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Kings County Criminal Records

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Obtaining Kings County Criminal Records

With even the best of intentions, people are buffeted by the events of life. Some are expected and others not. Some, in fact, have consequences that can follow us for years, if not the rest of our days. Criminal records are like that. Those with the misfortune of having a criminal record face an uphill battle—for jobs, for scholarships and other opportunities for advancement. Yet, in many cases, all is not lost. Getting ahead of a criminal record, or any negative blemish on character, credit and trustworthiness, is not impossible. Do not wait to be flagged on a criminal background check. The first step is to know the contents of criminal records by accessing all available documents. Kings County, NY, for example, offers procedures to do just that. To begin a Kings County Criminal Records search enter a first and last name in the form above.

Kings County Court of Conviction

Where to go to obtain a personal criminal court record depends on the court where the conviction took place. Kings County, i.e. Brooklyn, NY, criminal cases are tried in the Criminal Court of the City of New York in the case of misdemeanors and at the New York State Supreme Court where felonies are concerned. Both courts have facilities in the borough of Brooklyn. However, cases involving minors may be heard in New York City family court and there are treatment courts for chronic drug abusers. Each court records it arraignments, trials, convictions and acquittals.

Official Kings County Court Records

Depending on the year of conviction and the case status, records may either be stored on site at the court or at the Central Clerk’s Office, 100 Centre Street, Room 1000, New York, NY 10013. The first party to which a request for records be made is the Borough Chief Clerk of the Criminal Court at 120 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY. If the request is related to a felony case, the most appropriate contact is the Chief Clerk for Criminal Matters at the State Supreme Court, 320 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY. If neither the court clerks nor the Central Clerk possess the records in question, inquirers are advised to make a request of the Kings County Clerk at 360 Adams Street, Room 189, Brooklyn, NY.

Kings County Criminal Histories

A comprehensive record of arrests and prosecutions, or rap sheet, can be obtained from the New York State Office of Court Administration, the Legal Action Center or from the New York City Police Rap Sheet Coordinator. A fee is required but waivers are available. Fingerprints may also be taken for identity confirmation. Incarcerated individuals can make a request through the corrections system.

Never Too Much Court Information

Criminal record requests are easier and quicker when detailed information is provided. Any identifying numbers relating to arrest, indictment and conviction should be retained. For this reason it is best to carefully maintain appearance summonses and other correspondence with the court. It should be noted that arrest issues are best directed to the police department rather than the court. New York City does maintain a limited eCourts online retrieval system that will likewise require docket and indictment information.

Kings County Criminal Records

Kings County Criminal Records

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