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In the member’s area you will find our “Criminal Records” section, and all of our police records searches are in that section. Our criminal records searches include warrant records, arrest records, court records, sex offenders, inmate records, and jail records. You can search our criminal records database by using a first name, last name, and choosing a state. Other searches available in the member’s area include birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, court records, driving records, vehicle records, people search, background checks, and phone number lookups.

Are Police Records a Public Record?

We are currently living in a world bogged down with information coming from millions of sources stemming from every corner of the planet. There are various websites, databases, publications, and print pieces being released on a daily basis. Despite the excess of information, people constantly ask themselves whether they can find the correct information every single day. For example, those seeking police records, whether it be out of curiosity, to perform a background check on a new person in their life, or for work related business for your company. Whatever the reason, there are various types of records available entirely to the public for free.


Under the Freedom of Information Act, all arrest warrants from every single state across the United States is public record, meaning anyone has access to the content whenever they please. Congress passed this particular act back in 1966. However, despite the freedom people have, some state and federal laws provide their own level of authority to restrict any type of information pertaining to crimes or criminal activity across the country as they see fit.


According to the Freedom of Information Act, any arrest warrant, following charges, or convictions pertaining to the identity of a minor, the victims of sexual harassment, or those who signed a witness statement can be withheld to protect the individual from the case. There are a variety of confidentiality laws that deal with such instances in all states across the United States today. Some of these are federal laws which are mandated by statutory laws in any county or state.


Access to the public police records and arrest records can sometimes be acquired by simply visiting your local police department or the county courthouse, which could require a fee, depending on the county or state. Such fees usually depend on whether or not the warrant for the individual in question is currently outstanding or if it has been archived in county files. Some states, including the Florida Crime Information System, allow ordinary citizens of the public to access this type of information any time they wish without any fee being required.


Those wishing to search online, however, will find numerous options available online to seek any police records that have been listed recently. Providing the current and past record resulted in a conviction and has details complete on the records. Such online databases, like SearchQuarry, allows for the easy search of arrest warrants from all states in the country, including those from the FBI and local sheriff agencies across the nation. Users are capable of searching through online records by searching for “most wanted” individuals in national, state, and county levels. Such searches are generally free, but some information could require a small fee.


Searching online police records as a member of the public has never been easier than how it is today. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed any individual to seek the specific details they require to either perform their job well or to satiate their curiosity. The fees are generally so small they can be ignored.

Easy and Affordable Public Records Access

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Can I Lookup My Police Report Anonymously?
    Yes, it’s possible to lookup your police report anonymously by using an online public records website, like With a service like this you can run a simple name search to find out about your police record as well as your criminal history. All police record searches are anonymous and confidential.

  2. squarryadministrator says:

    Marco, thank you for reaching out about our ” How to Search Police Records ” blog. To answer your question, in order to file a police report you will want to have all the information from the sale and the delivery and call the police about your incident. The police will most likely take a statement over the phone and ask you to come in to submit your documentation. We are not certain how the police will file this report as your purchase was delivered to the wrong address and it wasn’t stolen. Another option is to chargeback the payment you made for this item, if you purchased it on a credit card. You can tell your credit card company that services or products we’re not received. This might be an easier option for you. That being said, below are some basic instructions on how to file a police report.

    How to File a Police Report

    1. Visit your local police department
    2. Request to file a police report
    3. Submit all the info about your incident
    4. Bring a photo ID for identity verification
    5. Sign an affidavit if necessary
    6. Receive a copy of your police report

  3. Marco Aguirre says:

    Good evening my name is Marco Aguirre i hope your are doing well, i have purchased an item on Newegg which they lost, they delivered it at some Dock, and know to get a refund back they are telling me that I need a police report, can you help me elaborate this report?

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