Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Oregon DMV Offices

Court Name Address Phone
Albany DMV 2242 Santiam Highway SE (541) 967-2014
Ashland DMV 600 Tolman Creek Road (541) 776-6092
Astoria DMV 705 W Marine Drive (503) 325-3951
Baker City DMV 3370 10th St. Suite A (541) 523-4355
Bend DMV 63030 O B Riley Rd. (541) 388-6322
Brookings DMV 97900 Shopping Center Ave. Suite 1 (541) 469-2441
Burns DMV 252 S Date Ave. (541) 573-6019
Canyonville DMV 241 NE Main St. (541) 839-4449
Cave Junction DMV 103 S Kerby Ave. (541) 592-3133
Condon DMV 221 S. Oregon St. (541) 384-2224
Coos Bay DMV 1155 S. Fifth St. (541) 269-9717
Corvallis DMV 870 NE Circle Blvd. (541) 757-4191
Cottage Grove DMV 142 Gateway Blvd. (541) 686-7855
Dallas DMV 514 E. Ellendale (503) 945-7942
Enterprise DMV 200 W. North St. (541) 426-4024
Eugene Drive Test Center 2870 W. 10th Place (541) 686-7855
Florence DMV 2056 Highway 101 North (541) 997-6837
Gladstone DMV 10 82nd Drive (503) 299-9999
Grants Pass DMV 162 NE Beacon Dr. Suite 127 (541) 474-3179
Gresham DMV 2222 E Powell Blvd. (503) 299-9999
Heppner DMV 54173 Highway 74 (541) 676-5165
Hermiston DMV 945 Southeast Fourth (541) 567-3804
Hillsboro DMV 1300 SW Oak Suite H (503) 299-9999
Hood River DMV 600 E Marina Way (541) 386-3231
John Day DMV 193 N. Canyon Blvd. (541) 575-1503
Junction City DMV 235 W. Fourth Ave. (541) 686-7855
Klamath Falls DMV 1909 Austin St. (541) 883-5720
La Grande DMV 3014 Island Ave. (541) 963-3012
La Pine DMV 51515 Huntington Road Number 2 (541) 388-6322
Lakeview DMV 855 South F St. (541) 947-4233
Lebanon DMV 2485 S. Second St. (541) 451-1145
Lincoln City DMV 4422 NE Devils Lake Blvd. Suite 1 (541) 994-9655
Madras DMV 249 SW Third St. (541) 475-3382
McMinnville DMV 2260 NE McDaniel Lane (503) 472-2900
Medford DMV 1174 Progress Drive Suite 103 (541) 776-6025
Milton-Freewater DMV 295 North Columbia St. (541) 938-3100
Newport DMV 158 NE Fifth St. (541) 265-2373
Oakridge DMV 47660 Hwy. 58 (541) 686-7855
Ontario DMV 787 SW Seventh Place (541) 889-8712
Pendleton DMV 1732 SW Court Place (541) 276-4871
North Portland DMV 8260 N Interstate Ave. (503) 299-9999
Portland Drive Test Center 8710 SE Powell Blvd. (503) 299-9999
West Portland DMV 1502 SW Sixth Ave. (503) 299-9999
Beaverton DMV 1836 N.E. 82nd Ave. (503) 299-9999
Prineville DMV 1595 E. Third St. Suite A-3 (541) 447-7855
Redmond DMV 1649 SW Odem Medo Road (541) 548-0140
Roseburg DMV 1331 NE Cedar St. (541) 440-3395
St. Helens DMV 500 N Columbia River Highway Suite 400 (503) 397-3515
South Salem DMV 4555 Liberty Road S Suite 300 (503) 945-5000
North Salem DMV 3809 Center St. NE (503) 945-5000
Sherwood DMV 14240 SW Galbreath Drive (503) 299-9999
Springfield DMV 204 N 30th St. (541) 686-7855
Stayton DMV 144 E Water St. (503) 769-4427
The Dalles DMV 3313 Bret Clodfelter Way (541) 296-9458
Tillamook DMV 308 Evergreen Drive (503) 842-4192
Woodburn DMV 1550 Industrial Ave. (503) 982-9961

Oregon DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles provides a number of services to the public in order to give them safe and legal access to transportation. The division is an offshoot of Oregon Department of Transportation. It has been created with the mission to promote safety of drivers, financial interest in vehicles, and to protect the ownership of motor vehicles. The department is also responsible to collect revenue in order to provide financial funding for the state’s intermodal transportation system. See the above listings for Oregon DMV offices.

The website is operated by the division itself. It has a number features that facilitate users in accessing services provided by the department. From the locations of various local offices ad main headquarter to their activity hours, everything is listed on the website. Oregon DMV Headquarter is open from Monday till Friday, 8 am-5pm. However, the timings of local offices vary, which the users can confirm over telephone before visiting.

Oregon DMV is authorized to issue Driver’s license and ID cards. They types of Driver’s license issued include motorcycle license, commercial driving license, and graduating license. They also conduct driving tests through DMV offices. People can also get their vehicle registered, insured, and titled at Oregon DMV. In case the title or registration expires, it can be renewed upon request.

The website provides information regarding International Fuel Tax Agreement and International Registration Plan. Trip permits are also issued to people, and guidelines regarding safe travelling and responsibilities in case of an accident are also clearly communicated.

The feature that people benefit most from is the online services section. People can check office wait timings, get answers to the most commonly asked questions, and apply for renewal and changes in case they want any to be made to their address or registration, etc. Simple guides on how-to matters are also available online.

Oregon DMV Offices
Oregon DMV Offices

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