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How to Run a Hawaii Court Record Search

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and rich culture. But beyond its picturesque landscapes, the state also has a well-established court system that handles a variety of legal matters. If you are in need of court records in Hawaii, there are several methods you can use to obtain them. These are publicly available records that anyone can access online.

To begin your Hawaii court record search online you will need a couple pieces of information. You will need the name of the person you want to search, or their Hawaii court case number. The more information you have, the more accurate your search results will be.

The Hawaii Judiciary System

The Hawaii Judiciary is the state’s court system, which is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the laws of the state. It consists of four different levels: the Supreme Court, the Intermediate Court of Appeals, the Circuit Courts, and the District Courts. Each has its own jurisdiction and handles different types of cases.

Hawaii Supreme Court

The HI Supreme Court is the highest court in Hawaii and is responsible for reviewing decisions made by the lower courts. It has the power to interpret the state’s constitution and laws, and its decisions are usually final. They also have the authority to regulate the practice of law in the state.

Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals

The HI Intermediate Court of Appeals is the second-highest court in Hawaii and reviews appeals from the Circuit Courts. It has the power to affirm, modify, or reverse decisions made by the lower courts.

Hawaii Circuit Courts

The HI Circuit Courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction in Hawaii. They handle a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, and family law matters. These courthouses also have the authority to review decisions made by the various districts. They are also tasked with issuing bench warrants and arrest warrants.

Hawaii District Courts

The HI District Courts are the lower courts in Hawaii and handle less serious criminal cases, traffic citations, and civil cases with a value of $40,000 or less. They also have jurisdiction over small claims cases, which are disputes involving amounts of $5,000 or less.

Hawaii Family Court

The HI Family Courts are involved in hearings of some civil case types like the Administrative Agency Appeals, and the Restraining Order and Protection cases. This court also hears almost all Juvenile cases in the state of Hawaii.

Other cases include divorce, domestic violence, visitation and child custody, paternity cases, divorce cases, and child support cases They also include mental health case, parental rights, child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, adoptions, guardianships, and name changes.

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Methods of Obtaining Hawaii Court Records

There are multiple ways to obtain court records in Hawaii, including:

  • In-person: You can visit the courthouse where the case was heard and request copies of the records in person. You will need to provide the case number or the names of the parties involved.
  • Online: The Hawaii State Judiciary offers an online portal where you can search for and purchase court case documents and files. You will need to create an account and pay a fee for each record you request.
  • Mail: You can also request for records by mail by sending a written request to the courthouse where the case was heard. You will need to include the case number or the names of the parties involved, as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check for the required fees.
  • Third-party websites: There are also third-party public record websites that offer access to free Hawaii court records. The information that is free might be somewhat limited however for a fee. These websites may be more convenient for those who are unable to visit the courthouse in person.

Hawaii Court Cases Are Public Record

Hawaii court case records are considered public records, which means they are available to the general public for viewing and obtaining copies. As a result, anyone has the right to access and review Hawaii public court records, unless they have been sealed or restricted by a judge. The availability of these records ensures transparency and accountability within the Hawaii legal system.

This allows anyone s to exercise their right to information and stay informed about legal proceedings and cases of interest. Accessing Hawaii court records can provide valuable insights and information for various purposes, including legal research, background checks, and verifying past court cases.


the Hawaii court system is well-organized and efficient, making it easy to access court records. Whether you need records from the Supreme , District , or any other court in the Hawaii, there are easy online options to obtain them.

Hawaii Court Records

Hawaii Court Records FAQ

How can I access Hawaii court records?

You can access Hawaii court records through various methods, including online portals, visiting the courthouse in person, or requesting them by mail.

Can I search for Hawaii court records online?

Yes, the Hawaii State Judiciary offers an online portal where you can search for and purchase court records. You can also search via public record websites.

Is there a fee to access Hawaii court records online?

There are some free online resources for reference however, there is usually a fee associated with obtaining copies of HI court records.

Can I request Hawaii court case records by mail?

Yes, you can request records by mail by sending a written request to the courthouse where the case was heard.

Can I view Hawaii court records from any Hawaiian Island?

Yes, you can view Hawaii public court records from any Hawaiian Island as long as you have access to the respective courthouse. You can also search statewide with a public record site with just a first and last name.

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