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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Oregon DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

Whether you recently moved to Oregon or you have lived in this beautiful state all your life, chances are that at some point you will need a vehicle to get around, especially if you live outside of Portland. Most of your vehicle and driving license-related needs can be taken care of at the Oregon DMV, which is run by the Department of Transportation. Many Oregon DMV services are now available online, while others still require a trip to a Department of Motor Vehicles field office.

Oregon DMV Driver Services

One of the most popular driver services offered by the Oregon DMV is license renewal and replacement. While many states now allow you to renew your license online, Oregon is not yet one of them. You can fill out the application at home, but you will then need to take it to the DMV office. You can find a list of Oregon motor vehicle offices here.

You will also need to provide identity and proof that you reside in Oregon along with a $50 fee. The DMV worker will take a new picture of you and, if you are over 50, you will need to pass a vision test. You will have to take additional tests if your license has been expired for more than a year.

Oregon DMVOregon DMV Vehicle Services

Unlike your driver’s license, you can renew your vehicle’s registration online. However, older vehicles may be required to first pass an emissions test before their registration can be renewed online (newer models can typically skip this test).

You also won’t be able to renew online if the registration expired more than 75 days ago, the address on your registration is incorrect, you changed addresses, the vehicle didn’t pass its emissions test, the vehicle is subject to a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, it is a tow or recovery vehicle, or for a number of other reasons. When renewing online, make sure you have your current registration on hand, along with a payment method and printer in order to print your receipt.

Oregon Driver Licensing

Whether you are under or over 18, getting a driver’s license in Oregon is a multi-step process. Before applying for a license, you should read the Oregon Driver Manual, which can be found online. You will then need to fill out an application and submit it to a DMV office. When there, you will have to pass a vision test and provide proof of identity and residence.

You may need to pass a knowledge test, although this requirement is sometimes waived for older drivers who have experience behind the wheel of a car. Teen drivers are strongly recommended to take a driver education course, which, if completed successfully, counts as 50 hours of driving experience. It also allows drivers under 18 to skip the DMV drive test. Adult license applicants can also benefit from traffic school, which can make them a better driver and reduce their auto insurance premiums.

After you have passed your drive test, you will have to pay any applicable fees and then have your picture taken.

Oregon DMV Record Requests

Unfortunately, Oregon does not yet allow drivers to order copies of their DMV records online. To order a DMV record, you will either have to visit a DMV office in person or mail in your record request. You can only order your own DMV record through the mail, although if you go to a DMV field office then you can order the record of a minor or non-minor that you are parent or guardian of or the record of another person so long as you have a notarized general power of attorney allowing you to do so. You can also order the record of another person without a power of attorney, but the record will be mailed to that person and not be given to you directly.

The Oregon DMV also permits you to order a sanitized driving record by mail. A sanitized record will not include personal information, but will include basic non-personal information such as odometer readings. All DMV record requests are subject to fees.

You can also look up unofficial driver records online through third-party websites, including SearchQuarry.com.

Oregon Traffic Tickets

If you received a traffic ticket, then in most cases you will be able to pay for it online. If you got pulled over on the freeway for speeding, then you will likely have to pay your traffic ticket through the website for the Oregon Judicial Branch. For municipal infractions, such as parking tickets, you will have to pay for your ticket through the county website that issued the ticket. You can find the website for the Police Bureau of the City of Portland here where you can pay your municipal fines. Of course, you can always pay your traffic ticket in person, usually at the county courthouse. In some cases, you may actually be required to appear before a judge in person in order to pay your citation.

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    That is a good question Rodney, unfortunately we don’t show any information in our Oregon DMV driving record database that will help. Your best option is to inquire about the SR-22 from your insurance company since only an insurance company can issue an SR-22

  2. Rodney Dean Chastain says:

    Hello to whom it may concern:
    My Name is Rodney Dean Chastain and my ODL is 3678146 and my date of birth is 11/09/1965. My insurance company is progessive and they have me listed as SR22 filing. However i don’t believe i am SR22 required by the DMV because i have not had a no proof of insurance ticket or a uninsured accident! i have had an accident i think in 2013 but it was reported as required and i had insurance at the time!also i got a citation for failure to remain stopped at a red light. but that’s it i have had insurance non stop for over a decade in fact i believe its been almost 15 yrs. So i don’t understand why i am being filed for SR22 and charged by my insurance $25.00 every 6 months? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated thank you
    Rodney D Chastain
    428 45th Ave NE Salem or 97301

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