Hawaii Court Records

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Hawaii Court Records Search

Information about Hawaii court records online is displayed on the eCourt of Hawaii Ho?ohiki. This database does not have all official records, but definitely the records and documents that are deemed public records. You can find case information from the Judiciary through their site.

The Hawaii eCourt allows you access to information on cases regarding appellate, Family criminal, Circuit Court criminal, and District Court criminal. The Ho?ohiki database is not a comprehensive source of court records. Data entry into this started at different times, therefore if you cannot find a case it probably means the time when it took place has not been updated in the Ho?ohiki database.

Some very useful tools and resources to assist you on your search for court records are the GNIS, and the Hawaii Archives and Libraries.

The trial court system of Hawaii consists of District, Tax Appeal, Land, Family, and Circuit Courts. This court system in Hawaii is divided into District Courts and Circuit Courts. Family Courts are divisions of these two. General jurisdiction is give to Circuit Courts when it comes to many criminal and civil cases. The District Courts on the other hand does not hold jurisdiction over all sorts of criminal and civil cases.

In order to know where to search for court records it is important that you first understand what category of court your case comes under.

Hawaii Circuit Court Records

You can search for Hawaii court records in the Circuit Courts for cases that are general civil, civil equity, complex commercial, foreclosure, real estate ownership, tenant and landlord cases, restraining orders, appeals for administrative agencies, felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile, divorce cases, child custody, child supports, domestic violence, paternity, adoptions, child abuse, termination of rights of parents, involuntary commitments, wills, name changes, guardianship, and trusts cases.

Hawaii District Court Records

Hawaii court records & cases heard in District Courts include General civil cases, small claims, some cases of civil equity, foreclosure, landlord and tenant, ordinance violence, restraining order and No Contact cases, appeals regarding Administrative Agency, felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanors, ordinance violations, juvenile, infractions and traffic, divorce, visitation and child custody, child support, domestic violence, paternity cases, adoptions, children in need of supervision, parental rights termination, child neglect and abuse, juvenile delinquency, involuntary commitments, mental health case, name changes, and conservatorships and guardianship cases.

Hawaii Family Court Records

Hawaii Family Courts are involved in hearings of some civil case types like the Administrative Agency Appeals, and the Restraining Order and Protection cases. This court also hears almost all Juvenile cases in the state of Hawaii. Other cases include divorce, domestic violence, visitation and child custody, paternity cases, divorce cases, child support cases, involuntary commitments, mental health, children without supervision, parental right termination, child abuse, child neglect, juvenile delinquency, adoptions, guardianships, and name changes.

Hawaii Court Records

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