Oklahoma Arrest Records

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Oklahoma Arrest Records Search

In the state of Oklahoma arrest records are considered public information and can be accessed by anyone. These records contain information about individuals who have been arrested and charged with a crime in the state. In this article, we will discuss how to lookup Oklahoma arrests & mugshots, the top 10 criminal arrest charges in the state, and the implications of being arrested.

How to Lookup Oklahoma Arrests & Mugshots

There are several ways to lookup Oklahoma arrests and mugshots. One option is to visit the State Bureau of Investigation website and use their online search tool. This tool allows you to run a criminal history report for a fee.

Another option is to visit the county sheriff’s office or local police department and request the information in person. For example, if you want to find Washington County Oklahoma recent arrests, you can contact the Washington County Sheriff Department. They have daily postings of their people that have been recently apprehended and booked in their county. Most all OK Sheriff Departments offer this service to the public

A third option to run an Oklahoma arrests search is to use a public records website. These third party resources also allow you to run background checks on anyone. You can find out their complete criminal record history, warrants, court records, convictions, jail and prison records, court judgments, and more. All you need is a first and last name of anyone you want to lookup and you can run a statewide search using these resources.

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How to View Oklahoma Mugshots

Looking up Oklahoma mugshots can be helpful when trying to identify someone who was arrested. These are considered public information that anyone can lookup online. There are many online resources where you can access OK mugshots, online like the State Bureau of Investigation or county sheriff departments. For example, if you want to find Creek County Oklahoma mugshots, you can find these on the Creek County Sheriff Department website. Most law enforcement agencies in the state post Oklahoma jailed inmates and their mugshots on their site, that the public has access to.

Top 10 Criminal Arrest Charges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is listed as number 15 as having the most violent crimes in the nation, according to a 2022 report. According to data from the State Bureau of Investigation, the top 10 criminal arrest charges in the state are:

  1. Drug offenses
  2. Driving under the influence (DUI)
  3. Larceny/theft
  4. Assault and battery
  5. Burglary
  6. Fraud
  7. Public intoxication
  8. Possession of a controlled substance
  9. Domestic violence
  10. Driving with a suspended license

It is important to note that these are not the only criminal charges in, but they are the most common. Drug offenses are the most common criminal charge in almost every state in the United States.

Implications of Being Arrested

Being arrested can have serious implications on an individual’s life. It can affect their ability to find employment, housing, and even obtain loans or credit. In this state, employers are allowed to ask about an individual’s criminal record, and this information can be used in the hiring process. Additionally, having a criminal record can also impact child custody and visitation rights, as well as immigration status. There are a multitude of risk factors associated with having a criminal history. If you have been arrested, and not convicted of a crime then you can potentially appeal to have it expunged.


The Freedom of Information Act makes these records public information that can be accessed by anyone. There are various ways to lookup Oklahoma arrests and mugshots. Having access to this information can be helpful in knowing what criminals are lurking in your community. You can use this information to help you stay informed and keep your family out of harm’s way.

Oklahoma Arrest Records

Oklahoma Arrests and Mugshots - FAQ

Where can I view Oklahoma mugshots online?

There are a couple of options to view Oklahoma mugshots online. If you know the county where someone was arrested you can view mugshots on county sheriff department websites. You can also search for mugshots on public record sites with a first and last name.

Can I find detailed criminal history information through Oklahoma arrest records?

Yes, these records can provide detailed criminal history information, including warrants, court records, convictions, sentencings, incarcerations, and more.

Is it possible to appeal to have an arrest expunged in Oklahoma?

Yes, if you have been arrested but not convicted of a crime in Oklahoma, you may potentially appeal to have the arrest expunged from your record.

Are Oklahoma mugshots public information?

Yes, Oklahoma mugshots are considered public information and can be accessed online through law enforcement and public record websites.

How can I lookup Oklahoma arrests and mugshots?

You can lookup this information by visiting the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation website, contacting county sheriff's offices, or using third-party public records resources.

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