fast your going.It,s a joke when it comes to enforcing the speed limits on our block and with more young families moving in the kids are at danger of these reckless out of hand drivers.It,s literally a drag strip in both directions,and in my 21 years living here i,ve yet to see one ticket issued.My wife and i have a second home in Florida and the speed limits are inforced daily.It seems like the police here look the other way on certain streets in our community.

  5. says:

    In order to resolve this traffic citation Derek will need to make an appointment with the relevant traffic courts and speak to a judge. Unfortunately Derek will need to take an afternoon and go to court and resolve this in person. Your request is totally possible but this needs to be handled in person. Below is a link to our Free Traffic Court Finder to further assist you in resolving this speeding ticket.

    Free Nationwide Traffic Court Finder

    Do Speeding Tickets Go On Your Driving Record?

    Yes, speeding tickets go on your driving record and can be a single point or several points depending on the speeding citation. In most states a person can take a driver safety course and have a speeding ticket, or other traffic citation, removed from their driving record every 12-18 months.

  6. says:

    Help in resolving speeding ticket on the way to work at 5am on 3/19/18. Asked for a warning or a reduction of a $250.00 fine. Is there something that can be done to reduce this ticket? Thank you, Joan Cimasko

  7. says:

    joanellencimasko@yahoo.com Son, Derek Phend received a speeding ticket on his way to work at 5 am 3/19/2018. how can he disolve the fine of $250 with community service or some other way. He can’t miss work or he will lose his job. What do you suggest?Please respond. Thank you, Mother of Derek Phend.

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