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Minnesota Court Records Search

A lot of information can be found on the people through Minnesota court records. It could be through their involvement in a case as a juror, witness, plaintiff, or a defendant. These Minnesota residence may have participated in a lot of cases regarding adoption, taxes, criminal and civil lawsuits, public office appointments, licenses, guardianship, debt, and divorce. Court records can help you find family relationships, places of residence, occupations, description of individuals, and a lot of other family history information.

The only times you will have trouble finding Minnesota court records is if they date back to the time when counties were being created and broken up. During this transition all administrative duties for counties were done by other counties, the practice which went on for a few years before the new establishment took over.

In order to find the Minnesota court records it helps if you know where the cases are dealt at. From 1858 till current day, it is the Minnesota District Courts that are spread out throughout all the counties of Minnesota and responsible for all types of cases.

The district courts receive cases from lower courts like the justices of peace, and the municipal courts before they were abolished in 1970s. These courts hold jurisdiction over a lot of civil and criminal cases which include naturalization cases, and cases of divorce. Many juvenile cases for counties that host more than 40,000 people fall under this umbrella as well. Many counties have transferred older records to the Historical Society; however the indexes have remained within the county.

Indexes of defendants and plaintiffs is with the Minnesota clerk of the district court. This clerk handles death, birth, and marriage records on county level. Therefore all vital records are the responsibility of the county offices, and available at courthouses.

Types of Minnesota Court Records

Minnesota trial court documents include district county files with documents like pleadings, case orders, and other findings from the court.

You cannot view actual court documents online except for when you use the public access system terminal at the courthouse. There is one at the State Library as well.

In order to search for the records online you will need to have the names of parties as well as the court file number.

For every court record document that you print you will be charged a $10 fee for it.

There are set time periods and protocols in the retention schedule of the district court for the transfer or destruction of any court records.

Minnesota Appeals Court Records

The records from the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals include documents that are filed by the parties of the case along with the opinions and orders from the court.

Apart from the public access terminal computer you can view these documents through P-MACS.

Minnesota Court Records

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  1. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we do not have any information about your Minnesota court case in our public record resources. You might want to reach out to the Minnesota clerk of the courts where your Minnesota unemployment court case was heard

  2. talakkottur raphael DAVID says:

    I had argued along with my wife Alice DAVID an unemployment compensation benefits denied by the State of New York as the counsel stated that the cannot come and argue the case possibly before Judge James M. ROSENBAUM. Can you please give us the case Number and possibly a ruling why unemployment benefits offered to others in the same facility and at the same time was denied to Alice.
    Thanks for your information.

  3. Darcy Koch says:


  4. squarryadministrator says:

    Tom, if you provide us with the full name of the person in question we are happy to run a Minnesota court records search for you. We’ll be able to tell you what criminal charges this person might have. The other option is to inquire with the Minnesota clerk of the courts in the county this person was tried and convicted.

  5. Tom joerndt says:

    How do I find out what somebody got that assaulted me

  6. squarryadministrator says:

    Thank you for your interest obtaining a copy of Minnesota court records. Since you need a copy of your divorce decree you will want to contact the relevant Minnesota courthouse clerk, where the divorce decree was filed, and inquire about obtaining a copy of this old divorce record. If they don’t have this record, since it’s an older Minnesota court record, you might need to contact the state archives. In any case, the Minnesota court clerk should be able to point you in the right direction.

  7. Lori A. Longstreth I am POA for mother says:

    can you get me a copy of divorce decree from 1951? I have the names, the court file number and was granted in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
    What steps are necessary to secure a copy?

  8. squarryadministrator says:


    You should contact the Minnesota police about this matter. Our resources are for online reference only and we don’t have an affiliation with the Minnesota Police Department.

    How to Lookup Sex Offenders in Minnesota

    1. Go to the NSOPW website
    2. Enter the first and last name of the suspected offender
    3. You can also search sex offenders by location
    4. Report any suspicious activity to the police immediately

  9. Joyce Nordrum says:

    Sex offender

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