Oklahoma Arrest Records

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Oklahoma Arrest Records Lookup

Getting a hold of your Oklahoma arrest records is a good idea for several reasons. You should know what an arrest record entails if you have ever been arrested in the past because the information on this document can have a huge affect on your future. In addition, you should know how to go about getting a copy of your Oklahoma arrest record since there are different ways to do it. You should also know how your Oklahoma arrest record affects your overall criminal history whenever you have a background check done on you.

What Is An Oklahoma Arrest Record

An arrest record, sometimes called a criminal rap sheet, is a compilation of arrests that happened in the past due to suspected criminal activity. It may also reveal information that shows whether a person has been:

– Arrested
– Questioned
– Apprehended
– Detained
– Indicted
– Taken into custody
– Held for investigation
– Charged with an offense
– Tried for an offense

Common information that you will see in an Oklahoma arrest record are listed below

Oklahoma Arrest Records Include

– Full name
– Known aliases
– Address
– Age
– Race
– Gender
– Photograph
– Fingerprints
– Past arrests
– Warrants
– Current pending charges
– Acquitted charges
– Dismissed charges

It is important to know the difference between an arrest record and your overall criminal record. One main difference is that an arrest record may show that you have been arrested, but not convicted of any crime.

How to Get a Copy of Your Oklahoma Arrest Records

The easiest way to get a copy of your Oklahoma arrest records is to visit the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) website. Once there, you will see a big link in the middle of the page: Request a Criminal History Report. When you click on this link, you will be directed to another page which will provide two more links which will allow you to either choose a Name-based search or a Fingerprint search.

A named-based search will allow you to handle everything online and from home. You will have to print out an Oklahoma Criminal History Request Form which is provided on the OSBI website. From home, you can submit the request by fax or mail. You can also submit it in person if you are near their office in Oklahoma City.

For a fingerprint-based search, you will have to arrange fingerprinting services with your local Oklahoma police department or sheriff’s office. The OSBI does not provide fingerprinting services so you must do this locally. Once your fingerprints are completed, you will follow the same steps as the name-based search.

The fees for a name-based search is $15 and a fingerprint search is $19.

How It Affects Your Overall Oklahoma Criminal Record

Your Oklahoma arrest records has an effect on your overall criminal record because the data from your Oklahoma record is shared with databases all over the country. Since many agencies and organizations request criminal records and do background checks, it is important that you know what information is on your criminal record. A criminal record can affect everyday life, so it is important to know what is on yours.
Oklahoma Arrest Records

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